SWatchSeries Best Alternative Sites – I’ve decided to share this content because many people can’t find any better site other than SWatchSeries. Or did you? Actually, there are other betters SWatchSeries alternatives which you can watch move series entertainment for free on any platform.

SWatchSeries is down totally, you cannot find the website when you google search it, rather you’ll find outdated articles talking about the alternatives, but I’ve updated you guys on the real alternatives to watch movie series content with their complete season and episode without payments since SWatchSeries is no more online.

Nevertheless, SWatchSeries was popular because of its consistent posting for recent movie series, also they were very fast in uploading new released seasons and episodes if you want to watch any movie in any language such as Hindi or others, they offer much for free, so you don’t have to miss any movie or even get spoiled by family or friends just because you weren’t updated by the right site.

SWatchSeries has over 100 uploaded languages, yes, I’ll show you some SWatchSeries alternatives which similar features, more to that, they also provide original movie series including all its complete episodes with no unnecessary watermarks which lower the video quality and make it almost unwatchable like 480P, or 360P. SWatchSeries never misses out with complete episodes, they didn’t upload incomplete seasons which makes you wonder if your movie contains plot holes, also when the site was still online, they were the only once people turn to when they are in need of the best TV Shows.

Navigation was also easy, all you needed to do was use the previous or next episodes to locate related or sequel of the film you are navigating through, it really was user-friendly. Why the website was also known to be honest and reliable was the open review they integrated on their movie series category, also they offered a brief true description of the content in question. In addition to what features they had, some connected services they offered included Powvideo, Vidlox, Clipwatching, OnlyStream, Vidoza, GamoVideo, and others, these sites are down too, be careful in using impersonating ones you see online.

SWatchSeries was probably shut down due to uploading of recent series without permission or illegally, this must-have stopped them from operating, also since they were very popular, it was easy for them to get attention from the authoritative party. That’s an assumption, their website was also getting tons of downtime due to the amount of traffic received daily, so they might have also wanted to shut down because of this, who knows. If you check Reddit!, you’ll see people looking for a similar site like swatchseries and srstop because this site seems irreplaceable, but actually, it is.

If you were among the people who enjoyed SWatchSeries, I am sure you can testify to the number of streaming services they offer and free movie series which can be watched online in HD quality. 2021 is a good year to try something new, I’ve made the list of some best SWatchSeries alternatives you should know which offers the latest trending episodes.

SWatchSeries Best Alternative Sites

A lot about the history of SWatchSeries has been known, you shouldn’t just give up searching because these alternative sites will surprise you. Since they offer movie Series streaming, what else is needed, is it HD quality, they offer these too. Although they do not have Android, Desktop or iOS applications, their website is responsive and fits perfectly fine. Over to the long-awaited list of SWatchSeries Best Alternative Sites.

1. Fou Movies – SWatchSeries Alternatives

SWatchSeries Best Alternative Sites
Fou Movies

Whatever Movie or Series you need, head to FouMovies and you’ll see a clear quality, even HD after few months of release. This website still has old TV Shows which you might not expect to see, the best part is that FouMovies have good website navigation and design. Their download server is very fast and reliable. There are downsides on the website despite being number one, they offer background advertisement, so you need to click like twice before you can access your TV Show or Program, also they do not offer to stream, but they are reliable and what they upload and write on their description is what you will get.

FouMovies have had so many controversies since their launch, I first knew them when they were using (.com), they later changed their domain name to (.co) and remained like that for more than a year, later they recently moved to (.net) which they currently use, all these we had no idea why it was so, but this didn’t stop Foumovies from releasing new contents and also updating their servers.

2. ShareTV

Best SWatchSeries Alternative Sites

ShareTV really shares their Tv shows for free, they offer full streaming of contents without payments from the users. At ShareTV, you can also watch not only Full Episodes but also the latest Movies. They are official, to prove that, they partnered with well-known sites like Fox which offers contents too, but paid. ShareTV has over 503,000 registered users who get updates when there is a new release, their site loads fast and they have no ads or background advertisements. If you want a great alternative to SWatchSeries to watch cartoon series like Bleach or Naruto, you now know where to download them all from. ShareTV has many organized categories which include Sci-Fi, Soaps, Drama, Comedy, Anime and more.

The link above opens it, the website is still active and updates are currently ongoing, so make sure you get the most out of it.

3. SideReel

SWatchSeries Best Alternative Sites

SideReel signup allows you to track and get updates of TV Shows based on your interest. They have a list of best TV Shows of the week which you can watch for free, so this can be nice and grab your interest in new series you’ve never heard about which can be interesting to watch or stream online. SideReel has no single advertisement, they are focused on content delivery rather than background Ads which keeps redirecting you, so you can be updated on the trending and most-watched TV Shows available online. Despite the fact you are required to signup in other to access all these features, you can still stream TV Movie Series without having to signup.

