YouTube Dislike Counts has finally been removed in November from the social platform after months of the experiment. YouTube gave several reasons as to why this change was made, you can read that here. But that’s not why we are here. Since this controversial change, YouTube dislike button extensions have surfaced online, there are many supported Youtube dislike extension for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge browsers.

So while most are engaging in YouTube dislike button petition, you can make use of the best YouTube dislike extension on your favorite web browser on your PC. Currently, Android users do not have a workaround as there is no extension support for mobile devices. But definitely, there will be unofficial apps being developed having these features.

Furthermore, there are no addons for the Opera browser, while searching all you will see is a YouTube Like-Dislike Shortcut which doesn’t serve the purpose we need it for. So until one is available, this post will be updated.

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The importance of the dislike stats is much, since this new development, it is quite hard to find a reliable Tech tutorial video. Imagine wasting time watching a poor guide or a click-bait video, whereas the dislike count should have played its part in letting you know how people view the content. Regardless, we have a workaround now, let those engaging in YouTube dislike petition do their part, and hopefully, Google brings back YouTube dislikes.

Best YouTube Dislike Stats Extension

Return YouTube Dislike – Chrome

YouTube Dislike Counts Extension
Google Chrome Extension

This is the best dislike ratio extension for Chrome, with this, you will see the full dislike count on any YouTube video. Not only does it show you the count, but you can also see the exact count when you hover your mouse on the dislike button just as it was when the feature wasn’t disabled. The only con I may have noticed while using this extension is that it does not show dislike stats for a live YouTube video, only an uploaded video.

Return YouTube Dislike
Return YouTube Dislike
Developer: Unknown
Price: Free

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Return Youtube Dislike – Firefox

YouTube Dislike Counts Extension
Mozilla Firefox Add-on

This Firefox Browser Add-on was also developed by Dmitry Selivanov, the same developer of the count viewer for Chrome. So far, it has gotten over 14k reviews, mostly positive, which provides confidence it works as intended. With this, you can see not only the dislike count but also the YouTube like and dislike ratio bar. The extension is free to use and gets regular updates from the developers.

Return YouTube Dislike
Return YouTube Dislike
Developer: Dmitry Selivanov
Price: Free

YT Dislikes viewer – Edge

YouTube Dislike Counts Extension
Microsoft Edge Extension

This is another cool extension to return YouTube counts for disliked videos for your experience. This extension is able to show the abhorrence count from YouTube’s API toward the front of the video, it will no longer be hidden there. The extension is free to use, works on all videos with no wrong data on the dislike ratio or button count.

Conclusion – YouTube Dislike Extensions

YouTube Like and Dislike counts and ratio remains an important aspect in the platform, it helps in knowing what tutorial videos work, what will break your PC, what advice works and which videos are click-bait i.e not worth our time. Hopefully, these changes from Google are reversed, until then, make use of these extensions on your Chrome, Edge, and Firefox browser.

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