Internet Explorer For Mac has been rebranded to Microsoft Edge and this new update came with lots of performance improvements and features, making it preferable to Google’s Chrome by most users. Internet Explorer IE is available for Android, iOS, and Mac operating systems, it is free to use and has been optimized to operate efficiently. It wasn’t possible to get Internet Explorer for Mac free program, you can do that easily with the official software, so here’s how to get Microsoft Edge for Mac.

The Microsoft Browser hasn’t been getting attention since its release until after the rebrand and added features to the browser. If you have been using Chrome and complained of overly high RAM usage due to open tabs, then you can import your Chrome bookmarks, history, and other data to Microsoft Edge so you can get the best benefit of this new browser and also have enough resources for other activities while multitasking.

Fortunately, unlike Microsoft Edge for Windows, Internet Explorer for macOS can be uninstalled since it’s not pre-installed on the PC. It has the same features as another operating system, it has been considered the best alternative to Chrome being directly under Google’s browser as the best browser for computers. If you make use of mobile devices often, then you can take a look at the 7 Best Android Browsers that can speed up your browsing speed, have improved privacy security, and fast in downloading pieces of stuff.

Internet Explorer For Mac Features

We’ve covered the best features of the Microsoft Edge browser for macOS, these features also apply to the Windows version as it is a PC as well.

1. New Logo: Internet Explorer for macOS comes with the latest icon/logo redesign.

2. Compatibility: Furthermore, you can get the best speed and performance with tons of supported extensions.

3. Favourite Browser Data: An option to import your Chrome for Mac bookmarks, passwords, and site settings to Edge for Mac.

4. Switch things up: An easy interface with beautiful colors and options keeps you relaxed while browsing.

5. Read Text Offline: Text to speech feature that works on all sites, can also be used on Adobe Acrobat Reader.

6. InPrivate mode: Incognito mode called ‘InPrivate’ that doesn’t save your history and searches.

Get Internet Explorer For Mac

7. Microsoft Defender SmartScreen: Get high priority notification when your credentials have been compromised to change passwords.

Get Internet Explorer For Mac

8. Permission Control: Decide which site can access your Microsoft Edge browser cookies and also track your activities.

Microsoft Edge for macOS

9. Synchronization: Since it’s official, you can now sync your passwords, favorites, and settings across devices.

10. Extension: Cool free extensions like ‘Adblock’, ‘Amazon assistant’, and ‘Netflix party’.

Other upcoming features like virtual tabs are in beta mode, these are just some of the cool features and benefits of using Internet Explorer for Mac.

Get Internet Explorer For Mac

Microsoft Edge for macOS computer is now available officially on the Microsoft website after years of it being available only on Android and Windows PC. So below is how to download Microsoft Edge for Mac in 2022 without any third-party software.

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#1. Uninstall any third-party program on your macOS meant for Internet Explorer.

#2. Launch your Safari browser and open Microsoft Website

#3. There you will be able to see a list of features for the general browser.

#4. Scroll down to where you see Microsoft Edge for iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS.

#5. Select the macOS option and click on ‘DOWNLOAD for macOS“.

Microsoft Edge Browser for macOS

#6. Accept the privacy policy popup message on the screen to download the browser. The total file size is 146MB with the extension, [.pkg].

How To Install:

So by now, you’ve gotten Internet explorer for macOS on your PC, the installation process is easy, just install it the same way you install other programs. So here’s how to set up the browser on your computer.

#1. Locate the file location of the downloaded software and launch it.

#2. Proceed through the on-screen instructions to install Microsoft Edge.

#3. The browser will then fully display, so choose ‘Get Started’ and decide if you want to import browser data from another web browser like Chrome.

#4. Choose Inspirational, Information, or Focused from the design layout option.

#5. If you have a Microsoft account, select sign in so you can easily sync your data.

#6. So that’s it, you can now use Microsoft Edge for macOS officially.


Microsoft Edge browser is recommended for Windows PC and cannot be uninstalled, so if you started using macOS and you are a fan, you can get Internet Explorer on macOS for free. This way, you will be able to get all the cool features and even sync your settings across all devices. I hope you enjoyed this guide, share this article with your friends, and follow us on Facebook for funny tech memes.

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