2021 came with lots of new trends in the technology biosphere such as the iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S21, Dogecode resurgence, the introduction of the metaverse, and lots more. So what are the expected top technology trends for 2022? We’ve reviewed the best tech trends you should watch out for this year – 2022.

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List of Top Tech Trends for 2022

#1. AI

Technology Trends For 2022
Technology Trends

Artificial Intelligence continues to be one of the new technology trends due to its positive effect on our world today. This makes it easier for tasks to be done while minimizing the workload on humans. AI now provides more jobs such as AI Research scientists, AI engineers, AI Architect, Machine Learning engineers. It is expected by 2025, AI will provide more jobs in the US such as automation specialists, and content curators. So this trend is worth looking out for this year.

#2. Cloud Computing

Technology Trends For 2022

Cloud Computing is now one of the most important trends to look out for in 2022. The adoption of Cloud Computing is growing now than ever, we can see the tech giants dominating in this trend – AWS (Amazon Web Services), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform. It is expected that by 2022 Cloud Computing will reach $6.72 billion in the computing market while providing more jobs opportunity for software engineers such as Cloud Reliability Engineer, Cloud Infrastructure Engineer, DevOps Cloud Engineer, Cloud Architect, and Security Architect.

#3. Metaverse

Technology Trends For 2022

The term Metaverse came to light after Facebook rebranded its parent company to Meta. We should expect more companies to try to work on this new technology this year, however, there will be little or no breakthrough on this use of this technology as of now due to its complication in making it a reality. However, keep an eye on this new trend in 2022.

#4. Blockchain

Technology Trends For 2022
Technology Trends 2022

Blockchain Technology trends now than ever, and it is not because of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. This technology is very useful in terms of security, it is designed in a way that data can only be added, not modified, or taken away from. So this means you are not able to make changes to the previous chain block which makes it secure. Furthermore, it is consensus-driven, no one has access to the data on the Blockchain. So this secure tech is being implemented in several companies, in fact, Blockchain developers are paid as much as $469,000 yearly.

So this is one of the tech trends you should watch out for, it requires knowledge of programming languages such as OOP e.g C#, C++.

#5. 5G

Technology Trends For 2022

While 3G and 4G technologies have made it possible for us to browse the internet with high-speed upload and download speed, use data-driven services, increase bandwidths for streaming on social platforms and so much more, 5G services come with better features that will help make our online activities smooth. We can see telecom companies like Apple, Nokia Corp, Qualcomm all implementing 5G on their services. This technology is expected to cover 40% of the world by 2024, new mobile phones are now coming with 5G Support as well.

#6. IoT

Technology Trends For 2022
Technology Trends 2022

The Internet of things can be defined as physical objects that are embedded with processing ability, sensors, software, and other useful technologies that will help connect and exchange data with other systems and devices over the internet. IoT is very useful in our world today, for example, we can lock our home doors remotely at any place and time. It also helps in the insurance company, patient care, hospitality industry, banking, retail, and so much more.

#7. Cyber Security

Technology Trends For 2022
Technology Trends 2022

Though Cyber Security has been around for quite a while, we should still expect it to trend in 2022 due to new threats being discovered daily. Blackhat hackers are still around, so they are not giving up on trying to illegally access a companies’ data, executing a distributed denial-of-service attack on competitors, e.t.c. The good guys known as White Hat hackers are ever needed than before, currently, those under these categories below can earn as much as six figures for their expertise in cyber security; Malware Analyst, Security Engineer, Chief Security Officer. So Cyber Security trend in 2022 is still active.


These are the top 7 technology trends in 2022, it is possible that there could be a surprising trend later this year. However, these mentioned are expected to get more discussions and utilization before the year runs down.

So that’s all, for now, guys, kindly share this article to keep your friends updated on the latest tech trends of this year.

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