Killnet, a hacktivist group known for its pro-Russian stance, has declared that it has “completely disbanded,” transitioning from its previous form as a hacktivist collective to a military corporation. This announcement followed the resignation of one of the supposed members associated with Killnet, who publicly stated their departure from the group’s activities.

The administrators of Killnet’s Telegram channel posted a message addressing the situation, emphasizing that they did not intend to single out individuals or offer praise or comment. Instead, they asserted that the group as a whole had disbanded. Unsurprisingly, this declaration sparked a wave of angry messages directed toward the individual who resigned. Some members even sought to unsubscribe from the channel, prompting a brief and concise response from Killnet’s leader, Killmilk: “Yes.”

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KillNet first gained attention in the aftermath of Russia’s large-scale invasion of Ukraine in February 2022. The hacktivist group openly aligned itself with the Kremlin’s political agenda, particularly in relation to the conflict in Ukraine. In February of this year, the gang attacked more than a dozen hospitals and healthcare organizations in the United States, following President Biden’s promise to provide military tanks to Ukraine.

Subsequently, KillNet turned its attention toward the German automotive and arms manufacturer, Rheinmetall. The group targeted Rheinmetall after rumors surfaced suggesting the company’s intention to establish a tank factory in Ukraine. Late in April, KillNet announced its willingness to offer services to private and state sponsors, rebranding itself as a “private military hacker company.”

Although Killnet claims to have disbanded, numerous other pro-Russian groups, such as NoName, Xaknet, Legion, and others, continue to carry out coordinated distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks through Telegram channels, showcasing their persistence in pursuing their objectives.

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