Machine Likes has always been the best Auto Liker for Facebook, Instagram, and other supported social media. As we all know, good things don’t last and that was the case of Machine likes. So we are looking at the best Machine Likes Alternatives which has the same features and provides real likes from humans and not a bot. Machine likes have always been a secret for many Facebook page owners with thousands on likes with no interactions, the Auto Like service was popular among those that know the site, their likes, and followers’ distribution were delivered very fast and without any limitations afterward. Are there any alternatives to such features? We are about to find out.

Speaking from experience, Machine Likes is a legend service, no other Machine Likes Alternatives websites or apps could provide what they did. They were free and delivered what you requested, their website was also secured, your account was never vulnerable to hacks or sudden locks, they also provided daily limitations to how many likes you could get daily to prevent your Facebook or Twitter account from getting limited or worse, banned. Machine Likes worked with Tokens which expires hours later, with the token you could log in to their website and select what you need for the day.

Many Machine Likes alternatives offer a single feature which could be Facebook Page likes, but Machine Likes, when it was still in existence offered multiple options like Unfriend all, Accept all friend requests, Facebook Page Followers and Likes, Post and Images likes, Comments and reactions. Also if you used the auto liker service then, you will notice that when you share a new post on your page, reactions will come on the posts from people you don’t know, if it’s a profile post like, but as for page likes and followers, you will notice interactions on posts shared minutes later, these were real people.

Some Machine Likes Alternatives are not that good, they offer Bot Followers and likes which eventually reduces overtime, no interactions on pages or posts, just page followers. When someone sees your page, it will be obvious that you didn’t gain that audience by hard work, rather through an automated Facebook liker. Due to the rareness of Machine Likes Alternatives, we’ll not list and explain the features of many, only a few are worthy to be mentioned, in addition, some will be linked to unknown sources, obviously, such services are difficult to be seen on Official Application Stores for Android and iOS, or even Microsoft Store, but I found some.

If you open Machine Likes now, you will see the domain has expired, doesn’t load any content of the website, even other good apps that offered same cool features as Machine Likes, well those ages are gone, we are in a new era, but the ones we have are also good but requires extra stress and hard work is needed. So below are the 8 Best Machine Likes Alternatives For Auto Facebook Likes, Instagram, and other social media.

Best Machine Likes Alternatives 2021

Most of the Auto Liker Apps are mainly for Instagram since it’s where many users need likes and followers on, meaning it is of higher demand. But as for Facebook users, I’ve recommended just one which is a real alternative to Machine Likes and you should really check it out and give feedback, took time to get this.

1. VivoLiker

Machine Likes Alternatives
Machine Likes alternatives

It’s the best Facebook Liker, for now, it can only be accessed online, there are no mobile applications for it. VivoLiker is very similar to Machine Likes, their Machine Liker feature helps increase Facebook Likes, Comments, Follower and Facebook Friends Removal and Unfriend Tools, status, photos, profile photos, statuses, pictures, albums, and videos instantly. This Machine Likes Alternative offers you up to 1000+ likes that can be gotten on a single post, currently, it is safe and secure, no fear of phishing though Avast Anti Virus warns it has. Unlike Machine Likes which likes are mainly Indians, Vivo Liker lets you choose the target country of likes and followers, for example, I can choose Canada and get interactions from there.

2. Sotriotinatus Likes

Likes + followers for Instagram
Likes + followers for Instagram

Likes + followers for Instagram has an application on Google Store, it has the highest positive reviews and that I why I had to make sure it was mentioned as Machine Likes Alternatives. The app has half a million actives users, they have cool features and actually distribute Instagram followers and likes for real. This App is regularly updated, but it supports only higher versions of Android like 5.0, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it on low-end devices. This Likes + for Instagram gives you followers based on your on seriousness to give likes too, you need to like 3 pictures in other to get one really like, this is how it works, a good system which makes you get real followers.

