Over time, a new Android device can start losing its efficiency, it could start getting slow for several reasons. It could be due to a stored cache of apps on the device, low storage space, weakened device processor or RAM, or in rare cases, due to malware. Well, do you know that with developer options activated on your Android phone, you can speed up your Android performance, precisely using the animation scale, without having to root your device or even format the device that causes you to lose your data?

Android Developer Options settings are hidden on most devices, it is not illegal to enable or utilize them. This option gives you access to cool Android features, it can be used to improve not only the performance of your device for certain tasks but also monitor your smartphone better without installing any external application on your Android phone.

Do questions arise such as if developer options affect the phone in any way? Of course, that question will be in your mind since you do not really know why such a feature was hidden on all Android devices. Well, it is safe to use developer options on your device, but if only you know what you need it for, that is, you should avoid making use of a feature you are not familiar with.

How about the disadvantage of enabling it? As we said, this feature does not affect your phone in any way, but you must not enable what you are not sure of. So there is really no harmful disadvantage other than mistakenly turning on a feature you’re unfamiliar with.

Increase Android Speed with Developer Options’ Animation Scale

We are going to take a look at how to enable developer options, locate it, and modify the animation scale to improve the speed of your Android device. Enjoy the tutorial.

#1. How to Enable Developer Options?

Kindly note that these steps might differ from your device, however, they are very similar, some steps can be skipped, while some shouldn’t. Kindly leave a comment after this article if you got lost.

  • First of all, open your phone ‘Settings’.
  • Next, scroll down to your phone’s ‘About Device’ option.
Speed Up Android Developer Options
  • Then open the ‘Software Information’ to see the system versions.
Speed Up Android Developer Options
  • Locate the ‘Build Number’, then tap on it 10 times.
Speed Up Android Developer Options
  • After that, you will get a snack text saying ‘you are now a developer’.
Speed Up Android Developer Options

So that is all! This is how to enable the developer option on your Android device.

#2. How to Locate Developer Options?

This is where the issue is for some Android devices, they find it hard to locate the developer option, while another device might find it easily. In most cases, the developer options can be located just directly above the ‘About Phone’ options.

  • Head back to your phone settings list.
  • Then scroll down towards the ‘About Phone’ options, and you will see ‘Developer Mode/Options’.
    (Some devices can locate it through Settings > More settings > Developer options.)
Speed Up Android Developer Options1

#3. How to Improve Phone Speed with Animation Scale

First of all, what is animation scale? The transition animation scale is what controls how fast your phone transition between screens. For example, on a Windows PC, when you minimize a window, you will see some animation before the Window is minimized, while if disabled, it closes immediately. So how do we make use of this on Android to improve the phone performance? Follow the below steps.

  • After you have located Developer options, tap on it and you will see the full list of settings.
  • Scroll down to the ‘Drawing’ section, under it, we are only touching the ‘Window’, Transition, and Animator duration scale.
Speed Up Android Developer Options1
  • Tap on the Window animation scale, and change it to ‘Animation scale .5x’.
Speed Up Android Developer Options1
  • Next, tap on the Transition animation scale, and also change it to ‘Animation scale .5x’.
Speed Up Android Developer Options1
  • Finally, tap on the Animator duration scale, and change it to ‘Animation scale .5x’ as well.
Speed Up Android Developer Options1

That is it! Now you have reduced the animation of your device, it will now speed up your Android phone’s speed. This method has proved to be very effective, so many users have reported an increase in their device speed after applying this.

With this, you do not need to install any phone booster app or RAM cleaner apps on your device. With your feature, you can easily improve your device performance. Share this article with friends, and leave a comment below if you have any questions.

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