Hacking itself is not really a bad word, it depends on what you use it to do. There are many reasons to hack android games and the main reason is to get unlimited accessories and pass a very difficult level. The developers sometimes make these levels hard so that the player can be very creative and learn new ways to progress, but not many are hardworking to settle down and pass those levels – Like Me 🙂

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I have hacked several android games for which I couldn’t have the patience to get what was needed to progress such as Dream League Soccer and the dancing line game and I can really say, I had no regret in doing so. Hacking Android games is very possible and still working in 2023, but you have to make sure you read the right content and not click-bait and also have the right game hacker apps for Android devices which work.

Some game hacking apps work for rooted devices while some work for non-rooted ones. This post contains app steps for a rooted android phone and a few apps that work for non-root. There will be new articles on iTechViral about how to root any android phone and the best game hacker apps for non-rooted phones.

How to Hack Android Games with Rooting 2023

There are many methods available on how to Hack Android Games on a rooted android device in 2023 easily. These 9 working methods are practical apps that work well and have less advanced features with a high probability of success.


Method – #1 SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker is the best Game Hacking App for Android devices and this has been so for over 4 years. SB Game Hacker Hack Android Games faster by changing the coin or numeric amount to any specified by the player.

SB Game Hacker

SB Game Hacker remains popular because it has a higher success rate and also lower Android versions that have root enabled can also benefit from this Android Game Hacking Application.

How To Use SB Game Hacker to Hack Android Games

  1. Launch Game Hacker and click “Minimize”.
  2. Open the Android Game you want to hack.
  3. Now one’s it has opened, choose the coin you want to increase.
  4. Tap on the floating SB Game Hacker App Icon.
  5. Input the number of coins the Game already has and click “Search”.
  6. SB Game Hacker locates the item and loads other Information.
  7. Type in the new value which you want e.g 135 into 9999999.
  8. Save to see the new changes.

SB Game Hacker remains the best to be used on a rooted device without uninstalling the app or moving some folders in the device. Also, make sure you tweak the settings of a Game hacker if a value is duplicated, with time, you’ll leam how to use it more.

Method – #2 GameCIH

GameCIH is another game hacking app that works on a rooted Android device faster and with a high probability. GameCIH is very similar to the previous app mentioned in Method 2, you can modify the value of any game by selecting the value of the game which can be coins, gems, or money to of your choice.


This Gamer Hacking App has a lock option that allows you to narrow the value search t increase chances of hacking the game faster without the stress of broad searches filter. With this app, you can hack android games with just a click and this will not affect any future game updates, unlike modded versions.

How To Use GameCIH to Hack Android Games (No Root)

  1. Open GaeCIH game hacker.
  2. Open the Android game you want to Hack.
  3. Open the menu you want to change its value to and memorize it.
  4. Tap the floating CIH window and input the memorized value.
  5. Click ‘OK” and wait for it to load all related coins or money.
  6. Once it has found the matched value you want to change, input your desired amount (unlimited) and click “modify”.
  7. It will change instantly. Also, even if you re-launch the game, the value remains unchanged.

It’s nice seeing such applications that can be used to hack android games in 2019 so easily without having any networking knowledge or android programming language skills. GameCIH has been proven to work well on rooted android phones, enjoy!

Method – #3 Xmodgames

Xmodgames is the latest method used in Hacking Android Games on a rooted android device. This app is very fast, low in size, and works for many lower android devices although optimized for 5.0 and up. The result of this Gamer Hacking app is so fascinating that it also hacks server-based games like clash of clans.

As quoted officially from Xmodgames, the app is “used to hack various games from the game developers. Xmodgames also provides different mods to games like we play GTA series with a different mod, some increase the capacity (life, time, etc.) of the player and some enhance the graphics of the game or some acts as an accelerator.”

Xmodgames IMG credits: cafe bazaar

Xmod game app is really the best app for android game hacks because it offers Accelerator mode, and screen recording feature and it has automated script & plugins which enable the game to play without you even doing anything, obviously only rooted android devices can enjoy these features on Android devices.

Bonus: This game hacking app is also available for iOS jailbroken users (iPhone & Ipad). You can hack games on Android with this app on your iOS devices easily like the android versions.

