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9 Best Digital Wellbeing Apps To [Monitor Phone Usage 2021]

Best Digital Wellbeing Apps

Best Digital Wellbeing Apps: Phone Addiction can be very bad, when you make use of your phone to the extent your body starts giving up due to exhaustion, do not let it reach that extent, it has happened to me and it wasn’t good. To prevent phone addiction, you need to monitor your screen and phone usage using the best digital wellbeing apps for Android, these apps come preinstalled in some phones, why in most cases it doesn’t and you need to get a third-party app, here’s the best you should install which are free!

What prompted me to write this article is what I noticed recently, I enabled digital wellbeing app by Google on my phone which sets gaming limit to less than 4 hours, I couldn’t believe myself playing games for more than 9 hours, and also using my phone generally for over 18 hours a day, that’s very much, but with these apps, you can monitor your phone usage, apps will force close and be inaccessible when the timer has been reached, you can even enable focus mode so you do not get distracted easily doing work or learning.

It will be wise to have a monitoring app on your phone, this will ensure your health is in good condition. These apps I’ve reviewed have unique features, number #1 is the main Google Digital Wellbeing App for Android, the reset followed are the best alternatives to the app, those similar apps are helpful on devices the Google’s official version doesn’t support. So what are the best alternatives to Digital wellbeing apps in 2021?

Google Digital Wellbeing Apps (Alternatives in 2021)

#1. Google Digital Wellbeing

Digital Wellbeing Apps

This is the official version that comes pre-installed on Android phones like Infinix and Samsung. This app lets you view how frequently apps are used, how often you unlock your phones, shows notifications, allows you to set a timer for each app, enable and disable Wind Down which is a bedtime mode that changes the screen color to ash and then disables all notifications to you do not get distracted while sleeping. This app doesn’t support many devices, it works best on phones that come pre-installed with it, so below are alternatives to the app.

Digital Wellbeing
Digital Wellbeing
Developer: Google LLC
Price: Free

#2. YourHour

Digital Wellbeing Apps

Another digital wellbeing apps alternative is YourHour, this app supports any Android devices and it is free. It helps you get personalized usage of your phone, shows you recommendations so you can beat your phone addiction ones they detect that, see your past 7 days usage, set a goal for your app usage and phone unlock, sleep timer can also be enabled so you get enough rest, shows apps transition for the day which Google Digital wellbeing hasn’t added yet.

#3. StayFree

Digital Wellbeing Apps

StayFree is dedicated to showing you screen time and excessive use reminders on your phone, this app will help you monitor your app usage and notifications received. Usage limit can also be set for each individual applications, and when you are near the limit, notification reminder is set, finally, when you exceed your favorite app’s usage, the app closes, even when you are in the middle of a game, unlike Google wellbeing app, you can add more minutes or an hour. What I personally like about this app is the inspirational quotes, this encourages you to focus on productivity than entertainment.

StayFree - Screen Time Tracker
StayFree - Screen Time Tracker

#4. Digitox

Digital Wellbeing Apps

Preview(opens in a new tab)

Here’s another beneficial Screen Time and best digital wellbeing apps alternatives to Google’s official app for Android. Digitox has a very good UI, it is one reason people keep using the app, they have advertisement but provides you with help to your phone addiction. If you feel you cannot stay without your device, a certain application, or game, this app will let you limit an application usage, see your daily, weekly, and monthly usage for free. OS 6.0 ad up can benefit from this app and its features, it is updated often.

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#5. Screen Time [AppBuck3t]

Digital Wellbeing Apps Android

Screen Time by AppBuck3t is another best digital wellbeing apps similar to Google digital wellbeing for Android. The app helps you restrain yourself and stay focused on what’s more important, you can easily track and monitor your screen time, there is also a parental control feature that disables some application access for your kids, limit the amount of time spent on an app, beautiful graph of daily, weekly, and monthly usage of applications. With the focus mode feature, apps are blocked and this stops app notifications from social media from distracting you.

#6. Phone usage tracker

Digital Wellbeing Apps

Also called ‘BubbleTimer’, with this, you can know if you are addicted to using your smartphone, it helps you cut down phone usage so you can do other important tasks, you get a warning message if you are overusing your app, while if you are doing great, you will be notified too so you can keep it up. The app has been developing and replying to user reviews, previously most-used apps were called ‘time-wasters’, they updated it pertaining to a user’s comment. What makes this app stand out is the fact it shows you apps usage in realtime.

#7. QualityTime

Digital Wellbeing Apps

This is another best digital wellbeing apps alternative, it is loved by many and has over a million installs, they engage users with their fun and easy-to-navigate “timeline”. It is very user friendly, it shows you the amount of time you spend on apps, notification of previous days usages, real-time report of usage, a feature that lets you create a device usage alert, and you can easily stop using your device with their “Take a Break” feature. So if you need the best quality time, this app will be of great importance.

#8. Usage Time

Best Google Digital Wellbeing Apps

App usage can be monitored so you get to know when you are spending so much time on any application. Usage Time also features limiting features on applications, you can disable access to addictive applications so you can make the most out of your time. It is very useful if you have kids, you can install this app on their phone to monitor their usage and also set a password so they cannot disable it, moreover, If you are interested in Vault Apps, I’ve also reviewed the best. Furthermore, Usage Time has not been updated since 2019, so the developer might have lost interest in the app, but 2021 reviews show it is still being used.

Usage Time - App Usage Manager
Usage Time - App Usage Manager
Developer: Risebrice
Price: Free+

#9. Screen Time [Iridium Dust Limited]

Digital Wellbeing Apps Alternatives

This is another app that shows you a detailed view of your daily phone usage, it is accurate and shows all-time usage since the app was installed. With Screen Time, you can easily see your mobile screen time usage and restrict apps that are overly being used. This app allows you to whitelist system apps like text messages and contacts, these are important apps which helps during emergencies.


These are the best Google Digital Wellbeing apps to prevent over usage of apps, monitor usage, and limit certain applications. It is the best alternatives to Digital wellbeing, if you have other cool apps not mentioned or a new one recently released, let me know and they will be added if they meet the requirements of being reviewed. Always remember we are on Social Platforms, follow us on Telegram here.

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