In Short Viral Hacks: Checksum Error WinRar Fix is what you are looking for, and do not worry again, I have shared two working methods to fix WinRar checksum error or file corruption. I faced this error message while extracting PES 2021 Pc game (30GB) and I was forced to create an article on how I fixed WinRar File is corrupt which leads to a checksum error.

The error we are fixing isn’t related to a system failure which gives “cmos checksum error”, rather, this error we are focusing on occurs on WinRar extracting software when a file is either corrupt from the download or by an antivirus. Checksum error Winrar can be very frustrating especially when you downloaded a file or Video which consumes so much MB or GB to download successfully.

When it is extracted, you will be notified of such an error and asked if you want to continue the extraction operation, obviously, you will want to click “YES” so it can ignore the corrupted part rather than aborting the file. The down part of this is that although bypassed when completed in extracting, the ZIP or RAR file is nowhere to be found. So all decompressing is now in vain and you’ll need to start over again, which is quite unfortunate.

Now there are so many reasons which cause you fully download and successful file or media show WinRAR checksum error or file is corrupt, so if you are able to avoid these issues, then you can be sure your downloaded file has no error while extracting or decompressing. So without wasting so much time, let’s head to the things you must avoid.

How To Prevent Checksum Error WinRar (File is Corrupt)

The below Rar File fix of checksum error is based on my experience, so you should try them out because I’ve faced this error and had to research how to fix it, thankfully, it worked.

  1. Disable Windows Defender:
    Before extracting any file which is large, disable your Windows defender security because of most times windows defender blocks and corrupts files, thereby making you experience checksum error while extracting the game. To disable, head to windows 10 settings > security > disable windows defender.
  2. Suspend Antivirus (Avast/Avira):
    Such an antivirus app also prevents 100% extraction of zipping or Rar files especially if it is a cracked file, so make sure you suspend their service, even if it is till next restart, 1 hour is recommended for files which download under 40 minutes.
  3. Clear enough space on your Hard drive:
    When you have low storage space remaining on your windows, checksum error can occur because there is no more space for the Zip file to be extracted, resulting in a corrupted file which forced closed by Windows.

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These are notable methods worth taking note of since they are the prey in “checksum error”, file corrupt issue. Now let us head to the fix of this file, very easy, a video might be made soon to show you how this is fixable, so just relax and read on.

How To Fix Checksum Error WinRar While Unzipping

I am sharing four working methods to fix this error, they work, in most cases, method one is the best as it bypasses the error, but try them all for a higher chance of the file being fixed.

Method 1: Tick “Keep Broken Files”

This option is available on the WinRar application you used in extracting your corrupted media, when you tick this, WinRar ignores any corrupted part of the file instead of aborting the process. Now this means if the corrupted part isn’t an important part of the file or whatever you are downloading, it will work fine with no errors, videos specifically work when this method is used than game files. To locate and tick this option, do the following

  • Right click on the Zip/Rar compressed file
  • Choose “Extract Files” from the options
  • Tick “Keep Broken Files” located under Miscellaneous tab
  • Click Ok after choosing where it should be extracted to
  • The file will be extracted but will still display the same “checksum error”
  • Ignore that and located the folder where you set it to, you will see it was successfully unzipped.

This method worked for me perfectly and I suggest you try it, remember games might not operate properly since every file makes a difference, but you can give it a try.

Method 2: Repair Archive Via WinRar

WinRar has this inbuilt option that lets them try and see if they can fix repair the file. The method is automatic once clicked, and no internet connection is needed. Files can be in a location where it is not meant to be and if WinRar detects this, they can repair it by putting it where it is meant to be, this is how their repair works.

  • Extract the File
  • When the “Checksum Error Winrar” “File is corrupt” displays, double click the corrupted part
  • Click on Tools on WinRar Menu when opened
  • Choose “Repair Archive” and Click Ok.
  • Wait till you see “Done” before proceeding in opening your file
  • Delete the previous corrupted file and then extract the new one repaired by WinRAR

Method 3: Disable Anti-Virus

Antivirus sends false positive alerts about malware-free softwares, therefore, they corrupt the files by deleting or adding them to their virus chest which means those files will be missing and returns file corrupt error message. So make sure you disable Antivirus programs such as Windows Defender, Avira or Avast, e.t.c before extracting. I will only show you the step to disable Windows Defender since this is a very strong service.

  • Open Windows 10 Settings
  • Go to “Update and Security”
  • Tap “Windows Security”
  • Next “Virus & Threat Protection”
  • Click “Windows Defender Antivirus Options
  • Disable “Periodic Scanning”

Method 4: Re-download File

This is the last step to take if all procedures refused to work for you. Sometimes the problem might be from the site you downloaded the file from, it might have been corrupted from the source rather than your laptop or PC causing the problem.

I’ve seen a case someone was downloading a file worth 40GB and it was corrupted, the person informed the admin of the place he got it from and he/she was informed it is from their end, that he downloaded the file the wrong time when they were having server upgrades on their downloads. So this might be your own case as well. So what is recommended?

Download the file again from the beginning, also remember to disable any firewall settings on your computer or any antivirus web protection service for a successful download.

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Checksum Error WinRar can be very frustrating, especially when what you download consumed time and didn’t work. Thoughts like let you try Windows System decompression of file will still be corrupted after the slow unzipping if you are using HDD (Hard Disk Drive) instead of SSD (Solid State Drive). Prevent Checksum error from affecting your downloaded Zip or Rar files, that’s the best solution than fixing it.

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