Test Speed and SD Card Checker apps are very important on every Android phone after you purchase one. The SD card is used to store media files, documents, images, and other important files, losing them is a nightmare for anyone. But with the use of SD Card Health Check Apps for Android, you will be able to know when your memory card’s health is bad and then move all-important software or files out before the storage is damaged and all your media are formatted. This article will help you see the best SD Card checker for Android app in 2020.

SD Card Checker Android Apps

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iTechviral brings you the best SD card test speed and health checker apps for Android phones. We’ve listed just 5 best out of all the apps on Google Play, and you will learn how to check the Card Storage. I hope you enjoy the review.

#1. SD Insight

SD Insight used to be the best app to check SD Card health, so it takes the number one spot of our list. This Android app works for any type of memory card, it helps you know if you purchased a fake SD card which is usually the case these days. So before you use the memory card, the first software you should install is SD Insight apk. It is a very useful SD Card checker app for Android, it reads the external card on your device very fast and displays the real information of the card.

Best SD Card Checker

The app is free to use and does not offer any in-app purchases or advertisements, also the app is able to display the actual manufacturer of the memory card and not the vendor’s brand. So using this, you will not be cheated again in the market, you can have this Android apk installed on your phone and test a memory card with its sectors to know if it is actually a good product. Also if the SD Card Checker is not able to read the memory card, it does not mean it is fake, it simply means the manufacturer cannot be identified yet by the app.

SD Insight
SD Insight
Developer: HumanLogic
Price: Free

The app is old and was last updated few years back, but it still works on most and new memory cards. Sadly the newest version is not able to work on Android 7.0 and over, the Android OS support starts from 2.3 – 6.0. But the older versions of the Apk is able to run on 8.0 and over. The old apk can be seen online, but we’ll be linking to the official app on Playstore.

#2. Fake sdcard checker

The worst that can happen to anyone’s Memory card is to find out the 64GB or 128GB SD Card you purchased is way less than the actual storage. For example, your storage was meant to be 32GB when you purchased it, later you found out you’ve used just 16GB and you were told the storage is almost full. There are many fake SD Card being sold online, even from trusted manufacturers, this is done by vendors who clone the original. So if you want the best SD Card checker app for your Android smartphone, this tool developed by siranet will help you.

Best SD Card Checker

So this app will perform SD Card test speed by checking the writings of the card storage to know if it fake. It will write data on the memory card till there is no more free space left, this can be time-consuming and also your device needs to be able to handle the huge task being performed. When it is through testing the card, it will display the complete capacity of your storage, so you can compare it to the actual purchased SD Card.

Fake sdcard checker
Fake sdcard checker
Developer: siranet
Price: Free

For this app to work great and provide accurate data, you need to perform this test when you newly purchased the Memory card and no data has been stored yet. So if you have a card you want to test, move all media, pictures, files, or documents out and then perform the SD card checker and speed test. The app supports Android 10 also, there is a dark mode feature that works on all Android Q devices.

#3. Fake Device Test

This app is able to test your device to know if it is fake or original, it also offers a Full SD Memory Test feature. This article is about the best SD card checker for Android, so we’ll focus on that feature of this app rather than the Fake device tester.

SD Card Checker Android App

So it is able to know if your memory card is defective, it runs an SD Card test speed and also health check thoroughly. The developer of this Android tool said it is more accurate than other testing apps because they are able to check all aspects of the card’s free memory space even though you have media or files stored on it. They are able to make use of two passes of test data that sets, clears, and verify the real memory of the card and also it’s health.

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Fake Device Test
Fake Device Test
Developer: Appsolutely Unique
Price: Free

What makes this app a good alternative to others is it runs the check more than once, so it is able to get the accurate results, proving they are reliable. The app runs on Android 4.2 and up, the developer said if the app is unable to install successfully on your phone to run the SD Card checker feature, then it means your device has failed the ‘Fake device Test’ and you must return the device.

#4. True SD Card Capacity Pro

This is a pro app, meaning it has to be paid for before you can use it, but don’t worry, you can always find the full version online. So talking about ‘True SD Card Capacity’ app, it helps you test your SD card to confirm if it is from a reliable manufacturer. It makes sure what you paid for is actually what you got after using the memory card. Additionally, it has an SD Card test speed feature that is able to measure the read & write speed of the storage card.

SD Card Checker For Android

How does it know the exact and real capacity of your SD card? It fills the total space with its own data and then returns the occupied storage space, this way you will know the actual storage space of the card. This SD Card checker app is able to check the health of your card, so you are aware of what product you purchased. The scanning could take more than an hour, the speed depends on the write speed of the SD Card.

True SD Card Capacity Test +
True SD Card Capacity Test +

So why did they create a pro and free version? Both users get the same features, but in other to get early access to the new features of their app, you need to be the pro user. But not everyone likes being updated first, so you can always make use of the SD Card checker free version. The app was last updated in March 30, probably when things normalize, they will come with a new update for their Android smartphone users.

#5. SD Card Tester

SD Card Tester, this is another app that is able to check your SD Card to know if it is working properly or not. This is one of the Best SD card checker application that is able to test the speed of the storage memory (External SD Card). It also checks the in-built phone storage to know if your device is lying to you or not.

SD Card Check Speed

Also the history of the scan you’ve made will also be saved on the app, you are able to know the difference overtime of the storage capacity. It shows both the write and read speed of the memory card, with a simple and clear user interface for different file sizes.

SD Card Tester -- Test Speed F
SD Card Tester -- Test Speed F
Developer: samliu720
Price: Free

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The app has some bugs that shows incorrect data, so for the accurate read and write speed, it is recommended your clear the app’s data and cache. It supports Android version 4.4 and up, it might not work well for Android 10 since the last update of the app was 2019, but recent reviews of the app suggest it still works for all Android versions.


That’s the list of the best sd card checker for Android that has helped you know how to check your sd card for it’s authenticity. If you know other better SD Card test speed and health checker apps, then let us know and we’ll check them out. If you want other people to gain awareness and exposure concerning fake memory cards, then share this post with them, it will benefit them and also save lots of money from going to fake products.

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