How To Use Xmodgames to Hack Android Games

  1. Download and Install the Android Hacking App on your phone (iOS or Android).
  2. Launch Xmodgames and accept the root access privileges and permissions.
  3. The app will search for available games on your phone that are hackable and will be available on the app’s dashboard.
  4. Now on the dashboard, click any game to view its Mod details and descriptions which also include available mods for the game.
  5. Download any Mods you’ll like to use on the game or simply launch the game which will then show the Xmodgames icon hovering on the screen.

There are many supported games with cool mods provided by Xmodgame like Pokemon Go, Jurassic World, Candy Crush Saga, e.t.c. This Android hacking app is really worth it due to t its features, it has so many advanced features so you’ll need to be careful while using this app.

Method – #4 CreeHack

CreeHack is another best app used to hack android games by gamers on their rooted devices. This Android hacking app is very similar to a lucky patcher which doesn’t need root, but this Creehack requires root access to work properly.

Creehacks allows you to totally mod any android game like editing the OBB File or Data file and also the Apk on your devices. If you’ve been looking for the best Apk editor app then this game hacking app can do the job easily for you. Creehacks modifies games coins, life, money, and keys, also, it allows you to purchase any content for free without paying.


This application as confirmed by the official app consumes less memory, it’s fast, and supports many android versions. This application works for many offline games with a higher success rate. But the con is that Creehacks needs an internet connection to work and doesn’t support online games.

How To Use CreeHacks?

  1. Get Creehack apk installed on your phone (It’s safe)
  2. Accept the root privileges if your phone is rooted.
  3. Open the Application toggle on “CreeHack Disabled” to “Creehack Enabled”.
  4. Connect your internet connection.
  5. Open any Android game you’ll like to use the in-app purchase system.
  6. Click on purchase (depending on the game) and you’ll get the cons for Free.

Creehacks can be used to hack android games faster and easily without uninstalling the official app and installing a modded one. This app allows you to still get updates from apps without getting banned from the game. Also, if you disable Creehacks, the game you modified will still be unlocked.

Method – #5 Leo Playcard (iOS, Android)

Leo Playcard is very easy to use when you want to hack any android game on your Android device. Leo Playcard has been used in hacking android games like Subway surfers and Temple Run sequels. What makes this game hacking app one of the best is it has a simple interface and any user can understand it without any walkthrough.

Leo Playcard
Leo Playcard

Leo Play does not need root to work on Android or jailbreak for iOS users as of 2023. This Apk can be used easily and also, you can control the objects included in the game by using Leo Playcard Apk for Android and iOS. This game doesn’t work for online games so it’s better not to try it on such an android or ios game or you’ll be banned from playing.

How To Use Leo Playcard Apk

  1. After Installing Leo Playcard App v1.2 on Android, open it.
  2. Now click “Disable” to “Enable” (On the App’s Home Page) Playcard.
  3. The app will be running in the background, now open any offline game.
  4. Click on the game’s coin or money icon and try purchasing in the game.
  5. Then you’ll see the Playcard payment option.
  6. Click Pay & Enjoy.

This app runs in the background, so when you enable it, the payment option will be displayed on games that a compatible with Leo Playcard Apk hacking feature. When you disable Leo Playcard from the app, the payment option will not be displayed on games henceforth, but your purchase wouldn’t be reverted.

Method – #6 Freedom Apk

Freedom Apk is another Famous Android app used in hacking android games. Freedom App can be used to unlock levels, get unlimited coins and money, buy gems for free and also, and purchase any accessories, tools, or equipment available for use.

Freedom Apk game hacker
Freedom Apk

Freedom also works on some online games, but the problem is that most games detect Freedom Apk and then disable your access to play the game, so are mostly Gameloft games. Freedom Apk works fully on rooted android devices, you can’t use this app for games on Android but this app works for lower android versions 2.3 and up.

How To Use Freedom Apk

  1. Download and Install Freedom Apk on your android device.
  2. Now open the app and grant root permission by clicking “Allow”.
  3. Now there will be installed android apps displayed on the Freedom app, tap any.
  4. The game will be opened, simply head to the game’s purchase store.
  5. Freedom Hacking App will be displayed on the screen, then click purchase.

