How to Take Long screenshot Mobile: Android is the best operating system has lots of customization for its users, you can see many apps on Play Store that helps you customize your device. Scrolling screenshot apps are one of the coolest on Play Store, they help you easily take a long screenshot of images or pictures that are longer than your phone screen.

So this feature is being looked upon by many users, for this reason, some top of the range smartphone makers like Samsung, iPhone, LG, Huawei, Google Pixels has offered the feature built-in to capture scrolling screenshot, not all devices come with this features, so there are apps to install it manually.

How to Take Long Scrolling Screenshot on Any Android

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We are making use of some third-party apps that works just great and even supports Android 10 devices. Some of the best Android apps that lets you capture long scrolling screenshots on any Android have been shared. So let’s check out how to take long screenshot on any Android.

1. LongShot- Scrolling Screenshot

Take Long Screenshot Samsung
take long screenshot

Here is an iPhone app that can capture the long scrolling screenshot, this works in all kinds of websites and app, it can take the screenshot anytime. Longshot works for iOS12 and above, it is easy to use and they have a video tutorial on how to make use of the app, but I have also shared how to use it on iOS too below.

‎LongShot- Scrolling Screenshot
‎LongShot- Scrolling Screenshot
Developer: jian lu
Price: Free+

How to Use

  1. Add screen recording to Control Center
  2. Open Control Center and long-press or press hard on-screen recording icon to open screen recorder
  3. Choose “LongShot” and tap “Start Broadcast”
  4. Close control center and wait till the status bar turns red
  5. Scroll down the screen
  6. Stop scrolling and wait for the prompt
  7. Tap “Go to Application” to view screenshot

So, this is how you can use LongShot on your iOS smartphone to take long scrolling screenshots.

2. Screen Master

Take Long Screenshot Android
Scrolling screeshot app

Here is a free and easy to use Android app to capture long scrolling screenshot called Screen Master. This app offers many cool features for free such as a floating button that makes it easy to capture screenshots, annotation features, multiple capture mode and lots more. It works perfectly on any Android devices, both rooted and non-rooted. So feel free to check this app out, available for Android.

ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup
ScreenMaster:Screenshot Markup

3. Long Screenshot

Take Long Screenshot iOS android
Scrolling screeshot app

Long Screenshot does work as it’s name, this Android app lets you screenshot a whole web-page of any websites offline or online. So you can take long screenshots (lengthy) without having to screenshot one by one and then merging them together. Additionally, this app also creates a PDF document of the full webpage, all you need to do is keep scrolling downward, this takes less data as compared to a regular screenshot.

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Long Screenshot Easy
Long Screenshot Easy
Developer: Expert zone
Price: Free

4. Long Pic Stitch

Scrolling screeshot app

This app also takes longs screenshot on iPhone devices, so now you can send long conversation to a friend all at ones without spamming them with many pictures. This app will automatically stitch the screenshot together without any operation. Also, they offer premium features that are useful like backing up your long scrolling screenshot.

‎Long Pic Stitch Collage Maker
‎Long Pic Stitch Collage Maker
Developer: 玲 刘
Price: Free+

5. Long ScreenShot

capture long screenshot

Long ScreenShot is one of the best apps to take a long screenshot for Android and iOS devices. This Android app also works on Huawei, Samsung, and Pixel devices that are on Android 10 OS. The app is just 3MB in size and was last updated February, as of the time this post was updated. A cool feature is that you can import your gallery image and then convert it to PDF, this is a must-use app.

ScreenShot Capture for Android
ScreenShot Capture for Android

So, these are some of the best Android apps to take long scrolling screenshots on Android. I hope this article helped you get what you searched for. Share it with your friends also.

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