Ok, seems like my recent articles are now focused on fixing GTA V Stuttering? Yes, obviously. Grand Theft Auto V is the best open-world game there is, it has clear graphics, easy gameplay, pure HD, an interesting storyline and features some real-life city. GTA V game has been programmed to work on only high-end gaming laptops & PC, for this reason, gaming on low-end gaming computers is a tough decision, you may experience Stutter, total lag, or “Not responding”. So I have written this article which helps to fix these issues without the use of any software or registry modification.

Before we head to the GTA V lag fix windows 10 steps, I want you to know the best specifications to have on a low-end gaming pc that can play GTA V is 2×4 Ram (#Double Channel), SSD, Windows 8.1 (10 comes with unnecessary processes), 4 Cores (2 not able to handle the game), Nvidia or AMD (Intel HD Graphics Suc*s). Having this, you can play GTA V even without tweaking anything on your computer, this is based on my experience and research, so if you want to get a laptop, make sure it meets this requirement, consider downgrading from Windows 10 to 8 or 8.1, after all, we are doing whatever it takes.

Rockstar Games always works well on not so-called low-end gaming computers such as GTA IV, the rest has poor graphics and should work on a laptop with no graphics card. Since GTA IV was able to work smoothly on Windows 7 laptop, 4 GB of Ram, and other fewer specifications, this comes from the same developers, I’ve seen cases when GTA 5 worked on a 4GB RAM PC with no lag or altered graphics, so this means it should work on many laptops.

Now before you try some of the methods I mentioned below, this fixes everything, go and update your graphics card, if it is intel HD graphics, update it, if it is Nvidia, do the same, this helps fix bugs on previous versions not letting you play new games on your pc with better performance. You might want to consider updating your BIOS, check if there are updates, and update it, this also helps as well. But an issue I’ve noticed is if your computer uses a single-channel slot for RAM, GTA V must Stutter, it will not be smooth, no matter what modification is made, graphics reduction, or tweaking.

Meanwhile, after some research and trying to fix GTA V lag, I found out this method here worked better compared to other methods, what works for me might not work for you, for example, method one in this article works for 90% of people who commented on the video, but it didn’t work for me, it only extended the lag time from Stuttering after 10 minutes of gameplay to 13 minutes, that’s all it did for me, others said they were able to play 5-7 hours without GTA V Stutter, that’s great for them, but not me you know. So I want to help everyone with every working method I came across via researching the fix on forums, Youtube, and articles. So without saying too much, here we go!!!

GTA V Stuttering (Lag Fix) Resolved

Method 1: Use High Performance

GTA V Shutter

Using “High Performance” is an underrated fix that actually works, it improves the gameplay, reduces lag, and allows more game time without Stutter or lag. Now, how does enabling “High Performance” from your Windows Battery settings help? I’ll like you to compare all the settings you can see from “Low/Power Saver”, “Balanced” and “High” in battery Power Options > “Change Plan Settings” > “Change Advanced Power Settings“, noticed any differences now?

Ok, I’ll give you some time…
Did you notice the “Processor Power Management” settings in different on all power plans? When you choose Power Saver, the turn of hard disk settings is lower compared to balance or high performance. But there is a reason why high performance works for games like GTA 5, when changed to high performance, the minimum processor state changes from 5% to 100%, while the maximum also changes from 90% to 100%.

GTA V Stutter
GTA V Stutter Fixed

What does this mean? Now the minimum is no longer 5%, your processor will be forced to cap the processor usage around 99 or 100%, rather than less than that. All cores will be used to the full, but this will make your laptop or desktop/Pc heat up fast, but improves gaming performance and GTA 5 Stutter, this is great news, isn’t it?

Method 2: UnPack CPU Core to Fix GTA 5 Stuttering

We’ve somehow explained how this works in a single article, you can read about CPU Core packing and unpacking for windows. This method works very well if method one doesn’t. By default, when ‘High Performance’ is enabled on Windows 10, all cores are unpacked, but windows 7 isn’t the case, you might need to do it manually using some Park Control Utility. To unpack all cores so it can be used in boosting your gaming performance here is a manual method to use which is the best GTA V lag fix Windows 10 tip, this was shared in May 2019, so it’s recent and still works.

  • Download CPU Core Unpark Manager here.
  • Run the Program as Admin – CPU Core Unpark45.
  • Change the percentage to 100% and Save.
  • Restart your PC.

This will make sure all CPUs are unpacked and GTA V can be played without lag, you want to make sure this really unpacked all your cores, so do this:

  1. Search for “Regedit” on your computer.
  2. Click CTRL + F.
  3. Type: 0cc5b647-c1df-4637-891a-dec35c318583 as key.
  4. Double Tap ValueMin and ValueMax, it should be 0, change it if it’s not.

Method 3: Reduce Game Graphics & Advanced Graphics

This is the final step I will be considering, my focus is on what worked for many, rather than a few like 10%, there are many procedures out there, but the only 3 mentioned here must improve your gaming performance.

These settings are in the GTA V, hopefully, it will fix GTA 5 Stutter if you are currently using high quality, but if you aren’t, this process isn’t worth it.

Change all settings to low, both the scaling, graphics, turn off VSync, just everything should be low or normal, depending on the lowest settings for each option. You need to make sure you are using the lowest GPU usage for Grand Theft Auto V because the more usage, the more GPU that will be used. Screen resolution doesn’t really have any impact, even if you choose a windowed mode or full screen, it just wouldn’t have any difference, at least for me, but give it a try, worked for a few, being honest here.

But if after all these tutorials your GTA V stutter continues, which is unlikely, then you should use a game booster software. My PC isn’t really a gaming PC, here are my specifications, able to play games like Walking Dead Definite Series and Mafia II with no lag.

My PC Specs

  • OS: Windows 10 Pro 64-bit
  • Processor: i3-7020U CPU @ 2.30GHz (4 CPUs)
  • DirectX Version: DirectX 12
  • Memory: 8192MB RAM
  • HDD: 1 TB
  • Graphics Card: Intel(R) HD Graphics 620
  • #Channel: Single Slot
  • Cores: 2
  • Display Memory: 4179 MB
  • Dedicated Memory: 128 MB

Final Words

So comment about this article, let me know, did your work? Could get me jealous though since not many are fortunate to get their GTA V Stuttering Fixed, let me also know your specifications, I will let you know which method is best for your laptop or Pc. Thanks for reading and I know this will be beneficial, share and let me know if it worked for others too.

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