In this post, you will learn what DS4 error means and why you keep getting DS4 Windows Not working error when you connect your PST Controller to your computer. Normally you cannot connect a console controller to your Windows 10 PC, but using DS4Windows, it can serve as an emulator for connecting your controller to your Windows PC. So you’ll learn how to fix it and get it running on your Computer ones again.

What is DS4 Windows?

I have actually explained it briefly initially, but here it is again – DS4Windows is an emulator for Windows operating system that enables the Sony’s Dual Shock 4 (DS4) Controller to work on your computer even though it is not a console.

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It has always worked great on the Windows OS until frequent Windows update came with some bugs which cause many to face this issue. But that is not always the case, sometimes it could be malware, outdated drivers, incorrect version code, outdated version, corrupted file, and many more. So we’ll discuss some preventive measures that also servers as the fix to the ds4windows not working error permanently.

How To Use DS4 Windows

This is the guide provided on their official website, so I’ll just elaborate more on it. So if you are new to DS4Windows, here is how to make use of it.

  • After downloading the file, it comes with (DS4Windows and DS4Updater) in the Zip file.
  • Use WinRAR to extract the zip file to get those two programs.
  • So launch the DS4Windows program files. You’ll see the setup guide.
  • Connect the DS4 through a Bluetooth or USB (DS4 Device name: “Wireless Controller“)
  • So now restart your pc and it will be connected to your computer.

How to Fix “ds4 windows not working” Error?

So we’ve discussed the 3 best ways to fix this PS4 Controller ds4 windows not working when connecting it to your DS4 Windows 10 program, all these methods work, so just choose the one that looks good to you.

#1. Check for Driver Updates

Fix DS4 windows Not Working

This is the first choice you have and you have to try before another method because it is the common reason most programs fail to run on a computer. So you have to check if the HID-compliant game controller driver on your computer is out of date, so here is how to do that.

  • Search for the ‘device manager‘ and open it.
  • Select ‘sound, videos, and game controllers‘.
  • Now right-click it and update.

So that way you can get the latest version of your computers driver so it can support more programs, if there are no updates or you updated it and it didn’t work, then move on to the next.

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#2. Enable Controllers (Control Panel)

Fix DS4 windows Not Working

Sometimes the controller might not be enabled, happens to newly bought controllers, so you have to enable it to function from the control panel. There you can also calibrate the gamepad so it can work exactly how you want it to without getting ds4 windows not working.

  • Close all your DS4 Windows and disconnect your DS4 controller.
  • Search for ‘control panel‘ using the Windows search bar
  • Now scroll and choose the ‘Hardware and Sound‘ section.
  • Next, select ‘Devices and Printers‘ to see connected devices on your PC.
  • Locate the DS4 Controller from there and then right-click the game icon.
  • Choose on ‘Properties‘, then ‘Hardware‘, and finally click on the ‘HID-compliant game controller‘.
  • There you will see the ‘Driver‘ tap in which after you click it, you’ll see ”Uninstall device’.
  • So after that, just plug in the gamepad again and it will work.

#3. Uninstall Windows 10 Update

Fix DS4 windows Not Working

If the ds4 windows not working persists especially after a recent Windows upgrade, then consider uninstalling that update till the controller gets an update that is compatible with the Windows 10 new version, or vise-versa. To uninstall the update, do the following.

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  • Open ‘Settings‘ on your Windows 10 computer.
  • Choose the ‘Update and Security‘ option.
  • Open ‘Windows Update‘, to ‘View installed update history’.
  • So now choose ‘Uninstall updates‘ and you will see a list, i.e if you didn’t set Windows to delete old updates.
  • So choose the previous update and wait for un-installation completion.
  • Now you can restart your PC and this will fix the ‘ds4 windows not working’ error.

#4. Update DS4 Windows to latest v1.4.52

Fix DS4 windows Not Working

It could be you are using an older version of the program which is not compatible with your current version of Windows PC. Older versions like DS4UPDATER 1.1.32 could cause the ‘DS4 Windows not working’ error to occur. So here’s how to update to the latest version.

  • Check your program to see if it is running on v1.4.52.
  • If it is not, uninstall that version.
  • Open the DS4Windows website and click ‘Download Now‘.
  • The size is about 1.12MB, install it on your computer.


So this is how to fix “DS4 windows Not Working” windows 10 error when connecting your PS4 controller to your PC. If you want to stay updated, then follow us here on Facebook and also on Twitter. Also, leave a comment below this article if you have any questions or recommendations.

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