Wow, it is about time! PS5 is finally here to stay and purchases are being made on online stores already. By now, you will be looking for PS5 best free games to play on your PlayStation 5 console, there are numerous, but we have made sure the best the world has been waiting for such as Fornite and Rocket League. This console is very powerful and it has a lightning-fast SSD that loads games very fast even if you keep the console in sleep mode.

Regardless of the cost of the PS5 game, we all want to play some important games on this latest Sony console, the experience is worth it. So even if you are a fan of action genre games or even racing, you will surely enjoy the PS5 game with the regular updates of games which makes it almost impossible for you to get bored. Won’t you want to experience open-world games like the upcoming watch dogs legion game?

So as there are many PS5 games free to play, picking the best games for purchase can make you have a hard time selecting the best which can lead to the feeling you have wasted your hard-earned money, so we have saved you that stress by making sure the most important are listed.

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PS5 Best Free Games

10 Best Games to Play on PS5

So here is the list of the PS5 best free games that are free to play and have been anticipated for quite a long time. As you know, PS5 unlocks frame rates and improves the graphics or remasters of the game for a better experience, so some PS4 games already known are expected to be mentioned. Note: The rankings are based on published critic and gamer reviews.

#1. Marvel Spider-Man Miles Morales
PS5 Free Games

Miles Morales finally gets his own stand-alone movie where the story features him as the main character. So as you are looking for PS5 free games, keep Mile Morales Spiderman in mind because it is really going to blow your minds. The game seems like an extension of the main Spiderman and so it is more focused on the story rather than open-world exploration.

#2. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold Wars

PS5 Best Free Games

Here is the continuation of the popular Call of Duty Black Ops franchise that aims at the recent actions and government conspiracies’. The game has cool multiplayer modes and it is fast-paced as it should be expected from COD, it also has PvE Zombies mode and the most important which is the campaign mode where you get to team up with Ronald Reagan. The Cold War performance is so good that is a gimmick on its adaptive DualSense controller, making the game feel so real.

#3. Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition

PS5 Best Free Games

This game is the best edition of CAPCOM’s award-winning action game, it includes all the major downloadable content, and Vergil finally being a playable character with his own campaign. There are changes on this edition compared to the original which you might not notice, so what changed is the Ray Tracing that now gives you the experience of the RE engine optimized for the PlayStation 5 gamers. One of the PS5 best free games to have in 2022.

#4. Mortal Combat 11: Ultimate

PS5 Best Free Games

This is the definitive edition of the Mortal Combat game from NetherRealm, it includes all 37 popular characters coming from the DLC and the base game. In addition, it includes an extension of the story mode that touches more on the other characters. It is one of the best PS5 Free Games to play in April 2022 you play with friends, this fighting game is built around the foundation of MK’s signature visceral combat.

#5. Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

PS5 Best Free Games

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla is one of the best latest PS5 Free Games to have in your collection of PlayStation 5 games. It is the latest title of the game and it can be played on next-generation consoles. Valhalla has been considered as one of the best open-world games for PS5 everyone has been anticipating, you can explore so much in this game. Just like Origins and Odyssey, it has an RPG system that makes gameplay more interesting.

#6. Sackboy A Big Adventure
PS5 Free Games

If you love PS4 Free Games based on adventuring, then you need to consider purchasing Sackboy for your PS5 Bundle. Sackboy finally gets a big change in its platforming, now it features 3D platforming instead of the regular 2.5D perspectives. This is Sony’s version of Super Mario 3D, so kids will love playing this game more than adults. It is a free-to-play game, there are no microtransactions and the story is quite interesting.

#7. NBA 2K21 Next Generation
PS5 Free Games

NBA 2K21 Next Generation applies the PS5 Solid State Drive which takes the basketball game to the best not experienced in its previous releases. The game now has minimum loading times, a smooth framerate, and better graphics. Now there is an improved career mode that keeps playing grinding with its incentive, this brings more replay value to its already packed modes. The game has a decent play score, making it worth the top PS5 best free games.

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#8. WRC 9 FIA World Rally Championship

PS5 Best Free Games

This game is best experienced on the PlayStation 5 bundle, while playing the game you will notice there are many surprises, and hundreds of official real-world licenses, beautiful locales, great graphics which make the game so much fun to play. So here is the latest rally racing game you will enjoy for free, it is a free-to-play PS4 game you should consider getting for your console. Over 14 locations to explore, this is as cool as other WRC titles released so far.

#9. Watch Dogs Legion

PS5 Best Free Games

Here comes the technology-based game – Watch Dogs Legions is an open-world game that is best played casually, it is also an adventure game with good player physics as experienced on Watch Dogs 1 & 2. The game now has more cars, the story mode is interesting and there are new hacks in the game that makes it so realistic. London is detailed and interesting to explore and it is very accurate to the real world city in the UK.

#10. Dirt 5

PS5 Best Free Games

Dirt 5 is another car racing game you need to purchase for your PS4 console, it is easily one of the best PS5 Free Games 2022. The game is so realistic and it has different cars to choose from, you have to make sure you strategize so you are among the best racers. The game is challenging, there are obstacles and barriers that can affect your position in the race. The game’s weather, mud, water, and snow are very realistic that you might be inclined to play the free play mode rather than the campaign.

Well, these are the PS5 best free games that are free to play, PlayStation 5 games are so cool and so you shouldn’t miss any. If you enjoyed reading this article, share the article with friends and we hope you leave feedback of your personal game you believe is the best.

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