In Short Viral Hacks: RAM is very helpful because it is the source of your smartphone’s fast performance if it is very low, your device will be too slow to fulfill its work. Most times, when you try to open an application, it lags and takes too much time to open, this isn’t as a result of the device hardware such as the processor or memory, talkless Android versions. Since you can’t enjoy your smartphone the way you expected it to work when you bought it, iTechviral is here to show you the Best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android which are legally available for free download on Google Playstore and they require no root access to function.

Android devices facing poor performance are a result of too many Junk and Cache Files which also include advertising Cache. When this unimportant file occupies your Android device, you start to experience lag on Games, when opening an App, or when trying to view a media file on the phone. What does this mean? When you base your expectations on only what you see, you blind yourself from the possibility of a new reality. Thinking your Android phone has contacted a virus is wrong, that is many people’s expectation and they fail to fix the main issue.

That is why in this new age, people don’t just look at the phone’s design, rather, they also check the Memory/RAM, Processor, Internal Storage space, and now many RAM the system apps are required to use, which helps know what is left for third-party applications on your phone. If you are a heavy gamer, you wouldn’t enjoy your Android phone since the Android hangs a lot and this prevents the flow of a smooth Android gaming experience. If you’ve noticed based on some searches on the internet, Android users are facing lags more than iOS devices, this shows the high importance of a Good Android device.

In addition, when there are too many apps running on your phone background which is usually called “Background Apps”, it is inevitable you wouldn’t face slow loading and freeze on your Android device. There are apps that can help you manually clean these apps slowing down your phone, but to make the process faster, you need to make use of some “RAM Cleaning Apps for Android” which not only automates the process but also reduces the risk of you disabling system apps running in the background such as “Settings”. We have shortlisted some 8 best RAM cleaners apps which is recommended every Android phone user must have to keep their phone’s performance working fine.

Top 8 Best RAM Cleaner Android Apps 2022 (Free)

We are here. These shortlisted Android Apps are well researched and not randomly selected, in fact, it is based on people’s opinions and reviews. So without more explanations, let’s head to the best RAM Cleaner Apps for Android.

#1 Clean Master

Clean Master
Clean Master | iTechviral

This RAM Cleaning App has always been number one because it has great features and this app goes deeper into your phone to make sure all Junk/Cached files are removed from the device to improve performance. Clean Master doesn’t only boost your phone and reduces the high usage of the phone processor, it also comes with the Anti-Virus app, storage cleaner, and app manager. This is why this app has been made a system application or pre-installed on new smartphones. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about security, the application features App Lock, also it comes with a Memory boost without ads, Junk File Cleaning, CPU cooler, game boosters, Autostart Manager which prevents auto-starting of apps that consumes RAM.

#2 DU Battery Saver

DU Battery Saver | Image Credits

Not only does DU Battery Saver improve your battery life, but it is also a RAM cleaner for Android. The application is a handy tool for Android that provides an estimate of battery capacity before it fully discharges, temperature, voltage and also cleans Junk Files consuming battery life which in turn slows down your Android phone. DU battery saver is no more on Google Play Store, but you can still get the direct download of the app since nothing is completely hidden from the internet.

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#3 Auto RAM Cleaner

Auto RAM Cleaner
Auto RAM Cleaner | iTechviral

Using this app, you can temporary memory and SD Card. You will be able to remove junk, clean RAMs and Cache memory. The app also lowers the burden on your phone by cleaning Background Processes when the screen turns on. When your battery life discharges too fast, wait for just a sec to perform an action that speeds up your mobile on startup. The app can be downloaded on Google play, it has over 1 Million active users.

Auto RAM Cleaner
Auto RAM Cleaner
Developer: Mindspark Studio
Price: Free

#4 Speed Booster

Speed Booster
Speed Booster | iTechviral

Speed Booster can instantly optimize the performance of your phone, which includes accelerating web browser speed, cleaning cache and removing junk files, improving the gaming experience, and RAM Booster. Using this app, you can clean junk files, fix device lagging issues and cool down your CPU’s temperature to extend its durability. The app has a simple user interface, making it user-friendly and easy to tap clean cache and junk files to free up your phone’s RAM.

#5 AVG Cleaner

AVG Cleaner
AVG Cleaner | iTechViral

After clean master with 1 Billion Downloads, AVG Cleaner is next with over 50 Million downloads. This app gets you more storage space by cleaning junk files, uninstall apps and boost performance. Also, it helps you clean cache and applications that are slowing down your device (Ram Cleaner & battery life). By using AVG Cleaner, your Android device will be totally free from lagging because you will also get to clean duplicate photos.

AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner
AVG Cleaner – Storage Cleaner

#6 CCleaner

CCleaner | iTechViral

This is a new app, which one of the best RAM cleaner apps which you can have on your Android device. Nevertheless, it is from the makers of the world’s most popular PC and Mac cleaning software – Piriform. CCleaner comes with a new feature that kills background apps and cleans memory with Task Killer. You can also keep track of your RAM and internal storage space while you use the app to ensure you get the most out of your device performance.

CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
CCleaner – Phone Cleaner
Developer: Piriform
Price: Free

#7 All-In-One Toolbox

All-In-One Toolbox
All-In-One Toolbox | iTechViral

I saw this app on YouTube where a channel recommended its viewers to make use of this app. The reason was that it offers less advertising and it is the most trusted RAM cleaning app for Android phones in 2022. So after my review, it turned out to be true, the app is still growing, it has over 10 Million users on Google Play. All-In-One Toolbox emove System/App cache, residual files, obsolete apk, app leftover, temp files, thumb images, and empty folder to free up device space.

#8 APUS Security – Booster

APUS Security - Booster
APUS Booster | iTechViral

APUS Booster is a free security tool with antivirus, junk cleaner, battery saver, App lock for android devices. Since Android devices are multitasking devices, Clean cache and residual files are impossible to ignore because not cleaning these files means you are risking your smartphone hacking and slowing down. APUS helps clean apps running in the background so that your smartphone can run smoothly with the best performance.

APUS Security:Antivirus Master
APUS Security:Antivirus Master

Final Verdict: These were the well-researched best RAM cleaning apps for android 2022. I have been able to share with you guys. Using these apps, your Android phone will never disappoint you when it comes to performance, all your previous junk files disturbing your phone is a thing of the past. There are many other cool apps not mentioned, if you know them, mention them in the comments section below.

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