DNS server Not responding: I was forced to share a fix for this DNS or Domain Name System error because I have been frustrated while trying to post new articles on this website and then the DNS or Domain Name System error occurs. DNS consists of different kinds of domain names and their IP Address, so when a URL is entered on the web browser, the DNS servers then look for the associated domain names.

Once the IP Address has been matched with the Domain, the webserver of the visiting site is then connected. DNS is very important, so that is why users face problems like ‘DNS server isn’t responding’, ‘DNS server Not found’, etc errors occur due to DNS conflicts.

How To Fix DNS Server Not Responding Error Message

DNS Server Not Responding

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So, if the error messages like ‘DNS Server isn’t responding’ is annoying and disturbing your network when you are trying to open a web page (Etisalat ISP is a culprit of this), this article will help you with some of the best methods to fix the DNS server isn’t responding error message on Windows 10 computer.


Speaking from experience these methods can fix most of the DNS related problems on Windows 10 computers. So let’s see how to fix the ‘DNS server not responding’ error message.

Method 1: Restart Your Windows 10 Computer/Router

The first thing I do is to restart the Router or Mobile network connection. I go as far as removing the SIM or shutting down the router so this can fix any DNS related error. A simple restart on your computer can also fix this network related problem so you do not get DNS server not responding. But if restarting your computer seems kind of a long time to wait, follow the next methods.

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Method 2: Windows 10 Diagnosis

Windows 10 Diagnosis

If after I have restarted the router and it doesn’t fix the DNS errors, then I make use of the Troubleshoot problems button which detects the reason why the PC refuses to access the Internet and sometimes Windows fixes this automatically. I little misconfiguration on the DNS servers could cause the issue, so Microsoft Windows 10 fix this issue when diagnosed.

Method 3: Restart Your Web Browser

A simple restart can fix the DNS server isn’t responding to error message on your computer. Doing so can also fix other related browser problems like lagging, conflicting extensions, or not responding issues. So if you have a saved work before the DNS related issue began, you can simply restart your web browser.

Method 4: Use Different DNS Server

Using a different DNS server is the best option since your browser could not access the DNS server of your ISP. Google has its DNS server which can be used if your network provider’s DNS server fails to respond. So to fix DNS Server Not Responding, you can just input it on your Windows network settings and apply the changes. But it might not be fast or able to access all websites, so check your default DNS server later so you can switch back when the temporary issue has been fixed.

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Method 5: Not Network Coverage

This is mostly the obvious reason why you get DNS server not responding error message on Windows 10. If your router isn’t kept in a good location where there is a strong internet coverage connection your PC will not be able to communicate with the DNS server. So simply move it to a better position so this error will not disturb your computer usage.

Method 6: Uninstall/Update Network Adapter

You might need to update your Windows 10 network adapter to the latest version since it can fix common errors regarding the DNS server and ‘no internet, secured”, “limited” errors, etc.

  • So open device manager on your computer.
  • click network adapters
  • right-click it, and choose ‘update driver’ or ‘uninstall device‘.

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If there is an update, that’s good, update it, but if there isn’t, you need to restart/uninstall the adapter, so after doing that, restart Windows and it should fix the issue. (Network Adapter will be re-installed automatically).

Method 7: Clear the DNS Cache

Windows 10 saves website links you’ve visited just like how Chrome saves up your website data on the web browser. We’ve talked about the benefit of what Chrome does on this site, so you can read up, but as for DNS Cache, this is saved on your system so it does not search for the DNS every time will not increase websites loading speed. Sometimes when the DNS cache is corrupted, you get errors such as ‘DNS Server isn’t responding’. So you need to remove the DNS Cache, here’s what you should do.

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In other to remove the DNS Cache using CMD, open command prompt and type in the command – ipconfig/flushdns. This will clean up your DNS cache, now your system will store the DNS cache up gradually again.

So this is how to fix DNS server not responding error message on Windows 10. I hope this working tutorial in this article helped you! If it did, please share it with others also.


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