Do you know you can change position of Taskbar in Windows 10 PC? If you change taskbar position on Windows 10, it will make your computer look different, and also it makes it easier for some people to access important icons while they work with their PC. The Windows 10 taskbar can be changed into 4 different positions, they are bottom, right, top, and left. The default settings for Windows 10 and Windows 7 have always been bottom, but following this simple tutorial, you can change it.

Windows has so many cool features, if you have activated your Windows, you will have access to many cool features. The taskbar is one of the best feature on Windows 10, there you can pin important programs you use often such as Chrome, Spotify, Mail, etc. If there was no Taskbar, it would be hard to get easy access to these tools. But Microsoft left the taskbar for full access, it also comes with other secondary options like the battery information, Wi-Fi connection, Calendar and so on.

Not many know the Windows 10 Taskbar position can be moved without some director access on the system. Most keeps seeing the taskbar being on the bottom on all Windows PC they’ve come across both physically or online. But you can actually change taskbar position if it makes it easier to get more space for you work or you want to look different. So this post will show you how to change the position of taskbar in Windows 10.

Change Taskbar Position on Windows 10 Computer

Step 1. Right-click on the Taskbar.

Step 2. Choose Taskbar Settings.

Change Taskbar Position

Step 3. Click Taskbar location on screen.

Change Taskbar Position

Step 4. There you will see – Left, Top, Right, Bottom.

Change Taskbar Position

Step 5. Choose your new Taskbar position to change it.

move taskbar bottom location pc

Note: If you have so many Pinned programs on the taskbar, when you change the position to left or right it will look too packed up, though you might see it differently from your perspective.

That’s it. Now you have successfully made a change to the default bottom taskbar position of Windows 10. This is how to change taskbar position in Windows computer, if you have a geeky method using command prompt, feel free to share.

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