Microsoft Windows has rolled out a new appearance for the Windows Start Menu launcher. This new appearance has rolled out on some Windows 10 Build 20161 version. The new Start Menu of Windows 10 now has different colors for icons, and it’s now transparent a bit.

The previous week, the public knew about the new Windows 10 Start Menu to Windows 10 insiders on the Dev Channel, but it wasn’t released for an A/B test, leaving many not able to update to the new look, but there is still a way around this limit.

The latest Windows 10 Build 20161 should be able to see the new Start Menu, but if you have not seen this new design after the update, there are some simple steps you can follow below to get it. So here, I have shared the working and best method to enable the new Start Menu of Windows 10 Build 20161, enjoy.

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Activate the New Start Menu of Windows 10

Though the best update is the Start Menu, the Windows 10 Build 20161 comes with other enhancements and security features such as improved Cortana, well-defined icons, 4K wallpapers, New Start Menu, e.t.c. There is more we can talk about, but we are here to learn how to activate the new start menu in Windows 10, so below are the steps.

Using ViveTool v0.2.0

Windows 10 new start menu

Some Windows features are hidden and cannot be accessed without expert access, but with ViveTool, you can access hidden cool features that exist in the OS. So, we will be using ViveTool to activate the new start menu.

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  • So first of all, download and install the ViveTool Software.
  • Now you need to extract the file into a folder on your PC
    > you can make use of WinRar for extraction.
  • Now press Windows + R to open the run option.
  • Type in “CMD” to open Command Prompt.
  • In the command line, enter the file location of the unpacked tool.
  • Next, type in this command – ViVeTool.exe addconfig 23615618 2 (Note the space between 8 & 2)
  • In conclusion, to apply the new Start Menu of Windows 10, restart your PC.

So as you’ve seen, this is a simple tutorial, it is safe and doesn’t have any disadvantage on your PC. It will unlock some useful hidden features and most importantly, activate the new start menu of Windows 10. If you benefited from this article, kindly share it with your friends also.

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