This article will help you how to connect PC to TV wirelessly, free, and without software or application. It is possible to connect it with HDMI, but it definitely is not why you are here. Some modern PC does not come with an HDMI port, which means the only way to cast your PC screen to a TV is by getting an HDMI Adapter hub with an HDMI port which can cost a lot. But with your smart or Android TV, this can be done wirelessly.

Windows 11 has a display option that makes this possible known as ‘cast’, accessible from display settings. For your smart TV, there will be an app named to connect to a wireless display. This connection is done wirelessly, no wifi or Bluetooth is needed and operation is very smooth.

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All features work when you connect your PC to smart TV wirelessly such as the TV being used as the output sound instead of the PC, you can also share the screen only with the TV while turning it off for the PC. There is no time limit for when the connection should stop.

How to Connect PC to TV (Windows 11, Smart TV, Android TV)

#1. On your Windows 11, press the Windows Key + I to open Settings

Connect PC to TV
Connect PC to TV

#2. Under Settings, navigate to System.

Connect PC to TV

#3. Under System, head to Display, then scroll down to Scale & Layout.

Connect PC to TV

#4. Drop down the multiple displays to see more options.

#5. Tap on Connect to a Wireless Display

#6. Cast will show the available display; let’s enable the TV to be discoverable.

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#7. On your Smart TV, head to Home, then Apps.

#8. Select the Wireless Display App

#9. It will be discoverable, the name should be e.g Android2023

#10. On your Windows 11 PC, still on Cast, choose the TV name as it appears.

#11. Now connect, and your PC screen will now cast on your TV.

This is how to Connect PC to TV (Wirelessly, Free, No WIFI, No HDMI). This method works on most smart TV and PC, so feel free to try it and enjoy a seamless wireless connection.

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