Google Messages Schedule Text feature for Android can be very possible as Google LLC adds this on the latest version of Google Messages. Users of this messaging application can now schedule SMS or Text with their family and friends. This means if you have an important meeting or need to remind a workmate about a task to be completed at a specific time which could be the deadline, it will be sent automatically based on the time set by you.

This is just one of the many message scheduler apps for Android and iOS that allows you to send a text at a specific time to anyone. Google Messages schedule text option is a feature yet to surface on popular messaging applications such as Twitter and WhatsApp. With Google’s new feature that allows you to schedule text messages in its messaging apps, you no longer need to worry about informing a friend or workmate about an important task urgently, this time it will be automatically sent.

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Google Message App Main Features

Google Messages Schedule Text
Google Messages Schedule Text

If you are just knowing about this app, the Google Messages application has over 1 Billion users worldwide, it can be used as an alternative to your regular phone message in-built app. It lets you send unlimited text messages with even more features like video uploads and knowing when a friend is online. So this is how it works, below is the key feature.

#. RCS

This means “Richer messaging”, with Google’s messaging app you can send and receive text messages over Mobile networks or Wi-Fi. Also, you get to share multi-media like Videos, Images, Gifs in high quality with your family and friends. Unfortunately, you are not able to do this with your local text message feature on your phone which is also offline.

#. User-Friendly

It is very easy to operate the Google Message application just as you can Schedule text without having to do it manually unlike other popular messaging applications. Furthermore, you can send and receive texts on your mobile phone, PC, or even tablet. The user-friendliness’ also applies to the dark mode, so no more straining your eyes when messaging, it also has spam protection.

How to Schedule Text Message with Google Messages

So here’s how to make use of the Google Messages schedule text feature to automatically schedule SMS to your family and friends. So let’s check it out.

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Note: You might be unable to locate this new feature because it is still being rolled out to users worldwide, by the end of December 2020, all users would have gotten it. So Google Messages Schedule text feature might be unavailable for your device, you have to wait to get yours.

Schedule Text on Google Messages
  1. Open your Google Play Store app and locate the “Messages” app by Google LLC.
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Next, start a new conversation or continue an existing one.
  4. Now type a new message you want to schedule.
  5. Next, the new feature can be seen when you tap and hold the send SMS button.
  6. There will be a schedule text message popup, now select the time you want, or choose “Select date & time”.
  7. This will let you choose a custom date you wish to send your text messages automatically.
  8. Finally, tap the send message button. Your message will be scheduled, you don’t need to be online.

That’s all folks, this is how you can make use of the Google Messages schedule text feature on your Android phone. Now you won’t have to always send a reminder message manually, it can be down automatically at a time set by you. Try and share this post with your friends, comment, and also follow us on Facebook here for Tech Memes.

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