Have you been looking for a guide on how to use Zoom on Chrome while using your Android device without the need of having the Zoom App? Well, it is very possible and this article makes it easier for you to join Zoom Meetings using your mobile device without Zoom App for free.

Ever since the Pandemic began, Zoom App has been very useful to difference categories of people such as students, workers, politians and the likes. So with this streaming services, you are able to easily learn and also connect with family and friends.

Zoom Video Conferencing allows participants to join meetings on mobile devices only through their iOS or Android apps, while PC users are able to join via a web-browser or installing the computer software version. So the mobile limitations can really be frustrating on low-end devices that are unable to get the application installed on their phone, so there is a way to join Zoom meeting on phone without app.

How to Use Zoom on Chrome without App (Mobile Devices)

The below guide with screenshots will help you finally get a resolution to Zoom restrictions on mobile devices, forcing users to make use of their application.

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#1. First of all, get the Zoom Meetings Join ID & Password.

#2. Next, on your device without Zoom App, tap the Invite Link.

#3. Make sure the link opens on Chrome Browser, very important.

#4. Now Zoom will redirect you to the join page, and then instantly to the app’s installation page.

#5. While on Chrome, tap the three dotted icon near the taps option.

Use Zoom on Chrome Phone

#6. Now on the Menu options, you will see “Destop site” unticked.

Use Zoom on Chrome Phone

#7. Once you tick the “Desktop site”, the Zoom Page will then revert to the Zoom Cloud Meetings page.

Use Zoom on Chrome Phone

#8. Now to use Zoom on Chrome, login with the Zoom ID and Password to successfully participate in the meeting without having Zoom installed on your device.

Use Zoom on Chrome Phone

That’s how to use Zoom on Chrome without Zoom app on phones for free, now you can join Zoom meetings without app on Android and iOS devices. Don’t forget to share this article with your friends too.

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