If your Windows 10 Battery Icon keeps disappearing, then you are not alone, this is a problem that occurred on Windows 7 and still affects the Windows 10 users as well. Windows has so many features and it still the most used operating system in the world, but having such problems makes tasks not easier but hard. So if previously your Battery Icon displayed and then suddenly it’s grayed out or totally not showing on the taskbar, then we’ll review some methods to fix that, this post is based on my experience and discovered fix method.

The Task Bar is located beneath your Windows 10 screen, it contains all your pinned icons and default icons like the settings, cortana, Microsoft store, Task View, Sound and other useful icons. So the Windows battery icon that is also located there which is meant to be fixed like others disappears sometimes. This makes it hard to know your current battery percentage, it could be dangerous because you could overuse your laptop battery life and without knowing the percent, it could totally discharge before your eyes.

So why does the Windows 10 battery icon keep being missing from the taskbar? There is always one reason for this incident, Windows explorer failed to launch completely. When this happens, some icons can be missing from the taskbar and not only the battery icon. So this is not always a problem, let’s see how to show the missing icon on Windows 10 taskbar.

Windows 10: Fix Missing Power Battery Icon Now Showing

The Task Manager will be useful in fixing the missing power icon on your Windows 10. The task bar contains all running system and installed apps on your computer. There you can stop a process, restart or access more options about them.

#1. Open ‘Task Manager’ through the task bar, right-click and choose the option.

Missing Battery Icon on Windows 10

2. Option menu containing the processes, performance, App history, Startup, users, details and services will be displayed.

Missing Battery Icon on Windows 10

3. Next choose the ‘Processes’ menu and you’ll see alot of system apps and installed apps.

Missing Battery Icon on Windows 10

4. Now scroll down a bit and select Windows Explorer.

Missing Battery Icon on Windows 10

5. Right-click it and choose ‘Restart’.
– Don’t End Task or your PC will become unresponsive.

6. Now the Windows 10 PC or Laptop Taskbar will restart.

This method is able to fix other issues that occur on your PC like some other icons missing. So following the method above, you have seen how to fix missing battery icons on Windows 10 computers. This short tutorial contains the best method, you do not need to install any third-party app like battery bar.

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