A small picture can result in multiple photos which will then occupy the relevant storage on your system without you even knowing. Duplicate Photo Finder and Remover software is very useful because when duplicate photos occupy your system, it will cause system issues like slowness in responding to action, low storage space, and will be irrelevant on your Windows 10 or MAC PC. There are only a few working and trusted duplicate photo removers for Mac and Windows, so I have shared the best for 2020.

Removing duplicate photos in every folder can be very stressful and hard is done manually, you will have to locate all photos that are similar, both the thumbnails which are automatically created by OS so you can recover deleted photos when needed, but with the best duplicate photo finder and removers tools for Mac and Windows PC, this hard task will be automated and then it can be easy to removed duplicate photos form your system.

Some of this software will also duplicate your photos as part of their unique features, this is helpful because you might lose your system with important photos saved, just in case you backed up photos from your device (phone) to your PC. So when you use such duplicate photo finder and removers on your computer, you can still access them using these Softwares advanced features, accounts will be created.

Best Tools to Find and Delete Duplicate Photos

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So lets find out the best duplicate photos finder and remover tools for Windows and Mac which are still considered as the top in 2020.

#1. Duplicate Photos Fixer Pro

Duplicate Photo Finder

This is a powerful tool to scan both identical and similar-looking images, it also features various photo management tools. It is the best duplicate photos finder and remover because it has a trusted and easy to use interface, almost all file formats of images are supported, you can also sort images in the external devices, images are also highly compressed based on the GPS, Time interval, Matching Level, and Bitmap Size. It is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

#2. Awesome Duplicate Photo Finder

Duplicate Photo Finder and removal

This tool works with an advanced search mechanism that can easily scale thousands of images on your computer, it finds and removes identical images without leaving anyone behind. It also finds a similarity percentage of images so it can decide which images are similar and then gets it deleted/removed, even if you resize an image, it will detect the image as duplicate. It has not been updated since September 4, 2019, when version 1.1.1 was launched, but is free and just 1MB in size.

#3. Duplicate Photo Cleaner

Duplicate Photo Finder

This tool is well-known for its precise comparison modes, do not worry about these duplicate photo finder and remover software on your PC deleting pictures that are not duplicate, this tool lets you preview images before deciding which you want to be deleted. It also supports more than 20 image file-formats including Jpeg, Jpg, Png, Webp files, e.t.c. It is available for Windows and Mac PC, it is also free but offers some features paid, you can always get the full version free online.

#4. Easy Duplicate Finder

Duplicate Photo Finder

This tool not only finds and removes duplicate photos making it to the top 6 best duplicate photo finder and removal for Mac and Windows, but it also finds and deletes duplicate media on your computer. This tool has a lot of ways to scan your PC without having to disturb you while working, it is you one easy tool to remove duplicate documents, files, music files, videos, and most importantly photos.

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#5. VisiPics

Duplicate Photo Finder

It is free software that is available for Windows and Mac, it is a duplicate photo finder and remover tool that has an easy interface, it is also free and gets updated through the support of users. VisiPics dual-core processors, displays the result of scans are they are being scanned without you having to wait for the result. The best feature is that you can easily auto select all duplicate photos without having to select them manually.

#6. CCleaner

Duplicate Photo Finder

CCleaner easily finds duplicate photos and cleans them from your computer system, this helps you also improve your Windows or Mac health without using the best RAM cleaner apps. CCleaner is able to find duplicate files and photos the right way without deleting photos that are hardly similar by thinking it is a duplicate. It is free software and it can be used on Mac and Windows. This is the most popular duplicate photo finder and organizer tool.


These are the best duplicate finder and removal software for Mac and Windows, unfortunately, none are available for the Linux Operating system. I hope this post helped you in deciding the best to choose for your computer, for more articles like this follow us and comment in case you have any question.

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