Are you looking for some cool and latest themes with icons for your Windows 10 PC? There are many cool Windows 10 Themes Packs like Minecraft Skins that redesign your Windows Icons and Display, making them good to look at and customize based on your interest. So why not sit, relax and enjoy this cool downloadable list of the Best Free Windows Themes with Icons for desktop windows 10 in 2022

Windows 10 is the latest Operating system by Microsoft and it has been recommended users of their OS update to Win 10 for security updates and more features like Theme Packs. Since Windows 7 lost its support, Microsoft has focused all its effort on Win 10 Updates rather than the old version of their OS and this means more features.

Though Windows 10 Themes with Icons and Animation are great, it is limited to what you can get that interests you personally like Theme Packs, so itechviral lists the top best Windows 10 Themes and Skins Pack that every single user is a must-have. I have researched these 20 Best lists and made sure you will surely see the one you like, the list isn’t based on what is already online but rather based on people’s opinions. 20 of the Best Windows 10 Themes and Packs should be enough for you to see the one you can try, the best part is that they are free and some even change the icon of your Windows 10 Desktop home screen.

Windows 10 Themes and Skins changes your Computer theme in a way you can’t imagine, this is different from wallpaper which just changes the background of your Windows 10 Image or login screen, rather this replaces the Animations and design of some Windows 10 default Windows, the Desktop icon changes, for example, the regular file manager or recycles bin icon will be changed to a different and more cool icon, but similar, this is the work of the Skins and Theme. There are many Theme Packs to choose from, some are popular, while some are Themes you already know about such as Naruto or your favorite movie or TV Show, and some prefer game Skins like Minecraft.

Finally, after this review, you will see the installation guide, on how to easily install these updated Windows 10 Themes and Packs on your PC. So over to number 1 down to the 20th Win 10 Themes, oh and also, you should know the list isn’t based on Top Best totally, but I’ve tried my best to sort it that way.

Best Windows 10 Themes with Icons

Finally, the Best Windows 10 Theme Pack and Skins packs will make your Home Screen and Icons Attractive and appealing to the eyes. All download links are coming from one site (theme pack) which has many free themes for Windows 10, and I will be focusing on different categories of Wallpaper such as Games, Anime, Movies, Comics, and a lot more.

#1. The Walking Dead (TWD) Comic

Windows The Walking Dead Theme
The Walking Dead Windows 10 Theme

Are you a fan of TWD Game or Movie Series? Then you should check out these Windows 10 Theme Packs featuring The Walking Dead Comic Images, Characters, and Concept Arts. Remember the Comic is based on the Game and some characters like Michonne are also seen on this Walking dead Theme pack. The only not too good part is that the theme packs are not much.


#2. Madara Uchiha

Windows 10 Theme Pack
Free Windows 10 Theme Packs

Are you a fan of Naruto Cartoon, many are and this theme will definitely be cool on your computer? The Theme focuses on the leader of the Uchiha Clan Madara Uchiha and this theme pack features many of his images, drawings, and fan-made themes. This Madara Naruto Windows 10 Themes with icons will fit your Laptop or PC screens size no matter how big or small it is, also the image quality will not be lost, it still remains clear and in HD.


#3. Ninja Gaiden

Best Windows 10 Themes
Ninja Gaiden

Are you in love with Ninja Gaiden or should I saw unhealthily addicted to this awesome never to be seen type of Ninja Game? Ninja Gaiden is the Best Ninja game to date and it was only available on Consoles, sadly not on PC. But today you can get the Theme installed on your computer in case you have played the game on consoles and love it as I do. This Theme Pack features all versions of Ninja Gaiden, from Sigma to Razor Edge.


#4. Steven Universe Theme

Windows 10 Themes
Steven Universe

This Windows 10 Theme Packs is known by Cartoon Network Lovers, like me. Steven Universe can be classified as a kid show, but many don’t see it like that because it is funny, and in a way very similar to Regular Show and it is interesting and easy to understand by Kids. Many Windows 10 Theme features such as cartoons are accessible, but Steven Universe is an emotional cartoon, Steven being the main character looking for ways to unlock his full potential. This Windows 10 Theme features different scenes images, like the Donut shop, Steven with his shield, and some concept arts you’ll love to use as Home and Lock Screen Wallpaper.


