Windows Update download error 0x8024a206 code usually occurs on Windows Definition updates and Cumulative updates. Though in some cases, it could be your network Wi-Fi adaptor misbehaving.

Whatever the case is, this article will guide you on how to fix Windows update download error 0x8024a206 on your computer. Up to 5 methods have been provided that works!

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Fix Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206

#1. Modify Wuauserv Windows Update Services

This is the first step that should come to mind when facing Windows update error 0x8024a206 during the trial to update your PC. Wuauserv is a Windows update service that is responsible for your computer to receive, downloading, and installing an update for your Operating system from Microsoft. If the startup type is set to ‘disabled’, or manual, then you have to change it to automatic. Here’s how to do that:

  • Search for ‘Services‘ on your Windows Computer.
  • Under Services (Local), scroll down to ‘Windows Update’.
  • Right-click on it, choose ‘Properties’, and under General, change the startup type to ‘Automatic’.
Fix Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206 1
Fix Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206
  • Click ‘Apply’, then ‘Ok’ to save the changes.

Now, this has been done, retry your Windows Update to see if the Download Error 0x8024a206 has been fixed. If it hasn’t, read further below.

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#2. Run the Windows Update Troubleshooter

Another easy and non-technical method you can use to fix the failed to install 0x80070643 on your computer is to utilize the Windows Update troubleshooter found in system settings. Here’s how:

  • Price the Windows + I button on your keyboard to quickly navigate to Windows Settings.
  • Next, Navigate to System > Troubleshoot > Other troubleshooters.
  • Tap on Run under the Windows Update option. The process will then begin
Fix Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206
  • If errors and solutions are available, you will be shown an option to Apply the fix.

If Windows is unable to detect or detect and cannot fix the problem, then this means it is time for advanced solutions. Read further.

#3. Use the System File Checker tool

Windows have a system file checker tool that scans your PC, detects errors, and downloads them online to replace missing or corrupted system files. The two tools mainly used under the System file checker tool that can fix Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206 are SFC and DISM. Below contains the steps to use them, don’t worry, they are official from Microsoft.

  • Open your system command prompt with Windows + R, type CMD and tap Ok.
Fix Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206
  • Next, type the following command, and make sure your internet is connected: DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth.
  • Now type this command: sfc /scannow
  • If the operation was successful, Windows will automatically replace and fix the corrupted files.

If you get the message Windows Resource Protection found corrupt files but were unable to fix some of them, this means it did not work. So below is another method you can try.

#4. Install Updates Manually

If Windows is unable to fix Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206 on your computer during its automatic update, then you need to do it manually. Here’s how to safely do this:

Fix Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206 4
  • The available updates will be displayed, now you can download it manually and install it.

However, in most cases, the update will not be available, but it did not work, then we have come to the last resort, unfortunately. This has a 101% success rate to fix the error.

#5. Re-Install Windows

You will have to reset your computer to fix the error. This is a fresh installation of Windows if it were new, all the default files will be restored officially. There are different kinds of Windows re-installation and that depends on your preference. You can choose to keep your files during installation, or remove everything. Here’s how to access it:

  • Press Windows + I to open Windows Settings.
  • Navigate to System, Recovery, and Tap on ‘Reset PC’.
Fix Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206
  • Two options will be shown ‘Keep my files’, or ‘Remove everything’.
  • Choose the first option (recommended), except you have nothing to lose with the latter option.

After this fifth method, your Windows PC will no longer show Windows Update Download Error 0x8024a206. This will fix your Windows computer. However, after this, you might need to update Windows again which can require lots of data. But be rest assured this will fix all issues.

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