Have you been looking for the best Animated Movies to watch this 2020? There are interesting and popular animated movies which are very relaxing and they are funny. They also can be viewed by kids and adults, they are fun and most of them have series which are still on till today. Some Animated movies made decades ago are still among the best-animated movies for viewers and have made it to our 2020 list of the all-time best. So are animated movies worth it?

We’ve said they are interesting and funny, animated cartoons like Storks and Boss Baby are very good examples. You can see how interesting and touching the stories of such movies are, there are also funny moments, nice graphics and sometimes featuring animated humans. These best-animated movies of all time include even the most recent ones, the list is also based on their popularity, user reviews, and also suggestions from comments on social platforms. So without many explanations here are the best-animated movies you should watch in 2020.

Best Animated Movies Lists (“2020”)

For the first time iTech Viral will be listed in ascending order, it will be regularly updated when there are cooler ones, enjoy the list.

#20. Isle of dogs

Best Animated Movies Past Decade

Isle of Dogs is a new animated movie that first aired on the 23rd of March 2018 in the USA. The Movie is 1 hour 45 minutes long and it features contagious funny moments. The Animated movies are about canine pets of Megasaki City that have been banished to a garbage location known as Trash Island, while Atari who is 12-years-old goes on the search for his bodyguard-dog known as Spots, his dangerous mission will decide the fate of the entire Prefecture. It is one of the best animated movies to watch, it successfully made 64.2 million USD on Box Office.

#19. Klaus

Best Animated Movies

It was released on 8 November 2019 because of December Holiday because the animated movie is focused more on that season. Klaus is about a postman who is known to be the worst at the academy, so they couldn’t take it anymore and they posted him to a frozen town in the North where surprisingly he finds a man who continues his story. This cartoon movie is 1h 37m, it can be watched on Netflix also.

#18. The Breadwinner

Best Animated Movies

If you need the best animated movies to watch, The Breakwinner is one of the best which was aired on 17th November 2017 in the USA. The animated cartoon movie is about a 10-year-old girl known as Parvana, she lives under Taliban rule in Afghanistan in 2001. Her father was arrested wrongfully, so she decided to assist her family since support has been reduced because of the arrest, she also went ahead to cut her hair and dress like a boy. She invents new fantastical stories and is now on her quest to find her father and reunite again.

#17. Tangled

Best Animated Movies

Tangled is known to be one of the best animated movies of the past decade, it was released in 2010, it’s really an old animated cartoon movie. The story is about an innocent young girl known as Rapunzel, she is overly protected that her month locked her up. She kept trying to escape and mingle with others, her dream finally came to the past as she found a good-hearted thief, Flynn. This film is loved by many viewers, it has made 592.4 million USD from the Box office.

#16. Wrek – It Ralph

Best Animated Movies

Wreck-It Ralph was originally released in 2012 and that has made 471.2 million USD, so they finally listened to fans and brought the sequel to the animated movie which we all know as ‘Ralph Breaks the Internet that got released in 2018. The first season is about Ralph who was a bad guy, but got tired and then decided to become a video game hero and accidentally let loose a dangerous enemy that threatens the entire arcade. The latest season is about Ralph and his best friend Vanellope who visited the Internet through a Wi-Fi router to save the game, Suger Rush. If you enjoyed this, then you should check the best hacking movies of all time.

#15. A Cat in Paris

Best Animated Movies

This is an old animated cartoon movie, it has been around for the past decade (10-years). Its budget for the movie was 7.5 million USD and they got nice reviews and critics. The plot focuses on a little girl, Zoe, who lives in Paris but seeks to live a double life. She got involved in a fight with a group of gangsters and she gets protected by her car Dino. By day she lives with her cat Zoe and her single-parent mom but works with Nico a burglar some nights.

#14. Your Name

Best Animated Movies
Best Animated Movies

Your Name might sound new to you depending on your region, but in the Asian region, it is known as the best Japanese animated movie. It is known to be a sad movie, it is very touching and also features some romance on it. It is one of the best animated movies available, it was released 3 years ago and made over $359.9 million worldwide. The story is about two teenagers who discovered they have the ability to swap bodies through a profound and magical connection, but when they decided to meet in person, things get awkward.

#13. The Tale of the Princess Kaguya

Best Animated Movies

Studio Ghibli co-founder Takahata Isao said it took him 8 years for him and his team to make this wonderful animated cartoon movie, which requires a lot of effort and patience. The movie is about a little nymph that grows into a beautiful and desirable young woman after being found inside a bamboo stalk. She orders her suitors to prove they have a love for her by giving them near-impossible tasks to complete. She is taken as a security royalty but she doesn’t like it and wants to be treated as an ordinary human.

#12. Moana

Best Animated Movies
Best Animated Movies

It is one of the best animated movies of all time, Moana was released on 23 November 2016 and made 690.8 million USD from the box office. This animated cartoon movie is about Moana who is the daughter of Chief Tui, she noticed her fish on her island began dying due to blight and made a decision to return the heart of a goddess Te Fitti from a demigod known as Maui. It is a funny cartoon and the animation is perfect for the story.

