Android rooting comes with a lot of benefits, there are also good apps you can use on a rooted phone, customization, and full access to your phone. Rooting your Android phone is the latest trend, almost everyone using the older versions of Android from 5.0 and lower has gotten it rooted. For some reason, you might want to hide root status from being known by other applications on your device that do not support root and then will not work, so I have shared tips for that.

Rooting is cool, but the disadvantage is also dangerous, you will void your device’s warranty after rooting it, also this is the case of many, their device OS gets corrupted and then it gets the device bricked. The disadvantage we are tackling today is apps not supporting rooted devices, we are going to bypass that, root status will not be detected again.

What apps don’t support rooted Android smartphones? These apps are very serious and useful, almost everyone makes use of them, this includes Google Android pay, games like Pokemon Go, banking apps, media streaming apps, social media apps like Snapchat and tons of them not mentioned here. So why do they not run on rooted Android devices? The plain reason is because of security purposes, if allowed, smart users can exploit their apps. So the best way to fix it is through unrooting the device, but I’ll show you a better way.

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Hide Root Status From Apps

Hide Root Status From Apps

So what is the better method we are talking of? It is by temporarily hiding your root status from the apps that do not accept a rooted phone, they won’t be able to know your phone’s status, so they will think your phone is not rooted, whereas, in reality, it is. The best app to use for this is Magisk Manager app, it is safe and does not unroot your device. So this article will teach you how to hide root from apps like Pokemon Go, your banking apps, Snapchat, etc.

Before you get the app installed you might want to know the uses and how Magisk Manager works, so how does it work? Magisk Manager is a great root app like Kingroot, it can root and unroot your Android device, but unlike Kingroot, this app has the ability to temporarily change your root status for apps that you do not want to know your current phone’s status.

How To Hide Root Using Magisk?

Hide Root Status From Apps

Using Magisk Manager app is very simple, simply follow the simple steps below, you will be able to hide root status from Android apps.

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Step 1: Now you can download Magisk Manager Apk since you’ve known how it works. Use this link.

Step 2: In case your device is not enabled to install apps other than play store, then open your phone’s Settings > Security > Unknown Source. To enable the ‘Unknown Source’ option.

Step 3: Now open the Magisk Manager Apk file and tap on the ‘Install’ button, and Launch the app.

Step 4: Tap the Menu Option button, now you can ‘Enable Magisk Hide‘ option.

Step 5: This will show a list of installed apps on your device, so tap on the app that refused to run on your rooted phone to hide root, this will enable the Magisk hide feature.

So this is the best method to hide root status from Android apps, in some cases, you might get Magisk hide app is not working, not all applications will work for this since they have added a rule to block it from temporary making it seem like your phone has been unrooted, so you might want to try other means as as ‘VMOS‘ app. Try researching how to enable this option, you can check the detailed review on

So yes, you are done learning how you can hide root from apps that doesn’t support your device like Android Pay, Pokemon Go, Snapchat, Banking apps, etc. If you have any question, please feel free, use the comment area below, also share with others!

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