Windows device manager can be used to manually install the device driver and update it on Windows 7/10, but some still prefer automatic free driver updater software, so if that’s the case, here are the best driver free updater software which is free and will ensure your PC runs perfectly and does not come up with an error.

In addition, this driver updater software will make sure your computer gets the developer’s compatible version of the drivers, installing a wrong version that your Windows PC can’t use will break your computer and it will have some blue screen options. There are many software updaters online and all claim to provide the best service, but there are unique features that differ them from others, I’ll review only those with the best features that are not similar.

What are the Best Free Driver Updater Softwares for Windows in 2021?

Below is the best driver updater software to improve your PC performance and maintenance. These tools all have the same goal, to fix broken drivers and hardware related issues on your computer.

#1. Intel Driver & Support Assistant

This is the best for Windows PC but it only supports Intel Computers like HP and the rest. If you are using Intel, you do not need to get another third-party software updater, just install the free Intel driver and support assistant and it will check your computer for outdated drivers and give you to option to update automatically or manual update.

Free Driver Updater Software
Free Driver Updater Software

#2. ITL Driver Updater

Innovana Thinklabs is an amazing free driver updater software fixes all broken drivers, old and corrupted drivers in your PC which leads to system crashes and hardware issues. It finds the latest drivers to ensure your pc has a peek performance on also the attached devices. It offers faster startup time, enhances system performance, one-click update, and high compatibility, it is also free to use so no need to waste money on expensive ones.

Free Driver Updater Software
Free Driver Updater Software

#3. DriverPack Solution

This tool is popular, it helps you locate and automatically install drivers, one of the best features of this tool is that you can download driver update even without internet, and you can simply disable outdated drivers when you do not want to download and install them, it is a simple tool which doesn’t offer backup and restore function, but the sad part you should note is that users complain there is adware on the software.

Free Driver Updater Software

#4. Driver Talent

Here comes the 4th best Free driver updater software tool that is ‘Driver Talent’. It is extremely easy to use software that allows you to install and upgrade drivers on your PC. One of the best features of this software is that it lets you download multiple drivers for different kinds of systems at the same time in which after downloading you can install the drivers without an internet connection. For better user experience, they offer different languages and themes.

Free Driver Updater Software Windows

#5. TweakBit

The 5th free driver updater software is TweakBit Driver updater, it quickly scans the hard disk and finds out if there are updates in the system. It is really easy and simple to use and when your system is in sleep mode it still checks the system for outdated drivers. The only limitation of this tool is that only one driver can be updated daily, but if you don’t have much to update, it is the best option for you.

Free Driver Updater Software Windows 10 2020
Best Driver Updater Software Windows

#6. Smart Driver Updater

It shows the source and information for your existing drivers as well as newly downloaded updates, you can also schedule scans so you do not have to keep a regular check on each and every one of your drivers to see if an update is available or not and because of this features it made it to the best free driver updater software.

As Expressed

These are the 6 Best driver updates you can use to update drivers for free, you can download all these drivers on this article via the list headers, I hope this article will help you and if you liked this video then share it and comment all your questions in the comment section, also follow us on Facebook and Telegram to get more articles like this and never miss an update from this website, thank you.

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