In Short Viral Hacks: The screen flickering display issue occurring on Windows 11 is not the first time this will be surfacing because it also happened with earlier versions of Windows. There are several causes of screen flicking in Windows 11, and some of the many reasons include hardware issues and software issues. Fortunately for you, this article contains certain fixes that will help you fix screen flickering issue in Windows 11. So without much ado, let’s head to the working methods to fix this issue.

Fix Screen Flickering/Blinking Issues on Windows 11

Here are the five best methods you can use to fix screen flickering display issues on your Windows 11 PC.

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#1. Inspect Wires/Cables, and Hardware

When using an external monitor and you are facing screen flickering issues, the first step is to check all the wires for the computer. By ensuring that the cable is connected as expected and that it is not faulty. Furthermore, you can restart your monitor, or the second PC to confirm if the issue has been fixed. Also, ensure that you check if the monitor is faulty by monitoring it with another PC.

Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11

In conclusion, if the monitor is not working after it has been tested on another PC, this means that the monitor is faulty. However, in the case when the monitor is working as expected on another PC, then it indicates that some settings need to be changed. So the other steps mentioned below emphasize more on this.

#2. Check the Refresh Rate of the Monitor

This step requires you to either increase or decrease the refresh rate of your monitor so you can fix screen flickering in Windows 11. So below contains the steps to solve the issue.

  • First of all, press the Windows + I key simultaneously to head to ‘Settings’.
Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11
  • Under the System section, click on ‘Display’, and then ‘Advanced Display’.
Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11
  • Under Display information, which shows ‘choose a refresh rate’ between 60.01Hz to 30.01Hz.
Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11
  • Play around with increasing or decreasing the refresh rate to see which will fix screen flickering on Windows 11.

#3. Scan PC for Virus Infections

What viruses and malware can damage your PC is beyond words – it could be the reason behind screen flickering in Windows 11. So if you are facing a screen flickering issue, then it is very important you run a system scan for viruses either with a third-party installed anti-virus or with the Microsoft Windows pre-installed system defender known as Windows Defender.

Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11

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By doing this, the anti-virus will scan all folders, and hidden folders (if chosen by you) to detect any suspicious activity or files and possibly fix the screen flickering in Windows 11. However, if this method does not work, then we can resort to another method below.

#4. Update Graphics Card Drivers

You should consider updating the graphics driver on your PC because an outdated graphics driver can negatively impact not only the performance of your computer but also the display due to compatibility issues with other drivers or Windows versions. So to update the graphics drivers, follow the below steps.

  • Press the Windows + X key, and choose Device Manager to open it.
  • Under the Device Manager window, expand the Display adapters option.
  • Now, right-click on your graphics card and choose ‘Update driver’.
Fix Screen Flickering in Windows 11
  • Do this for other graphics cards like dedicated if your PC supports it.
  • After it has found an update and successfully updates, restart your PC.

After it has restarted, check if the screen flickering issue in Windows 11 persists or not. If it does, consider updating the monitor drivers as well. However, we have the last method below to fix the flickering issue and follow through.

#5. Uninstall Graphics Driver

Well, on the previous method, you updated the graphics driver, but on this, you have to install and reinstall it. Here is how to do that.

  • Open the Device Manager on your PC.
  • Under Display Adapters, select the graphics driver and right-click it.
  • From the displayed option, select Uninstall Device (Do this for all graphics drivers).
  • To uninstall it, simply restart your PC and it will be back again.

So these are the 5 working methods to fix screen flickering on Windows 11. Make sure you carefully try the methods above and let us know which worked for you below the comment box.

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