#11. Song of The Sea

Best Animated Movies

If you are still interested in more best animated movies that are funny and interesting, you need to watch Song of The Sea. It is 1 hour 34 minutes long and it was released on 19 December 2014 in the USA first. The animated cartoon is about David Rawle who is an Irish youth, after years of accepting his sister will always be muted, he finally discovered she is a selkie, so his quest is to find her voice and free supernatural creatures from the spell she was facing given by a Celtic goddess, Fionnula Flanagan.

#10. The Lego Movie

Best Animated Movies

The Lego Movie is popular and interesting, it was released on 1 February 2014 in Copenhagen, ever since then, new ones have been made available like Lego Movie 2, Lego Batman, Lego Marvel, and so on. The Lego Movie’s main character is Emmet, he is an ordinary individual who has been prophesied to be important compared to others since he specials, people depend on him and it is his responsibility of saving the Lego City and the world from a villain known as Lord Business.

#9. Inside Out

Best Animated Movies

Inside Out is a 1 hour 42 Minutes animated movie, it is among the best animated movies of all time. It was released on the 31st of July 2015 and has won several awards like Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film. The cartoon is about Riley who is an 11-year-old previously residing in Minnesota, they moved to San Francisco and try to cope with her five core emotions which are – Fear, Anger, Joy, Disgust, and Sadness.

#8. It’s Such a Beautiful Day

Best Animated Cartoon Movies

It’s Such a Beautiful Day is an Animated and Drama movie released in 2012 (USA), it is 1 hour 2 minutes long. It is fully animated with a drawing pencil style, it is a dark comedy-drama film directed by Don Hertzfeldt, unfortunately, it is no longer available to stream on Netflix USA, but you can get it on some websites for free.

#7. Kubo and the Two Strings

Best Animated Movies All Time

Kubo and the Two Strings is about a young boy, Kubo with Monkey and Beetle who are his friends, they are faced with an evil spirit, so they must find and wear Kubo’s father legendary suit of armor which will help them defeat the evil spirit. At some point, Kubo lost his powers but later regained it and completed his quest.

#6. Rio 1 & 2

Best Animated Movies 2020

Rio is one of my best animated movies I will always enjoy no matter how often I watch it. Rio 1 was released in March 2011 and it is about a macaw bird known as Blu, he was taken care of by Linda after being captured by smugglers because his species is very hard to find, so he arrives at Rio where his dying species are being reviewed. Rio 2 continues the story, it is mainly about Rio and his family (Children and Wife), he teaches his kids all they should know, but Nigel is still out for revenge and wants to capture them all.

#5. How to Train Your Dragon

Best Animated Movies Lists

The best-animated move of all time loved by both adults and kids is How to Train Your Dragon. It was first released in 2010 and got popular. It also has episodes and also, the movie has part 2 which was released in 2014, while how to train your dragon 3 (The Hidden World) finale came out. It is about Hiccup and his friends whose aim is to protect the dragons from being captured, the sequels go beyond that.

#4. Frozen

Best Animated Movies - Frozen

The first Frozen movie was released way back on 19 November 2013, it got 1.28 billion USD from the box office. Frozen one is about Anna who lost her sister Elsa, her quest is to find her sister with the help of an iceman, Kristoff. Frozen 2 which was released late last year is welcomed and chosen as an all-time best animated movie for viewers, it got over 1.5 billion USD from the box office. Frozen 2 continues the story, Elsa the Snow Qween has been found, he is surrounded by the people of Arendelle, she travels to help someone as she heard a voice call,

#3. Storks

Best Animated Movies

Storks is another movie I enjoyed and I kept hoping there will be a sequel to it but unfortunately despite the fact there will, it will be released on December 21st, 2022, making it 5 years since the release of Storks. The story is about storks who previously delivers babies but then decided to deliver packages instead. But by an accident Tulip created a baby and decided to hide the baby.

#2. Toy Story

Best Animated Movies

Toy Story has five parts, it was first released in the 90s and now the latest is Toy Story 5 which got released the last year 2019. It is about Woody who gets new friends and goes on an adventure daily. They are toys and owned by humans, so they care deeply about their owners and want to be treated fairly even though they are toys.

1 – Spider-man into the Spider-Verse

Best Animated Movies

This is the best animated movie of all time, it got 375.5 million USD from the box office although it was released just late 2018. Spider-man into the Spider-Verse is about Miles Morales who got spiderman powers after a spider bite, he then discovers the quantum realm where there are alternative realities (multiverse) after an epic battle with Kingpin who is as strong and serious with his target as Thanos.

Conclusion: I have reviewed the list of best animated movies of all time, they have funny and dark moments, they are suitable for all ages. These animated cartoons are the best, some were not mentioned like Boss Baby, Zootopia, or the Incredible, these are popular and known by many so I assume you know them already. I will like it if you follow us on Facebook and Telegram so we can know our fans and continue providing content like this.

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