Emojis are cool and fast ways to express our emotions on the internet, they are available on all social media platforms and are used by almost all individuals. Android and iOS have Emoticons keyboard, but what about Emoji in Windows 10? Microsoft Windows doesn’t have a button that you can simply press to get these emojis, so I’ll show you some keyboard shortcuts to use in opening Emoji in Windows 10.

On the latest version of Windows 10, you can enable the hidden emoji picker which contains a lot of useful emojis that can be added directly on your social media messages, documents, or online websites. It is able to work on any web browser like Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Ever since the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update when the emoji in Windows 10 was added, only a few know this hidden feature is available, you can take a look at the list for Windows.

Open The Hidden Emoji in Windows 10

So, this article will show you the best preferred method to open the hidden Emoji picker in Windows 10 using keyboard shortcut.

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#1. So to test it offline, open notepad on your Windows 10 computer.

#2. Here’s the shortcut: Hold and press Windows + (.) button simultaneously to popup the emoticons.
– Alternatively, you can simply press the Windows Key + Semicolon (;) to open the Emoji picker in Windows 10.

#3. Now select whichever you need and it will be displayed on the text screen.

Use Emoji in Windows 10

#4. There are three (3) categories to choose from | Emoji | Kaomoji | Symbols.

Use Emoji in Windows 10
Windows 10 Emoji Shortcut

#5. Some featured emoji includes Pizza ?, Hamburger , and French Fries.

This way you can get some cool emoji for your Windows 10 pc. Also some emoticons are not available like country flags, so for that you’ll need to get the symbol in Google.

So this is how to use Emoji in Windows 10 by using Keyboard shortcut. Don’t forget to share this post with others if you benefited from it.


  1. I have an old preferred keyboard without a Windows key.

    I tried + plus a perion (.) or semicolon (;) but that did not bring up the emoji picker.

    How can I access them>

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