The Windows CPU Meter Usage can easily be monitored using the Taskbar which contains so much information about your computer’s software and hardware. The Task Manager is able to show you the CPU RAM meter usage of your computer on the Taskbar like the CPU, Disk, Memory, and Network usage. These will be displayed in real-time, also can be beneficial if you are multitasking or playing games that need resources like GTA V.

Windows Task Manager has been used for different tutorials on this website, and now we are using it to display the system usage via the system tray icon. The CPU usage can be used to monitor how much resources a program is using, the Disk shows from 0% – 100% of your disk usage (read & write speed), the Memory shows the usage of your RAM so you can know how well to conserve memory, while the Network usage will show you how strong your internet connection is and how many programs are using it in real-time.

Steps to Show CPU Meter RAM Usage in Windows Taskbar:

So you will need to make use of the Task Manager system program, there you can enable the Task Manager’s CPU tray icon. So here’s how to keep the task manager’s CPU Status in your system tray. After this tutorial below, you’ll also see how to keep it always on even at system restart.

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#1. First of all, right-click on the taskbar and select ‘Task Manager‘.

Show CPU Meter RAM

#2. Now when you look at your taskbar, you’ll see the CPU usage meter icon near some system icons at the right.

Show CPU Meter RAM

#3. Just hover your mouse pointer at it and you’ll see the four system meter; CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network.

Show CPU Meter RAM

#4. When you right-click on the icon, you can select it to remain ‘Always on Top‘. This way it displays in full-screen and won’t be behind any program you are using.

#5. Also, you will want to hide the icon from the taskbar when not in use, so open the task manager in full-screen, tap on the options menu, and select ‘hide when minimized‘.

Startup CPU RAM Meter Automatically on Boot

This is best if you do not always want to open the Windows Task Manager after the system has booted. So when you turn on your computer, it will show the CPU meter tray icon on the taskbar, so you can just hover your mouse on it to see the 4 meters monitored in real-time.

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#1. Since you’ve not restarted your computer yet, double-tap the task manager.

#2. Tap on ‘Fewer Details‘, this is near the ‘Open Resource Monitor’ option.

Show CPU Meter RAM

#3. So now only few details will be displayed, but when you hover on the tray icon, it still works.

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Well, that’s how simple it is to keep the task manager’s CPU meter stats in your System Tray. This tutorial doesn’t only work in Windows 10, but other versions of Windows like 7/8 can try it out as well. As you’ve benefited from this article, that’s the same way others will feel, so share this post with your friends also.

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