This is how to use Freedom Apk to hack android games for free on android and ios devices using root privileges. This app is very easy to use size 1.89MB and also, and it supports so many countries and fully supports games like Angry Birds, Agent Dash, and a few online games. This is clearly one of the best game hacking apps for android.

Method – #7 Hacker Bot

Hackerbot is can be used on Xbox, iOS, Android, Windows PC, and Playstation to hack games on these consoles. Hacker Bot can be used on android games that play online or offline. Also, it can edit game data, mod the app’s Apk and also edit the android memory. So if you have a computer, this is how to hack android games with pc.

Hacker Bot - Android game hacker app
Hacker Bot

This app is very simple, the root is not needed to hack any android game using this app. Hackerbot has a website where it has numerous hacked android games which can be downloaded on your android device and installed with all coins unlimited and also unlocked levels.

How To Use Hacker Bot

  1. Install Hacker Bot Apk.
  2. Open the Application with an internet connection to download a mod Apk.
  3. Scroll down the website and click “Find legitimate cheats”.

Hacker Bot Video Tutorial

Method – #8 Game Guardian

Game Guardian 84.0 Apk comes with the best game hacking apps for android interface and easy-to-use controls. This application is far better than some popular apps to hack android games because Game Guardian allows difficult modification, you can make the game harder or easier.

Game Guardian - Hack android games
Game Guardian process

Some Values are encrypted and can’t be searched on SB Game Hacker, Game Guardian offers to unlock such values and thereby enables modifications to get unlimited lives and coins. You can change the application code, display an unlimited number of searches, time machine back to the past to revert changes, speed hack which works on Android 7.0, and many more!

How To Use Game Guardian

  1. Install Game Guardian.
  2. The Application will be installed with a different name (after opening) to avoid detection from “Antivirus” Apps.
  3. Now Uninstall Game Guardian App.
  4. On the popup, WORK MODE chooses “Root” if rooted. (No root runs in virtual space).
  5. Use the floating window to search for any value and edit. Be careful to not edit system default values

Game Guardian is an old app that still gets regular updates, in fact, it gets updated weekly with more features to bypass new android games that prove stubborn. This app will hack any android game for you as your device is a rooted android phone.

Method – #9 Hot Game Cheater 2009

Ok, this app is another beautiful game hacking app for android and it’s very easy to use as a hacker bot. Hot Game Cheater 2009 contains a database of thousands of working game cheat codes, the latest mods walkthroughs, saved states, and music. Several games are available and this software supports so many platforms like PC, DVD, Gameboy, PlayStation Portable, Sega Games etc.

HotGameCheater2009 - Hack Android Games
HotGameCheater2009 img credits: freewarefiles

The walkthrough of this app used in hacking android games is the best so far because you can get hints to secret levels and easter eggs available on a game you have no idea of and might not be seen on YouTube. It also has thousands of Games’ music, midi, and ringtones that have been embedded in this section of Hot Game Cheater. You can play games with background music, level, and stage music.

How To Use Hot Game Cheater

  • Install and Open.
  • Choose Game Cheats from the menu.
  • On the right-hand side, you’ll see the cheat codes and hacks for your chosen console.
  • Tap on any available game mod, e.g Call of duty 4 – modern warfare is available.
  • Scroll down and locate codes and tutorials.
  • Read carefully for easter eggs.

Note: This is a software of windows that can be used to find hackable games for android devices alongside their mods and walkthroughs. It is just 52.54MB and it supports these operating systems since it’s an old 2009 software XP 32-bit / Vista 32-bit / NT 4.0 / 9x / 2000.

Last Words

The aforementioned applications for hacking android phone games are very helpful these days, games are getting harder and without paying to get better tools, you wouldn’t be able to beat the game and you know, games are meant to be enjoyed not imposing frustration on the player.

So using these apps, you can Hack Android Games for free if you want to pass hard-level games easily. Also, you’ll get to enjoy the unlimited features and awesome levels and accessories the game has to offer without any real money payment. Follow on Facebook for discussions and funny technology memes.

“no copyright infringement is intended”.


  1. Guys i can show a cool app. These apps are too cool but not all working 100%. Happy mods is an app you can hack any game . The problem is not all games.The right app is on google.you can write happy mod free install and you get it .There is millions of happy mod apps IN Google Play but not all working : GOOD LUCK

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