Animekisa got shut down in April 2022 due to donations from their community not being enough to keep their services running. Animekisa clarified they are never coming back while warning its followers of possible clones being developed online. However, there are sites like Animekisa recommended by them, so we have looked at the 6 best alternatives to Animekisa TV Unblocked to watch anime in 2022 for free. So below is a thorough review of these websites.

Why is Animekisa TV Alternatives Trending?

Animekisa had over 1 million users, while their site was optimized for mobile at the same time there were no ads on the homepage. Users can watch anime without registration or get updates through an RSS feed. The website had several episodes of Anime for free, their database collection made it hard for you not to find a movie you were in search for. Knowing all these, it is understandable that fans need sites like Animekisa TV.

6 Best Sites Like Animekisa

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Sites Like Animekisa TV

Animension is one of the best sites like Animekisa due to its no ads display on the homepage, and also on the content page. While on the homepage, you will notice a huge search bar near the site’s logo which allows you to search for the latest animes available in their database. Recent updates are also shown, they are regularly updated, so you have lots of new content to check on daily. On the selected anime page, you are able to know the score rating, the prequel, its status i.e if the series has been discontinued, the current season, and a list of episodes to watch of your choice.


Sites Like Animekisa TV

On visiting the website, you will see an overview of the website’s aim and services. When you click on ‘Go to homepage’, you will then see the full website, containing the list of recently updated anime, top anime categorized in days, weeks, and months, upcoming anime release schedule, sub, dub, and Chinese category. When you open a series of content, you will be able to see its featured image, several servers to choose from, users’ reviews and ratings, views and duration, and one of the most important, a comment section of other users leaving feedback.


Sites Like Animekisa TV

Looking at the image above, you are able to see the website design is quite user-friendly, making it a good Animekisa TV alternative. Adding to that, the site also allows you to sign up with the benefits of bookmarking anime, adjusting video streaming settings, and even getting notified when new content is available. Compared to the previous sites like Animekisa TV mentioned so far, Gogoanime gg allows you to immediately stream anime when you open the content you want to enjoy. However, though not intrusive, be mindful of the ads when making use of the site.


Sites Like Animekisa TV

Animixplay is a very popular Animekisa TV alternative to watching anime online and for free. Why did we say so? A simple click on your preferred content leads you to the streaming page without a background or popup ad disrupting your site experience. Of course, there are ads on the site, but this does not affect the smooth usage of the site.

The video player on the site allows you to change the quality, volume, speed, and view in full screen. When you scroll down a bit, you will be able to see further information about the anime such as status, genres, episode, and availability. There are also comments from active users that you may use to determine how interesting the anime is before watching it.

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Sites Like Animekisa TV

Well, this seems different in terms of its design in comparison to the other mentioned sites like Animekisa TV on this site so far. Speaking of the website interaction and design, it has a dark mode option located at the top of the website which changes the site from bright to dark, ongoing, and recently added animes can be checked for, your bookmarks list when logged in and a list of random animes.

When you click on an anime series to watch, you will be able to stream it immediately without any ads shown, different streaming options are available. They are also strict when it comes to spoilers, so the comment section is initially closed and spoilers are not only deleted, but members doing such banned.


Sites Like Animekisa TV

Finally, on our list of best sites like Animekisa TV to watch anime is Zoro to – an anime streaming website that contains not only TV series, but movies. When you are in the movie section, and stream one, you will see the view time, it is for several hours, confirming it is a complete movie. The home page slider of the website shows the most trending and popular anime movies/series based on their views and community requests. The site allows you to view through several categories such as comedy, drama, kids, cars, and many more.


Animekisa TV alternatives are a lot as you have seen in this article, so you should not worry due to their shutdown, you can use their recommended site, or ours from the lists above which are similar sites like Animekisa. If you have better websites not mentioned, kindly leave your feedback below the comment section, do not forget to share with others.

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