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    Get Samsung Edge Lighting S10, Note 10 on any Android Phone

    Samsung edge lighting is very cool and colorful, Galaxy S10, Note 10 and S9 have edge lighting feature in-built, here's how to get it, it features and uses.

    How To Convert TXT to PDF File Online (5 Best of 2020)

    Check the 15 best ways to convert txt to pdf file online for free without losing formatting. Convert txt to pdf online in 2020, these online sites works 100%.

    Best Football Manager Games For Android & iOS

    Soccer Manager Games lets you experience the life of a coach, so we have compiled lists of the best football manager games for android and ios devices in 2020.

    Best Intel Core i3 PC Games Playable on Intel HD Graphics (4GB/8GB RAM)

    Intel HD Graphics can play latest games on PC, there are many best games for Intel Core i3 as well. I have shared the best Core i3 Intel HD Graphics games for PC, Laptops.

    12 Best Temp Mail Sites To Create Throwaway Email For Facebook

    Temporary Mails are very useful in signing up for Facebook, forums or for verification. To get them quick, take a look at the 11 best Temp Mail sites in 2020.

    Best Camera Apps for Android 2020 (Beauty Camera)

    What really are the Best Beauty Camera Apps for Android that lead to high-quality images? Many applications auspicious these features, but not all offer...

    7 Best HD Offline Zombie Games For (Android/iOS) 2020

    Looking for Offline Zombie Survival Games with HD Graphics to download this 2020? Here are the 7 best offline zombie games for android and iOS you can get free!

    Final Method to Install Samsung’s Odin for macOS

    Download and Install Odin on MacOS by using a similar app called jOdin3. Find out How to Download JOdin3 for Mac along with steps on How to install it on MacOS.

    9 Best Digital Wellbeing Apps To [Monitor Phone Usage 2020]

    Best Digital Wellbeing Apps: Phone Addiction can be very bad, when you make use of your phone to the extent your body starts giving...

    8 Best Hacking Movies & Films Ever (2020 Updated)

    Youths these days love to learn about hacking and computers. There are many Best Hacking Films Lists and Hacking Movies of all time you need to really watch.

    Best Tech List

    10 Best Xender Alternatives for Android (Non-Chinese apps)

    Are you searching for the non chinese best Xender alternatives? If yes, then check out the best Xender alternatives for Android in 2020.

    15 Best English Grammar Apps For Android (Learn English)

    15 best English grammar apps for Android: Everyone needs to ask ourselves this question, are we very confident with our grammar? If given a...

    11 Best Sports Apps For Android and iPhone in 2020

    There are many interesting sports to watch, some prefer watching football, basketball, WWE and so on. Not everyone can attend these matches physically, so...

    15 Best Contact Manager Apps For Android 2020

    Are you looking for some personal contact management apps for Android? Then, check out the best contact manager apps for android smartphones in 2020.

    18 Best Tech News Apps For Android in 2020

    To stay updated if you love technology, you need the best tech news apps for Android more in 2020. Get the trending news on your phone with best tech news apps.

    10 Best Clone Apps on Android (Duplicate Apps)

    Best Clone Apps on Android: No one can have an Android device without hearing of social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or Twitter...

    Trending In Cyber News

    Kaspersky Report: Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) Increased in Q3 2019

    Distributed Denial of Service Attack (DDoS) Increased in Q3 2019 compared to the previous quarter due to spike in malicious activity in September 2019 as shown by cybersecurity firm Kaspersky.

    Twitter Hack: Bitcoin fraud Attackers Found (3 Men Accused)

    On July 16th of July, there was a bitcoin scam that hit popular Twitter accounts such as Barrack Obama, etc that promised to double...

    Hacker Targets Twitter Verified Accounts: Elon Musk, Barrack Obama & Others Hacked In Bitcoin Scam

    A tragedy occured this morning in which some high-profile verified users Twitter accounts were hacked in a bitcoin scam. This includes official accounts such...

    Twitter Security Bug gave access to direct messages In It’s Android App

    The threat of Twitter's bugs continues as there is a new Twitter security bug on its Android application that is able to give unauthorized...

    Does Avira Game Booster Really Improve Gaming Performance?

    Yes, Avira Game Booster really improves your gaming performance, in fact, this software is under-appreciated. Tested to work on games like GTA V, trust me.

    How To Join The Tor Project Membership Program

    Tor Project Membership Program - Tor Project is launching a new Membership Program that lets nonprofit and private sector organizations to financially support their...

    Tor Project Releases Tor Browser 9.0a5

    Tor Project just recently released Tor Browser 9.0a5 which can be downloaded for Android users through Google Play and also from their distribution directory...

    Twitter Responds to Cyber Attack on Verified Accounts

    Twitter responded concerning the bitcoin scam that affected verified high-profile accounts on the system, on Wednesday last week hackers were able to gain temporary...


    25+ Best Ethical Hacking Apps for Android To Learn Hacking

    Ever wanted to learn ethical hacking? There are many best hacking apps for Android and other OS like iOS which helps you know...

    How to Find all Wi-Fi Passwords On Your Windows Computer

    What is the Best Method to Find WiFi Passwords on Your Computer? For me, it is using Command Prompt which does the trick using...

    8 Best Hacking Movies & Films Ever (2020 Updated)

    Youths these days love to learn about hacking and computers. There are many Best Hacking Films Lists and Hacking Movies of all time you need to really watch.


    How To Show Missing Battery Icon on Windows 10 Taskbar

    If your Windows 10 Battery Icon keeps disappearing, then you are not alone, this is a problem that occurred on Windows 7 and still...

    Final Solution: iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes (No ID)

    Here's your final solution in fixing iPhone is Disabled Connect to iTunes message which shows on your iPhone screen. Why I add (No ID)...

    How To Check PC Specs On Windows 10 (System Information)

    The doubt is rear that understanding the components of your purchased PC and its Operating system information can be very helpful. Without having a...

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    Addictive Battle Royale Games For iOS, Android (October 2020)

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    20 Best File Sharing Websites Free October 2020

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    (November 2020) – Zbigz Premium Accounts Absolutely New

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    5 Best Alternatives to uTorrent in November 2020 (Windows PC)

    What are the best alternatives to uTorrent? I know many of you use uTorrent and enjoy the free benefits, but you are here for...

    5 Best Planet Fitness Cancellation Letter Templates

    The Best Planet Fitness Cancellation Letter helps you get your membership canceled easily. Cancel Planet Fitness Letter - Use these Best Effective Templates.