Okay, you have forgotten your Windows 10 Password and this means you cannot have access to your PC again. Worry no more because I have finally found your best fix to reset Windows 10 Password even without remembering the old password for free. This is an easy trick because you do not need a command prompt for this to work, enjoy the free tutorial.

For some reason you might have forgotten your old Windows 10 password, it could be because you constantly change Windows 10 password and you don’t write them somewhere, or you recently changed your password and didn’t remember exactly what you wrote, so if that is the case here, you can actually change your Windows PC user password if it has not been locked.

Some may use this method to change an already logged-in PC, so to prevent unauthorized changes to your system, Windows will not allow new access to some sensitive directories on your computer. Also, note there are many ways to reset Windows 10 password without the old user password being remembered, but this method I’ve shared is the easiest and safest, nothing will be lost like important documents, media, and programs.

How to Reset Windows 10 Password (‘2020’)

Windows 10 - how to reset your password
Windows 10 – how to reset your password

This is a step-by-step tutorial to Reset your Windows 10 password easily without command prompt.

#1. Search for “Computer Management”.

Reset Windows 10 Password
Reset Windows 10 Password

#2. Under that category, select ‘Local users and Groups’.

Reset Windows 10 Password
Reset Windows 10 Password

#3. Now choose “Users” section.

Reset Windows 10 Password
Reset Windows 10 Password

#4. Choose your own Computer Username, for example, I selected the part which is shaded in Blue, right-click.

Reset Windows 10 Password
Reset Windows 10 Password

#5. Now choose “Set Password” and you will get a warning message as seen on the image below.

Reset Windows 10 Password
Reset Windows 10 Password

#6. Click ‘Proceed’.

#7. Type new password and click “Ok” to confirm Windows 10 password reset.

#8. The next time you log in it will be the new password you set that will be approved, so now you have reset Windows 10 password without knowing the old user password in 2020.

Is this a Password Cracker Trick?

No, this is just a tutorial to guide you on how you can easily change your forgotten Windows 10 password without having to go through complex methods like using USB, command prompt, or even restoring your PC to default.

Does this work in all circumstances?

This works only if the PC screen is still unlocked if the screen has been locked back to the user login screen, then you will not be able to log in and then apply this tutorial to reset the password. So know this method is the best if you recently changed your Windows 10 password and suddenly could not remember it.

Are Windows 10 Password Recovery Tools Working?

Recovery tool for Windows 10 password reset is available online such as Ophcrack, but you should know it only works if the password has not been locked since it requires you to install the software on an unlocked computer. So the answer is based on if your Windows 10 PC has been locked or not, if it has, it will not work and it is not useful.

Can You Bypass Passsword in Windows 10?

If you want to bypass Windows 10 login without having to go through the stress of checking all settings, you can easily remove it using this method here. This also reset Windows 10 password, but you must have access to the PC already and have to remember the previous password.


So this is the best method to reset Windows 10 password, it still works even on the latest OS of Microsoft Windows, so you can rest assured it will help you recover your forgotten password. Make sure you share and bookmark our website, also be sure to look unto other articles which are very informative.

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