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#5. Climbing Theme

Windows 10 Themes

Windows 10 Themes are meant to be relaxing and if you really need that you should make use of this Climbing theme featuring climbing mountains and rocks in cool visual images. This theme has many images in HD, it isn’t just only for those that love Climbing entertainment, rather for those that want a relaxable theme that will make them calm as they use their computers. This Theme will make your computer Homescreen appealing and attractive.


#6. Cristiano Ronaldo

Windows 10 Theme Packs
Windows 10 Themes – CR7

Who doesn’t know CR7? He has many fans and even those that weren’t fans of Real Madrid or Juventus loves following Ronaldo. If you are a big fan of one of the best soccer players in the World. We know soccer has been postponed for now due to the pandemic, so if you miss Ronaldo’s goals or soccer generally, this Windows 10 team will be cool for you and your computer. This team features many Cristiano Ronaldo images with varieties of football clubs he has played on such as Manchester United and Real Madrid.


#7. Aston Martin One-77

Windows 10 Theme Packs
Aston Martin Windows 10 Them Packs

Love Cool Cars, check out the Aston Martin One-77 stylish and charming two-door coupe with a two-seater flagship. This is a rare car and it costs around $2 million, if you want tons of images on this beautiful and cool car then you need to try the wallpaper out on your Windows 10 PC. This Wallpaper doesn’t just feature only one image, rather it shows different colors the car has such as blue, white, black, red, and ash. Different HD capture has been made, it is clear and fits perfectly on any computer resolution, use any of the free Windows themes for desktop windows 10 you want.


#8. Thanos

Windows 10 Themes
Infinity War – Endgame

Who doesn’t know the Mad Titan Thanos who decimated 50% of living creatures which includes Plants and Animals? Thanos though seems bad, but some love his thoughts and intention, so people see him as an anti-villain while some are their best villains in a cinematic movie. So if you like Thanos character, then you can make use of his HD pictures available, this Windows 10 Theme Packs of Thanos shows him in different scenes in the movie and comic e.g when he used the combination of the space stone and power stone to destroy a plant in a way to attack Tony Stark.


#9. Memorial Day

Windows 10 Theme Packs

This Windows 10 Theme is mainly about remembering something you love, this wallpaper shows a different event to remember. This Windows 10 Theme Pack is the best good for those in the US, people who love history and the rest. The reason I said so is that it features more of the US Windows 10 Memorial Theme and flags, so it is good to use if you need it.


#10. Underwater

Windows 10 Theme Packs

You’ll be able to see how Underwater looks like using this UHD wallpaper on your Windows computer. The themepacks show you underneath the ocean, the plants, and the cool quality of the water. There are many to be used, light blue oceans and also tick blue, it is clear and appealing to the eyes and those who see your computer. Colorful and beautiful little fishes are also shown, enjoy the nice view of fishes and different varieties of them. If you need this Windows 10 Theme Pack, it’s easy, just download and apply on your Windows PC.


#11. Cats

Windows 10 Themes
Cute Cats

This Windows 10 theme is based on popular demand, many people love cats and use it as their wallpaper, after all, cats are cute and lovely. This cat Windows 10 Theme Packs shows a different breed of cats and also different colors they have. Just like the featured image shows a cat playing with water, that is how cool other theme packs are if you get these Windows 10 themes. These cats are so cute and I am sure anyone seeing this as your theme on your computer will want to stay longer than expected and will likely ask the source you got them from.


#12. Rainbow

Windows 10 Theme Packs
Rainbow Windows 10 Themes

With the colors displayed on your screen, you will see different cool rainbow colors containing your favorite. This makes your computer look colorful, containing almost all the world’s colors, and also some are circular, horizontal, and vertical. These colors are very clear and made at different angles, so you can choose the one that’s best for you. Lastly, these Rainbow color pictures show you sky view of how it is displayed in the clouds.


