Get Telegram Verified Badge Emoji Without Copy and Paste

telegram verified badge

Do you know you can get a verification approval badge on Telegram without applying? Surprising right? The only known way to get a Telegram verified badge emoji is to verify you are confirmed on any popular social media platform like Facebook or Instagram before applying on Telegram. However, you can get that Telegram blue tick emoji on your account using an official means provided by Telegram without applying. This post offers a guide on how to do this.

Our guide to getting a Telegram verification badge does not require copy and paste, the emoji is authentic, and the process is legal i.e officially provided by Telegram. You get a verification badge on your Telegram profile next to your account name. Unfortunately, it currently doesn’t support the channel yet, but there is a chance it will as confirmed by the social media platform.

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What is this means we are talking about? It’s Telegram premium – their newly launched subscription-based services providing cool features to their paid users such as increased speed, improved emojis, more privacy options, status (which we will use to get a verified badge), and so much more.

Get Telegram Blue Tick – Telegram Verified Badge Emoji

The process is straightforward and easy to use. You will get the Telegram blue tick emoji icon from Telegram officially after getting their premium services just as Twitter Blue works. Checkout the steps below;

Android / iOS – Google & Apple Store

There are two ways to get Telegram premium subscription and they are via the Apple/Google store, or the Telegram premium official bot. Here’s how to use them to get Telegram verified badge emoji.

#1. Open your Telegram app on Android or iOS.

#2. Head to ‘Settings’.

#3. Under Settings, scroll down and tap on ‘Telegram Premium’ with a star icon.

#4. All features will be displayed with the total price – tap on ‘Subscribe for $4.99 / month’.

#5. You will be redirected to Google Play Store for Android or Apple Appstore for iOS to subscribe.

#6. Head to your Profile and tap on ‘Change Status’.

#7. From the available list, select the emoji with a smiling face and a plus ‘+’ symbol.

#8. Now the smallest first light blue tick or the second larger dark blue tick can be set as Telegram verified badge.

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PC / Web – Premium Bot

#1. Launch your Telegram desktop app or Telegram web via a browser.

#2. Tap on ‘Search’ at the top of the software or web app.

#3. Type this ‘Premium’ and you will see ‘Premium Bot’, alongside the Telegram Premium channel.

#4. Open the ‘Premium Bot’ in blue tick and type ‘/start’.

#5. Tap on ‘Pay’ and you will be redirected to choose the payment method for recurring payment.

#6. Now your subscription will be confirmed and the receipt shown to you.

#7. Visit this link: and add an emoji pack for the verified emoji on Telegram.

#8. Next, head to your Profile and tap on ‘Change Emoji Status’.

#9. From the available pack’s list, select the emoji with a smiling face and a plus ‘+’ symbol.

#10. Now the smallest first light blue tick or the second larger dark blue tick can be set as Telegram verified badge.


Telegram verified badge emoji can easily be added this way without following a difficult verification process. There are many emoji packs available on the app, and lots of cool features, so the benefits of Telegram premium cannot be streamlined down to only emoji packs.

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