In Short Viral Hacks: macOS doesn’t always get the best and latest software on the operating system due to the difficulty of developing such. Officially, Odin has been out for Windows more than 2 years now, so you can use it to get more features on your Samsung device or even root your smartphone. So what about Mac? This post contains working methods to download and install Odin for macOS system in 2020.

Install Odin for MacOS

Odin for MacOS: Android allows you to modify your system from the default interface to a customized one, this is something iOS users aren’t allowed to do that is why all their UI are the same. Android manufacturers have used several customized interface for their smartphones, they differ, for instance, Samsung has it’s OneUI 1.0 and 2.0 interface which brings extra features to Android such as dark mode and easy navigation, other Android devices also have their customized UI names like Xiaomi’s MIUI, OnePluses’ Oxygen, and Infinix’s XOX. But there is also the default stock Android which is the best and most clean experience of Android with no bloatware, bugs, and extra features.

In Android, changing the UI is very possible, I do not mean changing of wallpaper or theme, this means changing the default full Android experience to a different UI. Additionally, you can upgrade to the next versions of Android if your OEM is not good at providing early security patches and OS updates or if there are no available upgrades officially from OTA updates. Some of the things you can easily do in Android include rooting, unrooting, and even unlocking bootloaders.

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What is Samsung Odin?

Know it this way, for the above-mentioned tasks you need to have a tool that works with your phone’s manufacturer, so for example if you are an Infinix user, you need to get an unlock permission from Infinix then you can use the Fastboot OEM unlock tool to unlock the bootloader of your Infinix mobile. Similarly, Samsung users need to use their working tool called Odin for these kinds of needs. That was easy!

But Odin supports older devices to the latest Samsung Galaxy s10 plus since the latest version released in January 2016. You can use stock Android on your Galaxy J7 with Odin since it is of higher demand.

Sadly, Odin cannot be used on all operating systems. Windows operating system is the only officially approved OS to use Odin, so this makes it hard to get it working on Linux and Mac. But after a long wait, there is a way to make use of Odin for Mac, it can be used on your Mac system to get a better experience with your Samsung mobile phones and tablets.

Odin for mac installation and tutorial guide is now available, so if you have been looking for the best step by step methods, then this is the article you need. Lets head straight to the steps to install Odin on your Mac computer.

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Odin for MacOS: Download JOdin 3

So you will be well informed before we begin with the installation guide, I want to make it clear this is not an official Odin for mac product release, rather it is an edited or re-coded version of the windows operating system which was done by the XDA developers. But do not think this might bring system crash or not working error, it is bug-free and fully functional as when you used Microsoft Windows OS.


  • First of all, update your MacOS to the latest version so it can support some libraries.
  • Then, Install the latest versions of Samsung drivers on your Mac computer.
  • You need to install Odin on your pc, but make sure you uninstall Samsung Kies on your mac so its error-free.
  • Also, you need the latest version of Java installed on your mac so you can get Odin working.
  • Finally, download Java from the below link.


  • Now you can Download the latest version of Odin for mac file from the below link.



We have not reached the steps of installing Odin in your mac, but before then, make sure you have all the required installations such are the requirements mentioned above, so below are the steps.

1. After you have downloaded it on your macOS, open the directory.

2. So to open the Odin file, double click on the Odin file from the extracted directory.

How To Download and Install Odin for MacOSX 2020

3. Now, wait for Odin to download and install all the necessary dependencies on your mac.

How To Download and Install Odin for MacOSX 2020

4. Once the installation process finishes, you can now access all the Odin available.

Now you can make use of this Odin for all kinds of rooting, system recovery, flashing, unrooting and installing new stock Android. Please note that installation or unlocking can make you lose all your important files and data, so make sure you backup all your data to a safe location.

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