3. StatsBooster


Another Machine Likes Alternatives which is available on Google Play, this App also have good written reviews and star ratings. StatsBooster offers Analysis Tools such as the ability to check posts with the most likes, most comments, profile followers, best-performing hashtags and more. They also offer games that offer points used to convert to money and purchase some cool features, all these are free! Surprisingly, I didn’t get to see the comments of reviewers, it seems it was hidden one way or the other, but still, it seems good to use.

4. Many Likes

Many Likes for Instagram
Machine Likes Alternatives

Many Likes is also another free Social Media auto liker app for Android, but the developers didn’t explain the features so it is left for us to do that now. Many Likes works based on the hearts you’ve gotten, all you have to do is click on the heart icon to earn many hearts on your posts. What you might not like is the fact that only Instagram Likes are featured on the app, there are no followers options, so likes are only for posts such as pictures or videos, your followers will remain the same way.

5. Real Top Likes

Machine Likes Alternatives
Real Top Likes

Real Likes can also be gotten from this app, Real Top Likes lets you get likes based on the time given by them. Some users complained they had to wait several minutes, sometimes up to 30 minutes for a new picture to be shown for them to give likes on with the error message ‘please wait or try again later’, there is a workaround on this, all you have to do is uninstall and reinstall the application again, so you don’t need to wait for 2 hours or more to get likes on your photos, this is a good machine likes alternatives which provide real human likes.

6. Likes by igornonsil

Machine Likes Alternatives
Likes Machine Liker

Likes have been known as the cheapest auto likes app and also the best alternatives to Machine Likes. Though sometimes you might get the error message after you logged in such as ‘we have no photos for you. Please try later’ when you are looking for photos to likes which serves as an exchange for your own profile likes, this App works perfectly. You can always fix that by clearing cache and data on the app and then retrying. This app is regularly updated, sometimes monthly, it also has good reviews and downloads, it is free to get and the size is just 4.8MB for all devices. If you are looking for the best machine like alternatives, you should check Likes.

7. Popular for Instagram

 Machine Likes Facebook
Machine Likes for Instagram

Are you looking for a powerful free follower’s app that can help you to get more real followers and real likes without paying anything or buying expensive followers? Do you want to get followers? If your answer is yes, then you will have to download and install Likes for Insta on your Android smartphone or tablet because it is just the best IG followers app to get Insta followers! This description was gotten from the developer’s brief review, this is what you stand to get when you download this app, you’ve noticed I am intentionally not linking to the apps on the official store, so you’ll have to search these apps on Google Play and then check the images match.

8. Followers to up

Machine Likes Alternatives
Followers to up

A rapid number of followers will be seen on your account once you start using this service. It offers real Instagram likes and followers and no one will know the difference between this and hard-earned followers. Follow to Up has massive active users and the reviews are very nice! if you want more recognition you have a pay a cheap price, this Apk is loved by the active users and they claim it is a lifesaver liked the app. Really a good Machine Likes Alternative with good features, the best part is that you can use it as a mobile app without having to always login on a website with new tokens.

Are Auto Liker Apks Safe?

No, they aren’t. There is no guarantee your account will be safe from a temporary or permanent ban. When there is an unusual activity noticed by the social platform you get your likes on, it can be restricted or permanently banned. So it will be wise to use these Machine Liker apps once in a while to avoid such from happening on your accounts.

Will My Account Be Vulnerable?

Obviously it will, when you log in to such apps with your username and password it becomes risky because when such apps are attacked or suddenly your data are being sold, you will lose access to your accounts for life, so it is advisable to regularly change your passwords so it is not always the same and easy to be accessed.

Will I Get Real Likes and Followers?

These Machine Likes Alternatives are based on likes exchanges, so you get real followers, but they can also decide to unfollow you, the reason is becuase they also followed you because they need followers, so their interests on your page won’t be there. So if you want them to remain as your follower, you need to engage them with interesting or funny contents, this way you will get them to grow interest on your contents.

So these are the best 8 Machine Likes Alternatives which offer real Facebook Likes and Followers also on Instagram. They are worth the try if you want to increase your followers, also if you have any questions not answered on the frequently asked questions, let me know on the comment box below, for more top-notch articles like this, Follow iTechViral on Facebook, enjoy!

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