Fix Duplicate Login Account Windows 10 – Despite Windows 10 being Microsoft’s best OS and last, there are still bugs that come around sometimes and even stays so long without a fix, this includes the Two Duplicate Username Login Account in Windows 10.

This error comes up after the November Windows update for some and still, it doesn’t go away with the recent security updates coming regularly from Microsoft. Since there is no update coming yet to fix this Windows 10 Two Account on Login Screen when trying to sign-in, then you will have to step up and try a manual method.

Nevertheless, Windows 10 duplicate login screen at login does not affect anything on your computer, all files are the same if you choose to log in via the first username or the second. All installed software and programs also remain the same, actually, there is no much difference between these two accounts, only that one has full control to the laptop or PC, while the other has partial access, but not really a big deal.

It is still wise to remove these double accounts at the login screen so it does not confuse you and any client using your pc, i.e if you are sharing your computer with another person. Some see it weird, like me, having duplicate login account in Windows 10 before login, this doesn’t seem right, so I have shared a working method that works 100%, it removes the duplicate account and let only one with full access to computer stay. So here is how it is done, guys!!!

Windows 10 Two Duplicate Login Account Fix

  1. Press Windows + R to open “Run”
Duplicate Login Account Windows 10
windows 10 multiple accounts login screen fix

2. Type “NETPLWIZ” and Run

3. Tick✔ or UnTick the checkbox saying “Users must enter a user name and password to use this computer”.

Fix Duplicate Login Account
Windows 10 – Fix Duplicate Login Account

4. Click ok to Apply settings update on Windows

5. Restart your PC to see changes.

6. Now Check if it shows one account rather than duplicate

7. If it did, Go and Untick or Tick step 3, depending on your default and Apply

Fix Duplicate Login Account
Fix Duplicate Login Account Windows 10

8. Restart your computer again, and Enjoy!

The source to this solution can be seen on Microsoft Answers forum here, there you can see other people facing this same error, but fortunately, it’s a minor issue and it got a fix.

Something I noticed on the two accounts is my profile picture, the main login account which is the first shows the Microsoft image of the user account in a circular form, while the second account shows the picture in a square form, this makes it more confusing to know which account is the admin account with all access in the system, but as I said before, even if the screen appears twice, it is not a problem, anything you download or install in one account still affects the other, so it’s like you are still one user using the computer, well, until you manually add another.

This issue happens only on Windows 10, other OS like 8.1 and less doesn’t and have never had this mistake. The issue is from Microsoft and not your computer as some may think, so quit worrying about this minor issue and know it’s nothing. After all, you can now fix it to feel more relaxed and enjoy your Windows 10 without duplicate user accounts.

Windows 10 is a cool OS, it has nice interface and it is easy to use, but there are issues that arrises which might seem too difficult to fix, some don’t have a fix for a while, some do, just like this duplicate login account on windows 10 login screen which you just got fixed, we offer more tutorials like this, bookmark and share, also comment your result to this tutorial if you faced this problem too.

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