Windows 11 Unmountable Boot Volume error is a BSOD (Blue Screen of Death) error that occurs on the Windows operating system due to system failure or file corruption. Windows 11 is still a new OS, and so the fix that works for Windows 10 hardly works on the latest operating system, for this reason, we have written this guide on unmountable boot volume Windows 11 error fix without losing any files or resetting Windows.

Windows Unmountable_boot_volume was an experience we faced when trying to install Grand Theft Auto V from an unauthorized website recently. We were able to find a walk-around regarding the game causing the PC to crash with continuous restarting/rebooting. It was a scary experience since if it was Windows 10 or lower, it automatically takes the user to automatic repair which fixes the issue for most users that faced unmountable boot volume Windows 10 error.

So what did we do to get our PC back on without losing any files, did not reset Windows, or even reinstall the OS with CD or Flash Drive? Below contains the most effective, if not the only real working step to fix the 0x000000ED UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME system bug.

UPDATE: This is as a result of getting games on your PC from unofficial sources other than Steam. Make sure you purchase your games officially to prevent your PC from contacting virus from pirated sites resulting to unmoutable boot volume error!

Fix Unmountable Boot Volume Windows 11

unmountable boot volume windows 11

Unmountable_boot_volume loop error on Windows 11 prevents your PC from successfully restarting, turning on, or entering Windows automatic repair screen. So as a Windows 11, here is what you should do to access it.

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Step 1: Turn on your PC (Do not hold the power button).

Step 2: Once it is booting, wait for it to show your computer brand name.

Step 3: While on the Brand logo, tap the Escape(esc) button on your keyboard repeatedly.

Step 4: Once you do that, you will be taken to a Startup Menu with list of options

Step 5: Press F11 on your keyboard to enter System Recovery

unmountable boot volume windows 11

Step 6: Under Choose an Option, tap on Troubleshoot

unmountable boot volume windows 11

Step 7: Under Troubleshoot, tap on Advanced options

unmountable boot volume windows 11

Step 8: Under Advanced Options, you will see System Restore amongst the link, tap it.

unmountable boot volume windows 11

Step 9: You will be prompted to enter your system recovery key startup repair

unmountable boot volume windows 11

note: this happens only if the system is protected by BitLocker, if not, read from step 13.

Step 10: You will need to head to and sign in to your Microsoft Account linked to your PC.

Step 11: On your account, BitLocker recovery keys, note the Key ID one that matches the one displayed on the Startup Repair screen.

unmountable boot volume windows 11

Step 12: On the input text field on your PC, now carefully type in your Recovery Key, and tap Continue.

Step 13: You will be taken to the System Restore section. So under System Restore, choose a recent Restore Point created by Windows 11 before the major software changes happened to bug your operating system.

Step 14: Choose the Recommended Restore which in most cases, is recent.

Step 15: Tap on Next, then Finish to begin, then the system restore will commence on your Windows 11 PC.

unmountable boot volume windows 11

Step 16: Once your PC has restarted, you will be asked to log in, in most cases, your Windows Hello Password will not work.

Step 17: Choose forgot password and a recovery link will be sent to the email linked to your Microsoft Account.

Step 18: Type it into login, and then re-add your password, or thumbprint if applicable to your computer. Now system restored pop will display confirming you have restored your Windows system files to their earlier state.

unmountable boot volume windows 11

After this, windows will begin to restore your Windows PC which will fix the unmountable boot volume Windows 11 error on your PC. Any software that was installed will be deleted, excluding the files and your personal files. This way, you will not lose anything on your computer. This is the most effective and best method to fix Unmountable boot volume on Windows 11.


  1. Hello, when i click esc while its starting its only taking me to bios utility ez mode how do i start my laptop from here

  2. my problem is i downlod one game that disable windows security, and after i done my downlods i restart my pc and enter the bsod unmountable_boot_volume and my laptop keep restarting and back to that screen again but the restart loading is very quick its like only 2-3sec when i repeatedly click the esc button the screen already in the bsod again i cannot continue your tutorial, what should i do? i can’t take this any longer

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