#13. Intel

Windows 10 Theme Packs
Intel Processors

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Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in Silicon Valley. Now if your computer is using any of Intel’s services such as their Intel HD Graphics alongside your own Graphics card, you can make use of this Windows 10 theme pack to match your computer graphics card or processor. This theme pack features different Intel Core Generation processors images such as Duo, i5, and Core i7. If you are a proud intel core user, then this theme is for you, there are many wallpapers to choose from.


#14. Glamour Girls

Computer Themes
Beautiful Womens

If you need pictures of random hot girls or celebrities, then this beautiful picture will fit your computer as wallpaper. There are many beautiful photos of women on this Windows 10 theme pack, you can get anyone you want and choose for free. The picture is clear and easily fits on any computer you are making use of. Using this Windows 10 Themes, you can choose a static image from the pack or you can let it change the theme occasionally. I’ve made sure to use a good example of the Windows 10 Theme Packs Glamour Girls so you can see what you should be expecting.


#15. Amsterdam

Windows 10 Themes Packs
City of Amsterdam

The City of Amsterdam which is the capital of the Netherlands is considered an international city with its artistic heritage, narrow houses, and amazing canal system. The city is very beautiful, contains colorful buildings, street lights, and the roads are very smooth. This Windows 10 Theme Packs contains different locations of the city, it shows the riverside, images of where bicycles are parked, boats, and lights on bridges. You’ll get the full experience when you make use of the Amsterdam Windows 10 Themes Packs.


#16. Michael Jackson

Windows 10 Theme
MJ King of Pop

The Michael Jackson Windows 10 Themes had to be mentioned, he is someone that cannot be forgotten after all his dances and cool music he sang during his reign. Many still like the king of pop music and videos despite the fact it is old, this is because no one has lived up to his style of dancing and creativity in singing music. If you are a big fan of Michael Jackson, then these Windows 10 Theme Packs featuring different wallpaper of him singing and showcasing his dancing moves will prove that.


#17. Joker (Movie) Theme

Themes for Windows 10
The Joker

Joker is an interesting movie released by DC not too long ago, the Movie got massive sales due to the fans who anticipated the movie. Joker though who has always been a villain was given a stand-alone movie for people to see his views of matter in life and understand his situation that he is not so much of a bad guy/ There was no batman in the movie or a real hero like Superman to stop his actions, but the movie was really a good one, full of comedy, and emotions. Though I am not a fan of DC, this movie is good and you can make use of it as your theme on Windows.


#18. Nvidia

Windows 10 Theme Packs

If you are using a very powerful expensive system, no doubt will come with an Nvidia Display graphics card which makes your PC a gaming computer capable of playing any latest game releases for Windows. Nvidia is the best processor for gaming, though it is more expensive than Intel and AMD. If you are using Nvidia, then you can change your Windows 10 Themes to this one, this Windows 10 Theme Packs will make your computer have the new interface, all Windows will be changed and the menu colors as well.


#19. Injustice Gods Among Us

Windows 10 Themes
Injustice Windows 10 Them Packs

More Windows 10 Theme Packs for DC Fans and this time it is Injustice Game. This Windows 10 Theme displays different DC heroes such as Wonder Woman, Batman, Flash, Superman, Shazam!, Aquaman, Cyborg and other heroes like Green Lantern. The Game is very addictive, it can even be seen on mobile phones, the game allows you to choose a hero or villain you want to use and fight against the opposition which can be playing with computers or online with others. This Windows 10 Theme shows mostly Wonder woman and flash mainly because these are fans’ best.


#20. PUBG

Windows 10 Themes
PUBG Windows 10 Theme Packs

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds which unfortunately many do not know the full name has Windows 10 Theme for Windows. This is the most popular game now, every gamer or regular phone user with at least 3GB RAM device and up tends to have a PUBG game on their device. This game is very fun because you are playing with others online and you have to find weapons and defeat others. This game has two versions, the lite, and the regular version, so if you want to make it clear you are a big fan and also want to remember the game when you log in, then you should use this Windows 10 Themes.


How to Install Windows 10 Theme

  1. Save the theme in a preferred folder on your computer.

2. Double-click on the themepack file and it would be installed on your Windows PC.

3. After installation open the personalization control panel for additional theme settings.

4. Enjoy your favorite theme.

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