SideReel is still functional now, free and is still offering no advertisement, they also are updated regularly with new movies.

4. TVMuse

SWatchSeries Alternative
TVMuse – SWatchSeries Alternatives

TVMuse has cool features which you must explorer, such includes listing of TV Shows of the week, recent updates, TV Shows Schedule which helps you know when it will be airing, Movies are also available for free such as Doctor Sleep, Terminator, Starwars, e.t.c. Also, TVMuse allows visitors to request a TV Show not listed on their site, after approval, you will see the newly updated content available for free! At TVMuse there is a TV Listing feature which lets you choose from A-Z, it has been organized alphabetically, this makes it easier for you to also choose great TV Shows based on the first Alphabet.

Nevertheless, TVMuse ads are much that if you are using a phone which cannot handle it, you’ll experience sluggishness on the device or total freezing. Obviously this can be very frustrating. But it is easy to bypass these annoying ads through blocking or just closing the popups.

TVMuse has a very great website interface, the design is dull though, but easy to navigate on any browser or device. They are really a great alternative to SWatchSeries because their Movie feature also helps because you can choose based on the genre and release year, you can also see the description, views, content rating, and comments as well.

5. Tubi TV

SWatchSeries Best Alternative Sites
Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a wonderful website, they have beautiful websites interface and they also offer movies and TV Series for free. There are many movies and TV Shows to choose from when you open the website, you will see “Watch” button, clicking that brings you a lot of new movies and recent uploads which you can access in good quality like HD and in full version without interruption like informing you to subscribe or download, I tested it and found out the streaming service is very fast and reliable. Tubi Tv has an Android app and Apple App which can be used on Mobile devices, so below contains the download links.

Tubi: Free Movies & Live TV
Tubi: Free Movies & Live TV
Developer: Tubi TV
Price: Free
‎Tubi: Movies & Live TV
‎Tubi: Movies & Live TV
Developer: Tubi, Inc
Price: Free

Tubi Tv is really one the best SWatchSeries alternatives, you can check it out or continue below for one of the most popular Tv Show streaming sites.

6. 123Movies

SWatchSeries Best Alternative Sites

movies123 still remains the site, offering a full index of Tv Shows and Movies in the highest quality you can think of. Simply open the website and use the search bar for any series you want and a list of different versions and extensions will be shown, you can then make your choice to choose the best you need. 123Movies allows you to stream in HD or download in HD, you can easily watch any show for free. Make sure you have a good browser in case you want to download, this is helpful because streaming can be difficult due to the amount of traffic they get which affects streaming service.

123Movies offers many movie genres such as TV movies and Adventure, you will definitely enjoy using this site.

7. KimCartoon

SWatchSeries Best Alternative Sites

As the name implies, it is obvious KimCartoon focus on animations, rather than human TV Shows and Movies, this is a good alternative to SWatchSeries because you can see all cartoon contents here for free such as the amazing world of gumball, adventure times, big hero six seasons 2, ThunderCats Roar Episode 2, and more.

When a Cartoon TV Show has been opened, you get to see the genres if it is Action, Adventure, Comedy, or Family-related. Also, the date aired is also available for view as well as the status of the TV Show has been concluded or still ongoing. When you read the brief summary of the cartoon show, you can see all episodes and seasons just below the KimCartoon site.

Kimcartoon Streaming quality allows up to 720p, while the minimum is 360p. Episodes can also be switched to another if you want, to watch, you need to skip the ads, that’s one of the cons, another is that the website is not responsive.

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Finally, we are done with SWatchSeries Best Alternative Site to watch TV Shows Online for free. I made sure these sites are still working before making conclusions on their features and offers by manually reviewing them, while the first on the list is a site I’ve been using for a long time, so definitely, such sites are really SWatchSeries similar site.

So, I hope these lists made you satisfied, check any of them out, make sure to comment your best and also share this valuable information with your friends.


  1. Although the date shown is “Jan 11, 2020” it’s a bit hard to believe that is when you wrote this. Why? Because while it’s been down a couple or three times in the last few years swatchseries has been back for over a year now without interruption. I use it daily.

    It’s at

    Maybe it’s the “www1” that got you. It did me. Each time it’s gone down though I’ve simply googled “swatchseries” with no extension. It doesn’t take long after it’s back to show up in such a search. I never would have found it any other way.

  2. Okay, I get it now. This whole thing is old. I use The Daily Show as a measure of whether or not I’m going to use a site for finding streaming episodes. If the site does not have the latest Daily Show episode that I can find on swatchseries or some of the other sites I visit then I don’t add that site to my list of resources. NONE of the ones you have listed here are up to date on The Daily Show, and in fact not all carry it period.

    For me, if it fails that test I’m not going to waste my time trying to find up-to-date episodes of other shows I like. I go find other sites that show more promise.

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