Now, you will learn how to empty recycle bin on Windows PC automatically when you shutdown the computer. This is an easy process and it has so many benefits. I’ll also cover the full step by step tutorial on how to Empty recycle bin files or documents on Windows PC when shutting down.

The manual method to empty recycle bin is to open the folder and then marking all files you want to delete. But sometimes you might forget to do that to some sensitive or confidential information that needs to be removed. So why not clean them automatically, especially if you make use of a public computer and you do not want to ‘leave traces’ of your usage.

Additionally, that is not the only benefit of cleaning recycle bin folders while shutting down on your Windows 10 PC. It also helps save extra storage space occupied by the deleted files which you might have taught was permanent when it was just temporary deleted due to forgetting to manually clean it.

Empty Recycle Bin When Shutting Down Your Windows PC

So in this article, I have shared a well written and easy to understand guide on how to empty recycle bin Automatically When Shutting Down Windows 10. This simple tutorial can be very useful, so here is how to empty the recycle bin automatically on Windows 10 computer.

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#1. Create a new text document on a notepad and enter the following command in it:
PowerShell.exe -NoProfile -Command Clear-RecycleBin -Confirm:$falseṣ

create a .bat file on notepad

#2. Now save the newly create file as a ‘.bat‘ file extension with the name ‘Clear Recycle bin.bat’.

#3. Just so you know, double-tapping the ‘.bat file‘ will get the recycle bin items deleted. But that’s not useful since it is the same manual method we are trying to escape from.

#4. So in other to make the process automatic, changes needs to be made to the Local Group Policy Editor.

#5. So here’s what you should do, literally – Search for ‘gpedit.msc’ on the RUN dialog box (WIN+R).

Run the Dialog box

#6. After you have opened it, follow the order Configuration > Windows Settings > Scripts > Shutdown.

Local Group Policy Editor windows scripts

#7. You will see a section that contains all computer shutdown scripts, so tap ‘Add‘ and then ‘Browse’.

#8. Locate the .bat file and then add it. And you are done.

So next time when you forget to clear recycle bin on your computer and you shut down the pc, the recycle bin files will be empty automatically.

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If you delete files or programs often, then this will be a good feature for you so you can always get more storage space on your computer. If you like this tutorial, share it with others.

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