Samsung Game Launcher app is the best game optimizing and organizing app for Android. This game launcher organizes your games, shows you your overall playtime of a game, also your all-time best apps, recommends videos for you to watch, lets you choose if high performance or low should be used for a game and also you can increase or reduce the frame rate per seconds. Samsung Game launcher update has been released, so I just decided to review the game launcher app for Samsung users and other Android phone users who want to know how to use the app and its features.

Samsung users are really benefiting from this game booster app, it really optimizes your game so you get the best experience you need to play it smoothly. Samsung Game Launcher gets updated regularly with new features, a new feature Samsung user appreciate is the custom color and also the game performance update which gives you just 3 performance options such as Focus on performance, Balanced and Focuses on power saving. This is better than the previous manual way of optimizing your game graphics by either selecting “25fps, 40fps, or 60fps”.

Samsung Game Launcher comes pre-installed on supported Samsung phones like Galaxy S7 | S7 edge, Galaxy S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra, Galaxy Note10, e.t.c. Such phones normally get the app pre-installed and they can get Samsung Game Launcher update via Galaxy Store rather than other stores like Google Play since it is a Samsung property that supports selected devices. There are many Game Launchers on various stores but Samsung Game Launcher is very unique and offers many cool features which we have reviewed below, check them.

What Can Be Done With Samsung Game Launcher?

Samsung Game Launcher Update
Samsung Game Launcher Update

So here are what you will benefit from Samsung Game Booster and Launcher app on your Samsung Galaxy Android Phone.

#1. Game Booster Settings

Samsung Game Launcher comes with an in-built game booster settings which gives you full access to the optimizing service to improve your game performance while conserving battery and device health if set up by the user. These game booster settings include features like Floating shortcut which is a small icon being displayed while you are gaming, this icon can contain your social media chats which when tapped will “open in pop-up view” for use without removing the game, these app selections depend on the user as well.

#2. Screen Recorder

Samsung Game Launcher comes with a game recorder feature, this cannot be used to record your phone screen other than games on your Samsung Galaxy phone. This screen recorder feature records your gaming with microphone and stores then on your Internal memory card with the game’s name so it can be easier to locate. It can be uploaded on YouTube, shared on social media, and also your discord followers. Samsung gives you the options to choose the recording resolution of the gameplay and these are 360px, 480px, 540px, 720px and 1080px. The higher the pixels the bigger the file size, and from my experience, a 2 minutes video in 1080px takes up to 400MB.

#3. Screenshots

Though you can use Android in-built screenshot ability by holding down either your volume up or volume down together with the power button, Samsung Game Launcher makes it easy for you to screenshot your games. By tapping the option it gets saved as a separate album on your phone gallery with the game’s title. The screenshot resolution can also be changed to save storage space and they are 25%, 50% and 100%, the highest is very clear and occupies the entire screen while the lowest is the opposite.

#4. Auto Screen Lock & Power Save

This is by far one of the most important features of Samsung Game Launcher, this was a major update for the Samsung users, it has an auto screen lock settings which locks the screen when there is inactivity on a game, for example, if you set it to 2 minutes, which is the default for the Galaxy game launcher, it will lock the screen. The added Power saving while locked helps the device save power by lowering the frame rate for games while the screen touch lock is on.

#5. Full Screen Compatibility

With the Full-screen apps option, you will not need to worry about downloading an old game that isn’t optimized for a bigger screen resolution. Samsung Game Launcher lets you choose which games you will want to increase its resolution by enabling the Full-screen feature for a game or games which are having this issue. This will either hide the black bar at the top of the main screen so the camera cutout won’t be visible to stretch the game which will full the entire phone screen. This simple tip can fix display problems that occur in some games.

#6. Play History

Total playtime of your games can be seen in this section, you will also get to see your favorite categories of games played since you installed your first game on your Samsung phone. So far I have played 67 games and my phone is just 2 months old, 22 Action games, 9 Arcade, 5 Simulations, 11 Sports, 6 Racing, and 14 other categorized games not downloaded from Google Play or Samsung Galaxy Store. This Samsung Game Launcher Playtime feature shows you your most played games total time and last played date, for example, my most played games are COD Mobile which is 71 hrs, DLS20 which is 29 hrs and PUBG Mobile is got 13 hrs.

#7. Game Notifications

I personally like what Samsung did here, this Game notifications sections stores all your game messages such as promotional contents, invitations, reminders to play and app updates. Rather than your games disturbing you via your phone’s notification panel, they will all be moved to Samsung game launcher where you can easily see the notifications and go through them. You can still manage game notifications in the notification panel, the options has been made selectable by Samsung.

#8. Mute Sounds

Samsung Game Launcher has this wonderful update which lets you silent the sounds of your games from the launcher without having to turn one “do not disturb” settings or manually lower the media audio. With this feature, you can have all your phone’s sound turned on to the maximum while your gaming will have no sound. Now I don’t know what good example I can talk about concerning this feature because I don’t use it and don’t know it’s real benefits, but I think this feature is for those who are bored during a meeting or conference and does not want to draw undue attention to themselves while playing games.

#9. Add Apps

Samsung gave users the free will to add applications to the game launcher, this will not be displayed on the phone’s home screen or app list but on the launcher only. So if you have a game not downloaded from supported stores like Galaxy Store or Google Play, you can manually add them to Samsung game booster, but some services will not be available for the game like the floating pop-up, screen recorder and screenshots. But you will still get the game booster service, total daily playtime and it will be added to play history.

#10. Notices

Important updates from Samsung are shared here, this does not contain reminders to get Samsung game launcher update, rather this is where you get to know the issue with your game launcher. It is where you also get messages like “Samsung Game Launcher Disabled” which is caused by violating their policy. Some might not get to see this warning before getting their Game launcher disabled, so they just check one normal day and noticed their Samsung game launcher is missing or not working. In some rare cases, Samsung will terminate their service for (30) days in which after you will get full access back, to avoid such ban or limitations, you should not modify this system app.

How To Get Samsung Game Launcher Update

Samsung Game Launcher
Samsung Game Launcher Update with Discord

Samsung always brings new updates to its app, also as of the iTech Viral post publish date, the last major Samsung game launcher release came with new theme options. So if your device is supported and wants to get the latest updates or the app itself if you don’t already have it, here is what you must do.

  • On your Samsung phone, open Galaxy Store App.
  • Search for “Game Launcher”.
  • If it displayed then your device is compatible with the app.
  • Tap Install or Update to get Samsung game launcher.

How To Setup Samsung Game Launcher App

So you finally got the game booster and launcher app successfully installed with the latest update on your Samsung phone, now what’s next? You’ve read and understood the features of Samsung game launcher so how do you set up the app, what are the first things you need to do?

#1. Open Samsung Game Launcher and Tap the 3 dotted icons to add games not downloaded from official stores.

#2. Get installed games from either Galaxy Store or Google Play and it will automatically be added to Game Launcher.

#3. You can see the Galaxy Players of your newly installed games and also your past 7 days of gaming time.

#4. Go through other settings to use the game’s full features and appreciate what this game booster does to improve your gaming performance.

Samsung also provided a Frequently asked question post which will help you answer some common questions like how to disable Game Launcher, where to find videos and screenshots, and how to enable Samsung game launcher, these brief explanations will answer them. So if you enjoyed our article, let us know via the comment section, and also comment on your Samsung device if this game booster service was not available for your phone.

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