Exodus no Stream Available on Kodi has a solution and today, you’ll get the full fix of Exodus no Stream Available in 2022. Exodus is an add-on on Kodi media player which can be installed on any Android supported device, Windows PC, and online services like Firestick TV, Raspberry Pi, and many more.

This streaming application makes it easy for you to watch entertainment videos, TV Shows, movies, sports channels, music, drama and so much more. Sometimes it gets difficult to Stream on Kodi using Exodus Plugin due to add-on issues, connectivity problems, or restrictions from your internet service providers. If you’ve encountered “Exodus no Stream Available” this 2020, I will teach you how to fix it, and also you will learn just some common causes of Exodus No Stream available error in Kodi 2022.

5 Causes of Exodus No Streams Available

Before we head to the Fix of Exodus Error, knowing the causes of the add-on issue will be beneficial so that you can know how to avoid it. It’s still surprising since 2018 people still ask for the fix of Exodus and one reason probably could be that they are yet to know the causes of Exodus No Streams Available. So below contains is the causes of Exodus No Stream Error 2022.

1. OutDated Add-on

If you are still using an old or let’s call it an abandoned Add-on, this is one main cause of Kodi not showing streams and giving you the error about Exodus no stream available. This plugin gets updated and there are new ones available, for example, the first Add-on version was called Genesis and then it got updated to Exodus which you have an issue with and now it’s finally in Covenant.

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It is advisable you get the latest add-on which provides more functionality and fixes some known bugs that prevent you from viewing your favorite Tv shows and movies. Also, check for updates and if you still prefer using the older add-on, below contains more causes of Exodus No Stream Available

2. Slow Internet Connection

With a slow internet connection, it will be difficult for Exodus Add-on to upload and download videos from their server. This causes Kodi streaming service to try it’s best to show the video you requested, if it can’t even display it in low quality, it will show the error message “Exodus No Stream Available” on Kodi.

Kodi requires you have a strong 4G Network connection of at least 10MB per second to stream the highest of quality videos online. Not everyone lives in a location where such speed can be accomplished, but a good network is required to stream Kodi and prevent “No Stream Available” error.

3. ISP Restrictions

You might never know where the issue comes from after trying to fix such causes of Exodus no stream available without results. Your Internet Service Provider might have restricted you from accessing services from other countries such as the service Kodi provides like streaming foreign movies and TV shows.

The best way to bypass this restriction is to use a very strong VPN service which prevents your Geo-Location from being detected, thereby you make your ISP believe you are from the specified country set by your VPN.

4. TroubleShooting

From time to time it is advisable to troubleshoot Kodi after installing new add-ons because the application gets new issues like add-on clashing. This can result in “Exodus No Stream Available” and other playback issues when watching live events and movies/TV shows.

So to Troubleshoot, you need to check the app’s health status and go through all files by scanning them and see if there are conflicting files. If the Kodi app has an issue, another add-on will also misbehave and cause Exodus add-on to malfunction.

5. Different Video Source

The Kodi add-ons are responsible for streaming movies or Live matches and they make use of several channels to provide your sources for viewing their content. There are many sources to view content depending on which add-on you are using so if you encounter Exodus No Stream Available error on one source, try other sources.

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This is the most common reason, make sure you check other sources to know if it’s the add-on or the source you are viewing content from. These are some causes of Exodus No stream available, so below are the solution to permanently fix these issues if the problem persists after trying your best to resolve it.

How to Fix Exodus No Stream Available 2022 Error

Fix Exodus no Stream Available in Kodi
Fix Exodus no Stream Available in Kodi

Exodus No Stream Error becomes a major problem because this plugin is one of the best in streaming TV Shows, live matches and cartoons. This plugin was developed by Cold Fire and it’s popularly used by fans around the world despite its frequent error issue. The plugin supports many platforms like Windows 7-10 and other windows Mac versions as well, old versions of Computers are capable of running Exodus.

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Method 1: Clear Cache on Kodi’s Plugin

  • Launch Kodi.
  • Open the Exodus add-on Plugin.
  • Go to the “Tools” menu where you can clear providers and cache.
  • Now, Scroll down you’ll see an option called “Exodus: Clear Providers”.
  • Tap it and accept it to Clear Cache.

Hopefully, this will fix Exodus no stream available on Kodi, if this does not fix the error, then you’ll need to try the second method below.

Method 2: Set Providers Timeout Modification

  • Open Exodus Kodi add-on Plugin.
  • Now, Select “Tools” from the available menus.
  • You’ll see “Settings: General” which is literally the first option.
  • Click the option – a popup will appear.
  • Select “General” from the popup menu.
  • Change the pre-defined “Provider timeout” to 25-30.


The solution for this error message “Exodus no Stream available” fix has been shared successfully and this will be of great help to you. It becomes easier to stream your favorite TV shows, movies, and other entertaining movies without getting an error message from an add-on.

Always remember the common causes because they can be of good aid when you don’t really know the cause of Kodi malfunctioning. If the problem persists after following this post tutorial, use the comment box to ask questions and I’ll be glad to provide more help.


  1. Hi
    I’ve done all of those fixes including reinstalling kodi Lela and installing a vpn. Still am getting no streams available.

  2. I have been running Kodi every day up until June 8, 2012. I got “no streams available” on every TV show that I had been watching before. I used 18.8. Last evening, June 11, I looked to see if movies would play, and one did.
    Today, I installed Kodi 19.1 to see if it would improve my TV watching, and of course, now Kodi will not open. Windows lists it as installed.

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