On June 21st, Google issued a tweet urging Android users to update their WhatsApp application to address a bug that allowed unauthorized access to the device’s microphone. Google acknowledged that this bug on Android led to incorrect privacy indicators and notifications within the Android Privacy Dashboard.

“We appreciate the collaboration with WhatsApp and regret any confusion caused to users by this bug,” stated Google.

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Concerns regarding privacy were raised by multiple users last month regarding Meta’s WhatsApp platform. The issue primarily centered around instances where the microphone was being utilized, even when the app was supposed to be inactive.

While this issue was reported across various Android devices, it predominantly impacted Samsung and Pixel phone owners. The activity of the microphone was evident through the presence of a “green dot” indicator, which appears when the microphone or camera is in use.

In response to these recent issues, WhatsApp said on Twitter that there were no wrongdoings, rather the case was an Android bug that “misrepresents information in their Privacy Dashboard.” The company has requested Google to investigate and address the problem.

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