Galaxy One UI Home App can be used only on Samsung devices, it is the most wanted software overlay developed by Samsung, it is the latest Samsung custom home design which surpasses Samsung Experience UX and TouchWiz. Samsung One UI Home adds extra features to the Android operating system, the update depends on which phones support and can run smoothly on. If you want the best Android design and features, then this will be the best for your Android phone.

Samsung One UI 2 (Android Pie/One) adds extra features many Samsung phones don’t have like Screen Recording, this feature is available on Samsung Game Launcher but you can only record gameplays and not other applications or the phone’s home screen. But when using One UI Home App you can get such features for free, some are dark mode and automatic call recording.

Samsung One UI Home App has over a billion installs on Google Play, the application is an easy way to experience the User Interface which comes with a simple screen layout, neatly arranged icons, updated Home and Apps screens so they can support your Galaxy devices. So exactly what is Samsung One UI App used for? That question has a simple answer, get a custom redesigned interface and new features as opposed to the default Android UI on all Phones.

Samsung One UI is compatible with Galaxy devices on Android Pie to Android One (10), this is why older devices like Galaxy S7 Edge cannot have One UI Home App without having to go through and the unofficial route which is stressful and can completely make the device unusable all through. People take this risk and it works for some, I’ll cover that later, but what features are interestingly provided in One UI Home that people really want so badly? Here are the features of the app that can be used on compatible Samsung Galaxy Android devices.

Samsung One UI Home App Tricks (5 Best)

#1. Full Screen Gestures

One UI Home App
Gestures Selection

This feature is not on all expensive brands smartphones, this One UI App feature is currently being used on my Samsung phone, it lets you change the navigation (Home, Back, and Recent) gesture from normal tap buttons which are visible to an invisible swipe option, this gives you more screen space on your device, it is an easy method to switch between apps too.

#2. Home Screen Layout Lock

One UI Home App
Lock Home Screen Layout

Have you been a victim or arranging your apps the way you want it so important applications can be accessed easily and then you mistakenly reset it to default and have to rearrange the app layout which is near-impossible? One UI App has a lock option, apps cannot be moved or removed from the Home Screen, you can enable this from the Lock Home Screen Layout from the Home Screen settings.

#3. App Information Settings

One UI Home App
App Information from Home screen

Apps details can be accessed quickly in Samsung One UI Home when you Touch and hold an installed app icon or widget. This is helpful because if an App says “Unfortunately App has Stopped”, you can easily force stop the app without having to go to settings and then application manager to do this simple task.

#4. Dual Messenger

Galaxy One UI Home App
Dual Messenger

This lets you duplicate a Social Media App and have two accounts without having to use third-party applications like Parallel Space. It works only for social media apps that are supported, and the only supported applications are Kik, WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, and Messenger. You can also enable a “Use separate contacts list” which will show a separate connects list in the second apps space.

#5. Hide Apps

Samsung One UI Home App
Hide Apps with One UI Home App

One UI Home App comes with a Hide apps feature, applications can be hidden from your home screen, anyone that has access to your device will not be able to locate the hidden apps. This feature can still be improved so hidden apps will not be seen on some apps like Xender or Es File Explorer, also more cons are that the hidden apps can be located from settings > Apps, but this is a really good feature.

Kindly note this features differs on each device, One UI Home App cannot provide you all these, it depends on your device and the OS version, though Android 9.0 supports One UI, upgrading to 10.0, if available will give you more.

Samsung Galaxy One UI Home App (Google Play)

Samsung Galaxy One UI 2 Home App

The app can be downloaded on Google Play if it is compatible with your device, some devices that already gets the update from OTA doesn’t need this to have access to more features, if you get the install button, then it is safe.

Samsung One UI Home
Samsung One UI Home
Price: To be announced


One UI Home App is free and offers losts of improved Android features, so now you know what is one ui home app usefulness and it’s features. Root is not needed for this and it is official from Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. So get the full use of you Samsung phone and enjoy these endless and regularly updated features.

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