The IP addresses or 1192.1168.1.1 are used for verities of reasons. It can be used to log in to the router, get private access to security information in it, and even change your username and password. Here we have covered all about How you can Change Your WiFi SSID, Username, And Password including all you should know about router IP Address 2023.

When using Routers, you probably should have come across the IP Address This is the default Login IP address, the new device comes with this, while used ones might have been changed by the previous user. But you can reset it through the router reset button located beneath.

The or (Host Addresses) require you Login to the router to use them on the browser. When this is typed correctly and you can be connected to the Wi-Fi, you get a Login screen page that lets you input your username and password. Log in to see all the details about your router, to know the IP address, username, and password, simply turn over the device and you will see it.

This simple tutorial can be so helpful in keeping your Router safe from Hackers or even Script Kiddies who know little. When you leave your Router Username and Password default, it makes it easier for hackers (Middle person) to trap you in the network, get to know your Wi-Fi information, your personal and confidential details, and worst of all, infect all connected devices currently using the Router.

People do not even need to physically get a hold of your Router by turning it over to see details such as IP Address, they can simply Google its provider details which includes the default details, then they connect to it and do all sorts of things which you obviously know violate your privacy. Do you know 68% of routers still use their default username and password? But do not worry, after this tutorial, you will be among the remaining 32% who know how to change their details.

What is

If you want to know what this IP Address means, you should also know what your Router is doing. A Router is a device that routes all the packets in your network and also acts as a wireless access point from which you can utilize Internet connectivity wirelessly. It is mostly portable and fast in terms of internet speed, most go over 10MB/S or Less. Changing your Router, gets inaccessible from your home or office, thereby making it difficult for any sniffer to gain access to it and use the allocated data without your permission.

I do not know why this might want to be done, but if you want to restore the newly created secured settings, you can press the reset button. So now, you need to get the ISP information to be able to get the internet connection functioning as expected. All necessary data for your internet setup will be given by your ISP. Using the Wizard tool setup is even easier and quicker than manually setting up the internet connection, so choose which suits you.

It interests you to know different routers brand means different settings. So you need to learn how to change the default SSID network name because this is used to identify the network connection, changing it to a unique family name as the SSID network name makes it hard for people to identify your Wi-Fi connection not until you disclose it, so it remains safe and secure. If you feel uncomfortable using a family name, personal name, or making it public, you can simply hide the SSID network name. Such details can be located through the router manual, which requires you to log in to IP if you want to change or hide it from the public.

Login with the default username and password, you should try these since they are the default for routers generally:

  • Username: admin
  • Password: admin


Username: admin
Password: password


Username: User
Password: password

How To Secure Your Router? 2023

It is worth knowing that making use of a hard password for WPA2 and PSK encrypted security will guarantee you total security on your Wi-Fi, with a combination of letters, symbols, numbers, or even a mixture of uppercase and lowercase letters. The minimum characters you should focus on should not be less than 11 digits, also avoid using simple passwords which are sequential such as 12345 or qwerty. In addition, to secure your router, avoid turning on WPS, this allows anyone to connect without knowing your password, but some routers like Hauwei have WPS PIN for protection. TIP: Making use of LAN/WAN on your PC is more secure than you can imagine.

How To Secure Your Router?
How To Secure Your Router?

Mac Address filtering is also important, this helps you choose which devices are free to connect to your router, simply block devices through their MAC ID when they are connected or if you already know their MAC Address. This method might not be too secure since it can be bypassed on Android devices through the MAC Address changer for rooted ones. But a combination of these basic security preferences will surely help in continuously protecting your Wi-Fi Router.

How to Find Router IP Address might not work for all Router brands or old Routers whose IP Address has been changed as said earlier, so if your Router details such as username and password, SSID network name, or IP Address have been forgotten and you could not find the manual or these details under the router, Here are some default Router IP addresses, or Now I have listed below some more Router IP addresses, Default Usernames, and passwords, but this time, for popular brands.

TP-Link (
D-link (
Netgear (
Asus (
Swift 4G LTE
Billion (
Cisco (

Refer to your router manual to get the default username and WIFI KEY if yours wasn’t mentioned here or you can simply Google it to see the details. But always remember that if you have lost your password after changing the default ones, you can easily hold and press the reset little button for ten seconds and your router will be reset back t its default settings.

Change Your WiFi SSID Name And Password

You can log in to your Router after typing the IP Address (based on the listed ones) on the browser (Chrome recommended) and then typing in your router admin username and password. Now head to the Control panel, Advanced settings which can be located on the left-hand side (depending on Brand), now select change password, you will be asked to enter your old password, after which you can add your new password and save it. Now the Router will restart and all previously connected devices will lose access to it and will require their type in the new one to log in again.

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How To TP-LINK ROUTER, log in & IP

Step 1: Connect your device to the Wi-Fi so that when you access it will load the page.

Step 2: Type on any web browser and enter it.

Step 3: Enter your username and password to log in.

Step 4: Head to Admin Wireless Settings to see information such as how many MB remains, data expiry date, and connected devices.

How To Change Wi-Fi SSID and Password

Step 1: Open a web browser.

Step 2: Type in the address bar, then press Enter on your keyboard.

Step 3: On Swift Networks, click Self Service > User Login. Enter the username and password. Both defaults are “User”.

Step 4: Click ok

Step 5: Click Account Management > Change Password from the Top Menu. login page login page

Step 6: You will be asked to enter your old password, after typing it, enter your new password twice.

Step 7: Click ‘change password and now you can log in with the new password.

Final Words

This is all you need to know about the 1192.1168.1.1 / login page, username, password, and settings 2023. If you are still facing issues while accessing the admin Login page, then comment below.

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