iOS 14 and Android 11 will be coming with a feature that allows you to capture screenshots by tapping the back of your phone without having to install any system or an installed application. This is a better version of the previous way to capture screenshots by holding the rear fingerprint sensor on some supported devices. So In this post, we’ll show you how to take a photo by tapping the rear of your device the iPhone and Android way or your device is not compatible with this feature.

This feature will be coming only on Android 11 devices and also the latest iOS 14 devices, so this means Android 10 and lower devices like Android 7.0 will have to look for alternative ways or apps to do that. Fortunately, there is an Android app that does this called Tap, Tap Android app. It has a gesture feature that is able to accurately detect when you tap on your device Rear.

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The real benefit for this is to make image capture very easy, you do not have to tap the capture button on your device and this can be more useful if your phone is large, so you do not have to stretch your fingers while tying. So here’s how to do that manually using an application for Android.

Guide to Capture screenshot by tapping the back

With an Application called Tap, Tap Android app, you will be able to just double tap the back of your smartphone and your phone will capture a selfie or via the rear Camera. So below contains it’s features and guide on how to screenshot By Tapping the Back of your smartphone.

Features & Change Log v0.10 – 10.1 Beta

  • A full rewrite of almost all of the behind the scenes of the app, which should be more stable, compatible and efficient. This means the “Split Service” option has gone and is effectively always enabled, so a notification will be shown (which means less chance the app gets killed). You can long press it to hide it without affecting battery optimization.
  • New Actions:
  • Accept Call & Reject Call (make sure to disable the call gate if you wish to use Reject to hang up a call)
  • Swipe Left, Right, Up & Down (requires secondary gesture service)
  • New Gates for foldable devices, for the open and closed state of the device
  • Added a Backup & Restore feature, using Storage Access Framework so you can backup and restore directly from Google Drive if you wish
  • Added a built in update downloader to workaround the issue where some were unable to download an APK from the app (if you can’t download this update, click the “GitHub” link in the app and find the APK in the releases section)
  • Improved Battery & Optimization screen to link off to for your OEM if available
  • Re-shuffled About section to have its own page with full credits for contributors and translators – thank you!
  • Fixed a load of bugs including: Triple tap running feedback when gated, Double tap running feedback when set to do nothing and Triple tap enabled, crashes on MIUI and Android 7.0, crashes when an app used in an action or gate is uninstalled
  • Removed unused resources & code, reducing the size of the APK by around 1MB

How To Use Tap, Tap on any Android Phone

Screenshot By Tapping the Back of your Android 7 or higher phone tutorial:

Step 1: First of all, visit the XDA forum and download the Tap, Tap Android app.

Step 2: Now Locate the Apk file, tap install, or enable installation from unknown sources first.

Step 3: Next, tap on the ‘Open’ button.

Step 4: You will be taken to the application home page with two mandatory options that needs your attention.

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Step 5: Under ‘Accessibility Service is Disabled‘, Tap it to enable (Grant Permission).

Step 6: Just beneath the above option, Tap ‘Disable Battery Optimization’ to enable.

Step 7: Now Tap on ‘Double Tap Options’ to get more features options.

Capture screenshot by tapping the back
Screenshot By Tapping the Back

Step 8: Under this section, you will see ‘Launch Assistance” now tap ‘Add requirement’.

Step 9: Another option will popup, this shows a list of requirements, so select ‘Display Off’.

Step 10: Go back and under ‘Screenshots’, tap ‘Add requirement’.

Step 11: Another option will popup, this shows a list of requirements, so select ‘Display On‘.

Step 12: So to finalize, this means: Launch Assistance Display is Off & Screenshot Display is On.

With this tutorial, anytime you tap the back of your device twice, it will capture a screenshot, this gesture works for most Android devices. On the download page of the app, you can check comments of other users, there you can get recommendations to try if it doesn’t work for you. Make sure you try this without your phone case to make sure it works perfectly.

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With Tap Tap Android app, you can easily capture screenshot by tapping the back of your phone. Now this post has been helpful to you, kindly share this post with your friends, and also others you know interested with it. If you have an good recommendation, or questions, then comment, though we don’t really get comments in this website for our new posts, hopefully we will sooner.

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