Google Cam App, in short, known as GCam, is the best camera application made for the Pixel smartphones. It works on most Android devices, today we’ll talk about GCam OnePlus 7 Pro Install Tutorial, so you can get the perfect camera quality you need on your OnePlus 7 Pro without much-advanced hardware on your device.

What is GCam?

Google Camera application helps Google Pixel smartphones get better image quality like that of the iPhone devices, it is one of the best on Android devices, it comes with cool filter features and properties. The cool features offered on application HDR+ and Astrophotography, this helps the device get better quality display when capturing or videoing.

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When we talk about GCam OnePlus 7 Pro, the application used on the smartphone is a ported version of the official GCam App seen on Google Play, this modded version brings the Pixel camera features to other Android smartphones, making it very possible for this exclusive Pixel camera app to be used on other devices. There are different kinds of GCam available online, such as some made specifically for a smartphone, and some made for varieties of devices, but ours today is for GCam OnePlus 7 Pro.

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Actually, we could have made use of UltraCVM Mod, but it wasn’t made for just the OnePlus 7 Pro smartphone and that’s why some using this device still faces issues while running the app, so we are going to use GCam 6.1 Port Apk to get this up and running. So get your device ready and follow the guide below to install Google Camera App on your device for better beautiful images and videos.

GCam OnePlus 7 Pro Install Guide

GCam OnePlus 7 Pro

Here’s how to download and install GCam on OnePlus 7 Pro Android device easily to improve your camera quality as seen on the Pixels smartphones. We’ve made the steps very easy to understand, simply follow them as seen below and you should not face any problem while getting it set up on your OnePlus 7 Pro Android phone.

#1. Install GCam

Okay, you need to download the unofficial Google Camera (GCam) port on your OnePlus 7 Pro device. The port is needed and not the one on Google Play meant for Pixel phones because this was made to install on non-Pixels smartphones. So below is the complete guide;

  • Download the app from here, the website.
  • Install the APK on your device after download it.
  • Enable “Install Unknown Apps” when prompted.
  • That’s it, it’s installed.

#2. Get the Config File

The GCam ports work just fine on some Android devices, but to prevent camera issues on your GCam OnePlus 7 Pro device, then we need to make use of the configuration file available. What this file does is that it makes it very possible for the GCam app to identify device cameras and then enable them to work as intended, though this isn’t sometimes the case. But this increases the chance of your app working perfectly, also the community behind this Google Camera ported app keeps bring new updates to keep the app stable and support more devices like the OnePlus 7 Pro. Below contains the download link for the configuration file of the GCam App.

#3. Setup the Config File

GCam OnePlus 7 Pro configuration file will need to be setup, so after you’ve downloaded it from the above link, you need to move the file to the correct path on your phone’s internal storage. Here’ what you should do next;

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  • Head to the download path on your OnePlus 7 Pro device of the XML File.

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  • Move the file to this folder you should create called; “GCam”.
  • It should be on this part for clarification purposes:
    Internal storage > GCam > Configs > OP7_Arnova_Beta_Fizwiz_2.0.xml
  • So you are done moving it to the right location and it can now be read by the GCam app.
  • Launch the app and tap any side of the screen on the app to show the config settings.
  • So choose the OnePlus 7 Pro option and press ‘Restore’ to use the GCam App.

#4. Enjoy GCam on OnePlus 7 Pro

GCam OnePlus 7 Pro can now be launched, you have successfully set up everything needed for the app to run on your Android device. This app does not require root access, it is very unlikely it can cause damage to your device, but it is worth knowing GCam still gets frequent updates as there are bugs on it. At this point, you can begin testing the app if it works well, features like the Night Sight that doesn’t require any flashlight needed. So enjoy this on your device.

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GCam OnePlus 7 Pro Vs Stock Camera Comparison Pictures

This images are old, over a year since it was released but it goes to show you the comparison of the GCam and Stock Camera.

GCam OnePlus 7 Pro Vs Stock
Img Credits: Technology Jock YT
GCam OnePlus 7 Pro Vs Stock
Img Credits: Technology Jock YT
GCam OnePlus 7 Pro Vs Stock
Img Credits: Technology Jock YT


So this is how to install GCam OnePlus 7 Pro and get it running easily without having to root your device or face any issues. If you have any questions, leave a comment below and we’ll be happy to leave feedback. You can always follow us on Facebook here, it’s a growing community of fans, and I know you will want to be part of that!

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