Android Emulators for Windows PC are very helpful when you want to test run or debug an application meant for the Android OS on your computer. So if you’ve been looking for the best Android Emulators for Windows 10/8/7 PC which supports low-end computers, then there are 6 we’ve confirmed to be the best you should run on your PC.

Windows 10 is capable of running most of the latest Emulators for Android compared to older versions such as Windows 7 and 8. So low-end PC with 2GB RAM will have issues running them without lags. So if you have a low-end pc running with 4GB RAM, we’ll list the best Emulators for Android on Windows you can run on your computer.

Regarding the benefits of using Android emulators on Windows, you can play games meant for smartphones on your PC successfully such as Nova 3. Call of duty Mobile game can also be played on such emulators on Windows with gamepad support, but you’ll be matched with players using this add-on like you. Also if you are a developer, we’ve mentioned a well-known Android emulator that lets you debug your apps.

Best Android Emulators For Windows (Low-End)

We listed only 6 best that are recommended especially for low-end PC. If you want to play Android games in the comfort of your computer, then you should check out this list.

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#1. BlueStacks

Android Emulators For Windows

Previously BlueStacks compatibility with low-end PC was poor, but their recent update a few months ago their recent update added new features and support for such Windows PC such as Windows 10/8/7. BlueStacks is the best emulator you can use to run Android apps on your computer because it works just as an Android device, there are no limitations and it works with a real Android OS. Games can be played and controller support for games such as Dream League Soccer has been embedded.

#2. GameLoop

Android Emulators For Windows

As the name implies, you can run only games on this Android emulator for Windows PC except you follow some methods. GameLoop unlike BlueStacks has an official store where you can one-click install any game of your choice. Their featured games include Call of Duty Mobile, the Indian Banned PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, and Arena of Valor, and Mobile Legends. Their recent games category has popular Fortnite, Minecraft, and obviously Among US. This emulator is owned by Tencent Gaming Buddy, so it’s the official emulator for games so you do not get banned.

#3. NoxPlayer

Android Emulators For Windows

Well, this is another cool software to play Android games on your Windows 10, in fact, their recent update is based on Android 7 support just as the #1 on this list. NoxPlayer gives you smooth gameplay just as if you installed a PC game on a high-end computer whereas it’s just an Android game app. The app supports multiple controller support such as a mouse, keyboard, and gamepads. Most of their games supported as anime based as seen on their website featured games such as Perfect World, Lazur Lane, Blade and soul revolution, ArkNights,

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#4. Android Studio

Android Emulators For Windows

Let’s get one thing straight, before you can run an application on Android Studio, you need to be a developer or have the source code of the app or game you wish to run on your Windows PC. Unlike other emulators mentioned so far, Android Studio doesn’t have a store with list of apps for you to run apps, but it does have virtual devices that allows you to debug apps after you’ve downloaded these virtual devices. There are varieties of Android versions available from Android 2 to Android 11 (Sdk 30). So with these options, you are not limited to only Android 7 which is the fixed OS version for most Android emulators on the list.

#5. LDPlayer

Android Emulators For Windows

This is the first emulator to run Android apps on your Windows we can say “Go ahead” for Intel HD Graphics users using 4GB RAM for gaming purposes. LDPlayer has two different versions of their emulator, Android 5 and 7.1.2 and these versions are totally compatible with low-end Windows 10 PC. A feature that will be awesome to you is the multi-instance mode, this runs multiple games are the same time with a sync feature even on a low-end PC. Also, you can increase or decrease the graphics quality as per your needs, scripts can be installed on the emulator as well.

#6. MEmu Play

Android Emulators For Windows

MEmu Play 7 is the latest version of this Android Emulator, it is an upcoming emulator and it is free to use on Windows PC. MEmu Play is well optimized for running on AMD and Intel chipsets processors. Apart from Android Studio, it supports 3 versions of Android which are Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop. The emulator has been available for years now, so far they have over 100 Million users worldwide, so you can get it installed on your Windows PC.

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These 6 best Android Emulators For Windows 10/8 and 7 listed so far will help you run any app or games successfully on your computer for free. Make sure you always update to the latest version as soon as they release a new version so you get the latest optimized version for increased performance especially for gaming. Let us know your questions or thoughts concerning this list, try sharing even if it’s with a friend so they too can learn just as you did.


  1. Neither bluestacks or nox are suitable for low end computers. Bluestacks couldn’t launch on mine and nox failed to install as my laptop doesn’t have enough cores. All these emulators seemed to be geared towards gaming, no other apps!

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