ARC Welder is a Chrome app that allows you to run Android apps on your PC without the need of installing software or programs like BlueStacks. This tool is better than ADB because you do not need access to your Android device via USB connection to get it running. All you need to do is have the APK on your computer to run Android apps with it. This guide will show you how to make use of ARC Welder For Chrome browser, it is effortless.

Actually, it is a Chrome extension that has been around for quite some time, it doesn’t have a lot of attention and users, this made it to be unknown by a lot of users. For this reason, the developer will end support for the extension starting the next year 2021. This does not mean it will be removed from Chrome Store, rather it means no more updates and bug fixes from the developers. Fortunately, iTechViral has brought this to your attention, now you can run Android apps using ARC Welder Chrome extension.


Installing ARC Welder Chrome Extension on Windows Operating System is very easy, actually, Windows Chrome browser. Users often complain of issues they face while using the extension such as ARC Welder not working, not loading Apk. We’ll discuss the fix for these issues and errors you face while using it on your Chrome browser for Windows 10/8/8.1 smartphones.

ARC Welder For Chrome OS Features

#1. No Limitations

Unlike BlueStacks which doesn’t allow users to copy a text up to 500 words or more, ARC Welder lets users do so. None of the features on the app will be missing, the same way you operate your apps for Android on your phone is the same way it will be on the extension, but only that you won’t be able to use more than one application at a time.

#2. Cross-Platform Support

Does it support other platforms? Yes, it does. ARC Welder For Chrome also supports Windows, Android, Linux, Mac, and Chrome OS. This makes it possible for you to sync your APK to another operating system without having to add the bundle each time you decide to switch from one platform to another. The application is free to use on all these platforms.

ARC Welder Chrome Extension Troubleshoot

ARC Welder Chrome

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#1. ARC Welder For Chrome Not Working

In other to get the best use of the Chrome extension, you need to make sure your PC is at least 8GB of RAM. The minimum could be 6GB, which might still have some errors since 8GB RAM gets a few of those. So make sure you have enough storage on your PC, we recommend clearing open windows on your pc and tap you aren’t using on Chrome, this applies to pinned taps on your Chrome browser.

#2. Previously Added Debug App Removed

ARC Welder for Chrome browser does not allow you to add more than one APK at a time, when you add a new APK, you can make use of it, but when you get another added, it overwrites the previously added application. This means you need this Chrome app if you want to test an application or have a specific application you need. Otherwise, you cannot use more than one APK at a time and so you will need an Android emulator for PC.

#3. No Option For OBB & Data Folders

ARC Welder Chrome app does not support folders for OBB and Data files, so this means Android apps that works with these folders will not be able to run or launch. It is best you use the extension for applications that has only APK and you want to debug if it works correctly or not.

ARC Welder Download

Now, you will need to install ARC Welder For Chrome through the extension store, this will be accessible only through your Windows Chrome browser. It can be gotten for free, works without an internet connection and doesn’t have much demanding system requirements.

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#1. Open your Chrome Browser and follow this link to get ARC Welder Chrome Extension.

#2. Click on “Add To Chrome“. Wait for it to be added completely.

#3. Next, open this link on a new Window: chrome://apps/

#4. You will now see ARC Welder App, tap on it.

#5. Click “Add“, locate the APK you have on your pc and add it.

#6. Now select the added app from chrome://apps/

Henceforth, you can now make use of the Android apps on your Chrome browser for Windows PC/Computer for free without having to use a USB connection.

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