If you use Android TV Box you will know how important it is to have a lot of storage space. We’ll guide you on how to delete misc files in Android TV Box because if you do not have enough storage space, you will find it hard to add new songs, files, folders, apps, and games. Android TV Box can be occupied with a lot of miscellaneous files which can slow down its performance and reduce its functionality. So these are just a few reasons to delete misc files in Android TV Box.

Using the product, you are able to enjoy a lot of features not available on a regular flat TV screen, this includes and is not limited to; you are able to side-load apps just as the import functionality on ARC Welder and BlueStacks android emulator for PC, log in to your Google Play Store account and install any application, play games using your Xbox or PlayStation 4 controllers, not forgetting Android TV is an “Android” operating system – you are able to Chrome Cast your screen to other TVs or devices, expand your storage space with SD Card, and use your phone as remote to control the TV.

So with Android TV Box, you can see all you can benefit from, but with lack of storage space, some of these won’t be possible such as installing large Android games like Life After or Side-loading God Fire. So now, we are going to learn how to delete misc files, these will give you more storage space and improve the overall performance of your TV Box.

How To Delete Misc Files in Android TV Box

Well, we’ll focus on 3 working methods, these are working and recommended from iTechviral in other for you to enjoy your Android TV Box and for it to work efficiently. None includes dangerous methods, so below contains the steps.

#1. Clear Cache of Applications

Delete Misc Files Android TV Box

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This remains the number one reason you have miscellaneous files on Android devices, this includes the Box also. You need to regularly clear the cache of apps because overtime, they accumulate and fills your storage space, such apps are known for having irrelevant folders also known as Misc Files. So to delete misc files on Android TV Box, open the settings options, go to installed applications and now you will see clear data and clear cache, so select ‘Clear Cache‘. The only disadvantage is on the first launch the app will not load faster than it did before you cleared it, but it’s worth it.

#2. Clear WhatsApp Database Files

Delete Misc Files Android TV Box

Just in case you have WhatsApp installed, this might be the first time you are aware of what WhatsApp Database files do to your storage space. This can also be applied to your Android devices and other TV Boxes like Samsung, Xiaomi, and Sony. You need to delete the folder because it is not that important except you to need to restore your WhatsApp chats locally if you uninstalled the app, but it does not delete all your chats or anything, so clear it as you might be surprised to check yours and see it has accumulated up to 1.3GB.

#3. Install App Cleaner Apps

Delete Misc Files Android TV Box

Storage Analyzer apps can delete misc files in the Android tv box automatically, this will also clean duplicate files, images and Apks left on your storage. There are many to install on Google Play, but we have a recommended list which I have linked to, but to be quick, Clean Master is the best. So this will help clean hidden files from your Android TV box successfully. This should help you get better storage, as always, you can always get external storage from your offline or online store.

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That’s it! These methods will help you delete misc files in Android TV Box, this will free up space for your other uses. I hope you enjoyed reading this article, please let us know if it worked, also your suggestions are welcomed below the comment form.

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